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The Worst Things
  • "Tribute to Leicester's sporting achievements"...hideous...which always ends up with one of those tacky men's silk shirts put on it at some point or another!!!!
  • Braunstone and how anyone whom lives there,says they live in 'Braunstone Town' as they think it's the posh end...posh end? Sorry????? What's even funnier is what pictures you get when you Google 'Braunstone Town' on a web search...a map and...a burnt out car!!!!! 'Nuff said!!!!
  • All the "Fresco's" near the west end area, Bluegates, Braunstone and Beaumont Fleas, Pigeons. So it is.
  • The bloody pigeons!!! They are pure evil and like on others ... they are out to get you. 26 bus ... always takes the piss. The accent.
  • plazzy Leiceisterites like dat dere fella Nadim going to dat there lahndan and thinking der hotshots
  • Leicester is a big, grey, dank, dark hole. I left as soon as I could and got the FUCK out of there and as FAR away as I could! My face curls into a grimace as if I've just smelt a rotting corpse when I think of having to back there for any reason. Get out while you can! I now live in Bristol which is a wicked city.
  • R & B
  • The locals, but this is a short term issue because they are being replaced by migrant workers and asylum seekers from around the world...
  • Too many foreigners - we are literally swamped. Most indigenous leicester people have moved to the suburbs or the county. The Mercury newspaper - they don't live in the real world; Leicester ain't a melting pot of harmony. The sikhs and hindus hate the moslems, the moslems hate everybody who isn't a moslem
  • New Parks ,Braunstone and Bloody Beaumont Leys
  • chavs, people that rob bikes and skaters. oh and the drunks that hang around the town hall there funny becausse they dance and fall over hahaha
  • The clock tower crew.
  • Scared old people who think that the above is a bad thing.
  • The unbelievable amount of obese people, gipsys, chavs and women of a certain age dressing up like they're of an age 20 years their junior (they even push the baby buggy of their grandchildren for their 13 year old, pregnant for the 4th time daughters. These "old slappers" have no idea how ridiculous they look - squeezing their large hips in to a pair of faded black leggings purchased from the market or Bee-Wise and exposing their cellulite collection for all to see, the CHEAP "gold" jewellery they wear, the cheap cigarettes they chain-smoke whilst pushing the baby buggy (complete with pierced and tattooed baby) and the constant need to punctuate every sentence with a swear word. Remember folks - you and I pay taxes top keep these scum alive.
  • The rubbish everywhere. Chewing gum splats all over the pavements. Buses that don't run on time. Bad-tempered bus drivers. Smoking allowed on non-smoking buses and in the non-smoking Shires and Haymarket shopping centres. The foul-mouthed language of the locals. The dog mess on the pavements. The cars parked on pavements. The bikes and motor bikes riden on pavements. The traffic jams. The pollution. The cars with stereos pounding out.
  • chavs chavs and oh yeah the scum that are chav are town full of them and they all live in braunstone i say we burn braustone who votes yay
  • Townies that hang around near the townie shops (new look eeeew). Unless u wanna get sworn at, dont go near them.
  • It's filled with wannabe skaters.
  • If Leicester wasn't such a dull place, we wouldn't *want* to go anywhere else! The WORST thing about it though is the (current) lack of a professional theatre, closely followed by the (ongoing) lack of a decent bookshop.
  • Poor run .down hsopitals
  • Poor run .down hsopitals
  • There are a lot of anti skaters in Leicester, townies, kevs and gypsies are a constant problem.
  • All of those policemen who can remember you by your first name becuase of the other drinking offences.
  • The girls and there dirty looks
  • The factory estates so close to the city centre, The St Margarets area, now being pulled down. You can get shot or stabbed on a Saturday night, but, hey, that's just part of the atmosphere. Bloody football club, bloody rugby club. Leicestershire people talk of little else. Yawn!
  • The fact that the main skaters club (Oxygen, or at least it used to be) and the main townies club (Zanzibar, least it used to be, I dunno now) are right next door.. Lots of fights which can spoil a decent night out.
  • that pigeon. overpriced drinks - leicester is losing its reputation for cheap good beer and spirits! too many speed bumps. the loss of the magazine. saturday nights can be scary. too many happy shiny new bars: no need to ape London or other big cities, leave Leicester as it is.
  • The weirdo who paints himself silver and does some stupid mime stuff outside Boots every weekend!
  • Lots of really rough doleites who hang about town on saturday. Loadsa teenage mums. Far too many council estates. Not enough places of historical interest to visit. Grnaby Street seems to be a hangout for the roughnecks and homeless. Sort the buses out! Terrible bus services - seem to be non existant after 10pm - no decent bus service to the only decent multiplex (Warner)
  • its full of crap sometimes, and the tiles are sometiems a little wonky.
  • sex with big nick she is the worst, and the mass of taliban supporters
  • hang on i'll get the list
  • Why does the Shed have to charge loads a) on the door and b) at the bar? Even its gamblers don't pay out! But the band Carolgees will soon turn the place into a tomb of brilliance!
  • no sense of humour,everyone is boring & everyone is the originality & the accent is repulsive!soft southern tw@ts!it is the biggest dump ever nothing to do.i lived there for 3years & would never go back maybe just to mince a few of your ladies as they despise leicester northerners show them real men.long live leeds!
  • The fish market. Too mant trendy cafes. The new HARD marble benches that suck heat out of you and make your bum go numb in 30secs - back with the wood!! The flipping repeating panpipes cd playing in the shires - turn it off!! Dustcarts and men standing in the street - always doing bugger all but giving people dirty looks. The smell of rotting fruit behind the back of WH Smith when the market packs up.ergh.
  • the litter and general trampyness of some parts, the river looks like unpurified piss. (just take a visit to abbey park)
  • melton road/belgrave road,
  • Greeting someone using the phrase "Aye-yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!"
  • The tramps n townies, they always bother you, also the people that ask u for money for charity, u know it goes straight in there back pocket.Worth stopping to try and pull anyones that look attractive tho.
  • Andy:The tramps n townies, they always bother you, also the people that ask u for money for charity, u know it goes straight in there back pocket.Worth stopping to try and pull anyones that look attractive tho.
  • The ammount of townies
  • Leicester has the most wobbly paving stones of any city I've been to. Horrible booby traps in the rain, and I'm sure car drivers aim for the puddles. Swine.
  • Fake red bull, Tequila, goatee beards, female under arm hair, real ale drinkers, no smoking signs, the people who make womens suits and think they don't need pockets in them!, people who have nothing better to do than fill out opinion web sites!
  • Little Hill estate, Wigston. Okay: all of Wigston.
  • The train station is a nightmare when it comes to picking up anyone from there. Seems to be a taxi-drivers hideout in the evenings!
  • That accent.....AARRGH!
  • The worst aspect of Leicester is that it isn't famous for anything in particular (at least not within the last 100 years), ....WRONG..... DNA fingerprinting was discovered/developed in Leicester DNA tests in solving crime and genetic research
  • i live here
  • Raining ( go have a Batman instead )
  • Brannigan's.
  • There is a reference to Clarendon Park as the cool place to rent. In my opiion there is a trend away from this area as it tends to be overpriced. The in crowd are moving to the West End. This is as Claredon Park was 10 yrs ago
  • Rutland
  • It's as dull as dull gets. The approach from the motorway down Narborough Rd is a depressing shabby looking first impression for anyone.
  • Large amount of BNP supporters
  • The apparent prejudice from bouncers when groups of asian blokes wish to attend a night club (ie. Flaming Colossus).
  • Flat as a pancake, boring and two-dimensional. Nothing ever happens in Leicester. Also home of both Everards and Ansells bad beer.
  • The worst aspect of Leicester is that it isn't famous for anything in particular (at least not within the last 100 years), it's a good all round city but because it has no clear focus it lacks an overall image, for example Nottingham has Robin Hood, Sheffield has steel. It also suffered at the hands of the town planners, in the 60s a lot of historic buildings and features were ripped out and replaced by the ubiquitous concrete office buildings
  • Leicester Railway Station: Definitely a God-forsaken place!
  • The people are a bit offhand at first, even for a Londoner like me. The bus service is crap, it stops at 11, is expensive and erratic. Taxi's consequently are over priced (even compared to London)

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