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The Best Things
  • TWO TREE IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD,I MET SARAH BEENY IN THE SMACK PUB OH WE HAD SOME FUN THAT NITE. ITS BRILLIANT HAVING THEASE SPOTS WHERE ANYTHING GOES I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT REGULARLY DRIVING FROM LONDON. IVE DEVELOPED A STRANGE OBSESSION WITH BIRD WATCHING WITH INFARED NIGHT GOGGLES.THE RESIDENTS OF SS( MUST BE SO PROUD HAVING THEASE ADVENTURE SPOTS ON THERE DOOR step nothing like a curry and a nosh to was down the amber careful of the local plod they can put a downer on your night time activities stopped twice getting away skin of me teeth. serious two tree is brilliant and long may it live let people do what like in fresh air.Afterwards always nite down southend to finish off.
  • a nice take away blow job and a good joint over two tree island what better way to spend the weekend and i drive from romford although did get caught with twenty bag had to hand over in leigh broadway be careful the old bill are on look out for strange cars from diffrent areas with drivers with red eyes eating prawn balls in bp petrol garage no worries copper im 20 down but just went get another bag stupid cannabis warning how many had 3 in 20 years still great sex down two tree and chinease is nice thease things happen essex police r better than the metroploitan take it from me they knew exactly what i was doing shame didnt find charlie under seat i offered a prawn ball Leigh on sea is a great place to have a laugh romford on fri/sat is full of vodka 18yr olds as im late 30s i prefer bit style in my new gti only 30min drive just be careful out there TWO TREE i do what i like sod the filth we need spots like this only got epping forest dogging car parks
  • two tree island is excellent i love it its peaceful you can do what you like without bother wish had places like this near me the misses introduced me great walks bit of the other views and strange ciggarettes what more can a man ask for im about most weekends pop over its great
  • Photo studio down Rectory Grove next to zuccos. As an aspiring model thay did a blinding portfolio for me. Just about to book them for my wedding.
  • The Estury views, the art culture and all the interesting shops and galleries. Also, if you are an adult you can go out at night without being overun by jumpin jaks style teen drinkers. Also, there is a snmall town/village atmosphere which is fairly unique. The unspoilt undiscovered walk along the Estury from the old town to Benfleet Creek with a pint in the Gladys (Boat/pub) at the end.
  • i'm coming to town from sydney to play for your cricket team (if they let me).
  • It's beautiful. A working fishing village that is cute in Winter and lazy, crazy and hazy in Summer. Mind you, people should have to earn a permit to visit there. Hoardes of Basildonians at Bell Wharf is never pleasant.
  • The bars along the Broadway, the pubs in old-Leigh. The place is a gem to live.
  • Did you know that Leigh on Sea was built on the site of an ancient Indian toilet? Founded in 1503 by the Rev Ian Smith, former scriptwriter of Prisoner Cellblock H and Harold Smith in Neighbours, it was initially used by Spanish paedophiles to store their goods whilst waiting for the white-slave traders to collect. Many years later Leigh on Sea was renamed Cocktease in honour of its most famous resident 'Lusty Mary', but then changed back when it was discovered she had given half the male population syphilis. To this day you can still hear Mary’s plaintive cries through the branches of the weeping willow down by the waters edge - 'suck your cock, dearie - pay us an orange'.
  • Leigh retains a village feel, despite its growing population. One wonders in how many other towns you can say hello to a complete stanger and be greeted by a big smile.
  • Fantastic little town full of lovely shops and seafront to boot
  • The grass is always greener. Raised in Leigh, though more probaly dragged up. Now living in the States, my 4th country of residence(you know the taxman thing), I still miss the times on the sea wall with a pint. Remember dont knock a place until you've tried many others. Leigh is onr of the best places to live & I'm comparing that to Paris, Genoa, Nice, Gstaard, or Detriot. Remember the grass is always greener!.
  • It has every thing you could ever want , except an ice skating rink!
  • broadway grill broadway bowl, oasis coffee house the elms

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