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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • i added the charity/expensive jumble sale bit before i signed for account
  • we have a lot of charity shops selling what used to be called "JUMBLE"at prices that are almost as high as buying the stuff new
  • international military surplus clothing based at 15a welch hill street a bit further down the road from welch mill carpets, really good shop with loads of bargains to be had!! tons of goretex wear and suppliers to cadet forces in and around lancashire and greater manchester, so whether you are after high quality waterproofs or just a pair of combats to wear at a festival, this is the only place to go.
  • where do i start... catwalk is for little slappers who think shirt skirts will get them a shag lol
  • dont go buyin clothes from leigh. its a fckin dump for stigs!
  • jjb and allsports are top class
  • i like leighs clothes shops, theres quite a few and there all close together so you dont have to walk far, Atlas and catwalk are the best, aura is good but its a it dear. the only good make shop is nasty which is bench n hooch n stuff.
  • Quest. This is possibly the best clothes shop in our local area (and I take into account Bolton AND Wigan). Selling many desginer labels (at prices you can afford should you be a regular!), they are constantly ahead of the game when it comes to fashion. Sceptic? Thought you might be, just try it.
  • If you like discount skank clothing than any shops on Bradshawgate staffed by illegal immigrants is good, otherwise the charity shops have options for those who enjoy dead mans piss stained clothing.
  • The nearest oxfam and Barnardoes is in wigan... so lived in ski pants and tracksuit bottoms are the norm.
  • I don't know, I buy all mine from Asda.
  • leigh doesnt have much as you are probably already aware of, thanks to the comments already stated, but i live in leigh and can honestly say that some of us do have style, there is a 20 minute bus to the trafford centre you know? we also have nasty, quest n viva which stock all kinds of designer labels!
  • not enough of them. stalls inside the market don't count
  • oh yeah loadz of good and cheap clothes shops for the girls
  • Theres a great mens clothes shop named Quest near the globe pub. They sell some top up to date mens fashion, and if they know your face might knock you a few quid off aswell!
  • Leigh is renowned for the remarkable lack of high street stores gracing its proud pedestrian thoroughfare. Local ladies flock to What Everyone Wants, Fashion Connection and B & M Bargains for their unique look, whereas the chaps make do with Dickens menswear and "one-offs" from the plethora of charity shops that make Bradshawgate look bustling of a morning.
  • Most of the shops are market stall seling tat but that goes down well in leigh judging by how the leighther dress. You need to go into warrington or manchestewr if you want something nice.
  • Lots of fashionable shops, most of which are filled with stuff out of burning warehouses and things like that. There is a hippy-ish shop about half way up Railway Road, but it's a bit small.

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