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The Best Things
  • Boots, EASON, TK Maxx, Devine Hair and Beauty,
  • The road to the Airports
  • Lots of nice people if your a local and plenty of good laughs and nice birds!
  • being 14 and heading down to fusion to finger some girls
  • The roads to the Airports.
  • Wallace Park in the summer
  • is the way out of lisbuen
  • reading the insults on Ballymacash Underpass
  • Pipers Hill - named after the fact a piper stood there pipping, got his head choped by a cannon ball and the head rolled down the hill, the piper is supposed to haunt the top of the hill, also the Linen Muesum (near Pipers Hill) is supposed to have a ghost
  • friendly people
  • you'll meet someone you haven't seen in a long time
  • reading the local graffiti on the 'Ballymacash Noticeboard' aka Underpass as you head into Lisburn or head into Rathvarna (estate) or Ballymacash(village)
  • hanging the streets, wally park, ballymacash, the bonfire!!!!!! knowing the right people!!!!!!!!
  • Lisburn before it was named a City was spoken of as a long line of 50p shops strung together. We had fab times before the estates sprouted and the interlopers moved in, when Stewarts Coal yard was based in mid Chapel Hill.
  • no spides,as they've gone back to Belfast(their hometown) people are friendly
  • COuntry fried Chicken kebab on chips!
  • people are friendly
  • Moira a town where everyone is friendly, and the award winning McCartney sauasages not to mention it's won Ulster In Bloom
  • It's not snobby like Belfast there are no spides mainly cause they've moved back to Belfast aka Spidefast
  • i live there
  • Peole are friendly
  • friendly locals Greenwood
  • The transport links- u can get out
  • Friends school,We suck at all sports i know but we are sooo much more fun than wallace could ever hope to be
  • wallace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i live here!!
  • Colours, go down play pool, fuck around
  • Gaelic football!
  • The Airport which takes you far away from Lisburn.
  • Where's that postage stamp........
  • Railway Station. You can get a train to Belfast or Dublin. Sprucefield roundabout: you can get a bus to Fermanagh, Armagh, Newry, Dublin.
  • My family
  • It's not sectarian coughunlikeBelfastcough
  • civic,the music scene
  • no one mentioned roseville anal action i ever had from a certain girl.lin.but she does piss the watch out.
  • roseville park.good for a bit of analsex,from a certain girl.L.although she does piss the bed alot.
  • roseville park.sure to get a bit of anal action from a certain girl.L.pity she wets the bed.
  • fire headquarters.went with a girl there, linda.loved it up the ass,but she wets the bed.sad 4 a girl in her 30,s
  • LJB....she's hot. Her mum's not bad either, i call her dad a dick...behineesback
  • is there any
  • there`s an ulsterbus out any day
  • catholics
  • nothin cos its full of huns
  • Dark raven,Castle Gardens
  • Man I thought that East Belfast was a narrow minded we UFF'er wanna be scum hole, but Lisburn is the crown holder in that. For that wild west " we don't want yer kinda around here stranger" feeling, Lisburn can't be beaten. Cep't with an iron bar or a hammer and some spent casings. If your out late watching a knife fight at the ever so charming Pipers Quay, then why not use local Wee hoddy McUFFer's 'Death driver cabs' to get home. Once you step over the fresh corpses of those who couldn't dive outa the way fast enough, you can get into the cab and admire its 1980's Ford Capri style, all while the world hurtles past at about 90 miles an hour. Don't let the odd bump of pedestrian, or the fact that yer on the pavements distract you from chugging bucky and feeding the horse in the back of the cab with your delightful died blond Lisburn 'bone smuggler' companion. Lisburn, fuck me if it ain't just paradise!
  • ME! hague's bar(espesh on karaoke nites) police station
  • Lisburn is the capital. if you dont like it get out and go and live in Craigavon - whatever that is. take your tracksuit with you.
  • Castle Street -only street in Lisburn which has remained independent
  • the road out of it !!!
  • All night carry outs from selected Pubs, if you know the correct people
  • All night carry outs from selected Pubs, if you know the correct people
  • Spides, Skols, Sluts, McCartney Mansion
  • lisburn exists to make everyone els realise just how lucky they are to live somewhere else. the tourist brochure should read 'Lisburn-The Gateway To Everywhere Else' or 'Lisburn-Is Death Not Quick Enough For You?'
  • Hmmmm the best things in Lisburn, ahhh the ducks on the Lagan
  • the irony
  • you can now buy chainsaws out of argos in lisburn....
  • Waking up form a nite out in lisburn without an STD or requiring a new dental plan.
  • I don't live there anymore !!!!!!!
  • nearly all the girls are sluts and the stats prove it, bit of a downer if your looking for miss right as nearly half the towns found her.
  • There are lots of buses and trains to get you out of hell (or i mean lisburn) pipers quay and the DR are good for watching local bare knuckle boxing
  • The rugby club for all the friday nites drinkin there for the "innocent"...... Man Lee chinese! yummmmmmmmmmm and of course FRANKLINS, ESPECIALLY THE WEIRD GUY THAT WORKS THERE WHO TALKS FUNNY!!!
  • getting chased out of wallace park by the police when you where 15
  • I'm leaving in October (there is a god)
  • lol what good things!!!
  • knowing that I am not like the majority of the peolpe who live there
  • mmmm......nothing apart gone again
  • I now longer live there
  • Mr McIlhenny from Friends, sex on legs.And spide laps round da town, right like!
  • lots of shops
  • Lots of sluts!
  • my family lives here
  • good swimming pool with slides and water fun
  • The town is always busy during the day.
  • - There's roads out of it - It's home
  • its near Belfast and there are regular buses that go to Belfast, and elsewhere
  • The underground creative people...who are busy with alternative thought. The Lagan. The Robins Nest. Harmony hill Arts centre
  • Spied laps round da town
  • Wallace school - even old baldie is a good laugh
  • Reg getting down on the decks in the center of lisburn TC preaching the odd time and spreading Jesus' word.
  • Wallace High School - Its brilliant rugby and hockey teams.
  • Lady Dixons park is the coolest place in Summer. Take your girlfriend there on a july evening. Deeply romantic place. The Rugby club is also a cool place, especially if you're 14 years old and can't get a drink anywhere else.
  • Friendly atmosphere, quite nights and great shopping facilities.
  • THE PEOPLE ! and The Schools especially Wallace High School !
  • Leisureplex. Fast Food outlets. Pubs. Clubs.
  • not a bad atmosphere really. quiet for older people wanting some peace at the weekend as all the young ones desert for more lively surroundings
  • What nightlife? They haven't even been able to get a cinema in 20 years.
  • The Lisburn league, spending every saturday afternoon, out it the rain, watching suffock win the league title for the 89th year in a row, but we love it, after three years propping up division three the pumas have got one up on evryone else, even if it isnt a goal, a website is the next best thing, so

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