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Cheap Food
  • Kimos
  • Indian Delight. Top top curry place.
  • The Head of Steam in Lime Street is actually quite cheap for food, and a decent veggie selection. The beer's just not as good as Dr Duncan's.
  • old grannies on bold street
  • have 2 sey burger king
  • LaLa's cafe. Its small, its dingy, but they make LOVELY food. (St Johns Market) 60 Hope Street is wicked too, as is Everyman Bistro.
  • There are kebab shops and chinese chippies all over the place. If you're near Garston, try Pizza Park on Aigburth Road - they do the best folded pizzas and garlic bread anywhere. There is also an "all you can eat" Chinese buffet thingy underneat the Far East in China Town thats great. Don't go to the one in St John's as the food tastes weird and is always luke warm.
  • A nice restaurant if you like Greek food, is The kebab house, don't be put off by decor or lack of people, there used to be queues to get in this place years ago. Food is absolutely delicious. Especially those chunky chips, tahini and moussaka.
  • There seems to be restaurants springing up everywhere in city centre. Heart and Soul on Mount Pleasant is very nice - try the fish and chips
  • Quiggins
  • Any where that sells minging kebabs on a friday night.
  • Living Rooms Dale Street
  • Benny's Bakery in Garston Old Rd. The last place where you can buy hand made tradional bread. I love the crusty white tins. When the kids bring one home they have already demolished half of it!
  • just check out china town
  • KAZZA'S better known as the Botan chip shop near the bombed out church is a classy place, say hi to Kazza one of the guys who works there, he is so cool
  • Kimos on Mt Pleasant for a good atmosphere and inexpensive mediterranean food but no alcohol though. Algarve Restaurant off Victoria Street. St.Petersburg Russian Restaurant off lower duke st. Golden Hot Kebab House on Berry Street is tops.
  • The best occassion food has to be the Living Room on Dale Street. Yummy and very mod bar with catwalk shows displayed behind bar area.
  • There's this great place which sells Carribean and African food, its got a great atmosphere and the food is good value and delicious. Its hidden among a load of nasty kebab shops down some stairs. If you can find it don't just walk past!
  • Restaurants - Est Est Est at the Albert Dock. Via Venetto on Old Hall Street. What's Cooking at the Albert Dock. La Tasca, near the Marriott Hotel.
  • Cafe Tabac at the top of Bold Street - great food but the service is a bit slow! Coopers on Bold Street - great for lunch. HUGE servings!
  • Tai Pan Chinese restaurant on the way from town towards Bootle. Great place to eat - pity about the smell from the nearby sewage works - someone please sort that!
  • Benny's Bakery Garston Old Rd Liverpool. Unbeleivable bread the only place where it's made in the back and baked just before you buy it by a b proper baker. Gorgeous real cream cakres too. Been open a 100 years.
  • the gulshan is a great indian restaurant on aigburth road. i also like ceaers palace.
  • Chicken tikka and chips from the Lobstor pot in town - great after a night on the ale!
  • My favourite restaurant; The Med Cafè, on Lime Str.! The BEST Carbonara, and the rest ain't too bad either! Okay prices, too.. :-)
  • The Gulshan in Aigburth is the best curry house in the world Or at least outside India
  • go to kimos, myrtle street liverpool has no high class vegetarian restaraurants - get in your car and drive to manchester greenhouse (rusholme) and greens didsbury (very posh), somebody prove me wrong
  • The MUSAPIR on Bold Street is another excellent place for a curry. Small, relaxed and very friendly (and cheap!). My favourite place!
  • The San Yi in Tuebrook does a mean Chinese take away! Too many good resturaunts to list, but Akkies (Greek) in Sefton park deserves a mention. Hot n Tender in town do a quality chicken fillet burger to beat any KFC offering.
  • Take aways are mostly on the student drag which is Hardman Street and Berry Street, there's a couple of posh places on Berry Street, Concert Square is bar central and they all do food, the Everyman on Hope Street is a great veggie bistro, the Bluecoat Cafe in the arts centre on School Lane is great, Blue Bar down the Albert Dock is very nice too...
  • A bunch of new classy resaurants have been arriving in Liverpool over the last year or so. E.g. Ziba on Berry Street and Becher's Brook and No. 60 Hope Street. The new Heathcotes that is to move into Beetham Plaza should be good also.
  • St.Petersburg dining club & russian restaurant in Liverpool is only one authentic Russian restaurant in UK .Excelent choice of russian imperial cuisine and russian vodka and beer for ccompaniment.You can see more about this place on web site:
  • Hardman Pizza Co. - best pizzas in North West. 60 Hope Street - amazingly fantastic food at a price. Ziba - ok, a little TOO "cool". Everyman Bistro - ok, cheap, a little too much reliance on microwaves.
  • Frank Smith has closed his famous "Franks Cafe" on the Dock Road! Bye big Frank enjoy your retiement mate, as much as we enjoyed the chat, yer big cooked breakfasts and mugs of tea.
  • "Macyips" aka "Max" St Marys Road, Garston(Next to the Dealers Pub)Excellent scrummy Pizzas and Kebabs and it's open till 3am friday & Saturday nights!!
  • Curry: in town, Indian Delight and the King Korai (both on Renshaw St) are good, the staff being unbelievably nice at King Korai - free drinks were offered just before closing time the other night! At KK I recommend the lamb pasanda, and at ID the dopiaza. Out of town, there's the Royal Tandoori on Smithdown Rd, which is wonderful and serves huge portions - it might be wise to take advantage of the takeaway menu so you can come back to it later. The lamb korma is top.
  • For those of you self-catering Christians Fruit Market is the cheapest and best for fresh fruit and vegetables (including the best ingredients for a curry). Antoni's is an excellent Greek-Cypriot restaurant on Hardman Street. My recommendation is the 16 course Mezedes. Villa Romana is a nice little italian on Wood Street. Possibly the finest Chinese Restaurant in Liverpool is the Mayflower. This is on Lower Duke Street and does some fantastic banquets. Masterchef really is the best curry house in Liverpool, but remember that it is not licensed but that you can take your own booze. Med Cafe Lime Street for good and reasonably priced mediterranean food.(Good for Veggies too)
  • Check out the food court in the middle of the market for cheap, just about edible food or be healthy and get some doughnuts from the vans outsde McDonalds and C&A
  • Keiths on Lark Lane. Doorstep Cafe on Slater Street, for an after club BLT! Loads of restaurants on Lark Lane, L17.
  • The Hub Cafe on Berry Street is a fairly new Bike Shop come Cafe. Excellent Sunday Breakfast with acompanied Harp Music as you scoff your bacon, sorry veggie sausage & eggs (free range of course).
  • "Franks Cafe" Dock Road near to Pierhead and Costco. Cheap good food. Big Frank (20st) the owner has met every famous person to visit Liverpool. He has pictures all over the walls to prove it! Don't mention LFC: Franks a blue and he's got a Black Belt!!
  • Scaff's cafe (by St Georges) lots of skaters go there. Sayers, when at Law Courts.
  • The Number 7 Cafe in Falkner Street (off Hope Street) is a very trendy place, if you are into that kind of thing (I once saw Steve from Coronation Street there - but I guess that's not proof of trendiness). The cappucino is great, and the home made choccy cake sublime.
  • A good place for a curry is Master Chef on Renshaw St - cheaper than most of the others in the area - has good selection of veggie stuff.
  • For really cheap food and a great, wonderfully priced wine list, take a taxi to Lark Lane in Aigburth and go to Keith's wine bar. Brilliant.
  • The Cafe Tabac on Bold Street is great, with huge plates of tasty sandwiches and salad for just £2.25. Even better on a Sunday when you can spend the day perusing the papers (at their expense) and drinking beer.
  • For the chicks there is Blackburn House, Falkner Street (opposite the number 7) which has a lovely, sunny cafe downstairs. Men can be signed in. The major problem is that it isn't open at the weekend.
  • The Hub, a new Cafe, has opened at the top of Bold Street and it's a quality place for nice Coffee and chilling with herbal, cafe types.
  • L'Alouette in Lark Lane. Possibly the best food in Liverpool. French in style, reasonable prices - certainly the best value Sunday lunch in town, nice atmosphere (romantic), however can get rather full of the city types talking too loudly: "I'd highly recommend the Sancere, it's quite delightful". Also the waitresses can be a little snobby.
  • Caesar's is the best value food in Liverpool, the service is good, the menu is varied, servings are gargantuan(I hope I spelt that right) and I particularly love the puddings!!

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