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  • FACT on Wood Street - best popcorn around
  • Fact
  • plaza
  • Odeon city centre is alrite but a bit dear (4.10) Woolton is alrite but only 1 screen
  • FACT its amazin especially when the
  • There is a multiplex on Edge Lane and the Odeon on London Road at the back of the Empire (be warned of the scary kids that hang around there).
  • Fact is a great addition to a great city
  • Woolton cinema is good but it only has one screen, the odeon in town is your best bet.
  • Erm.. Most of the cinemas are a bit sweaty. The Odian in Aintree is probably the nicest. I have travelled miles to that one.
  • Try Checking out Fact. The got THX cinemas with reclining chairs. we go there loads rather than the old smelly cinemas with stale over priced popcorn. Tickets are cheap and its good Quality for Money all round
  • The Plaza has films that you would usually only see in London (eg. Donnie Darko, Adaptation, Spirited Away)
  • cimemars are brill
  • SHowcase east lancs road
  • FACT. Check out the website, also the Plaza in Crosby is a small independent place that can also show some cool alternative films. Think there is a website for that as well donít know though.
  • Woolten cinema is one of the best. one cream intermission. one half allows smoking. know of no other where u can smoke. however tickets at a £5 expensive. still a favourite with a pub over the road.
  • None worth mentioning. What happeened to the 051 cinema for Independent films.
  • I prefer the Showcase on the East Lancs to the Odeon at Switch Island. Not sure why, as they both have their fair share of scallies that the management can't control!
  • the showcase is the best!
  • odeon, switch island
  • odean, its east to get to, nr lime street stn
  • Cinema on london road does cheap tickets on monday nights.
  • There are a few decent big complexes about - Edge Lane, Showcase, Switch Island. The Odeon on London Road is old, but has it charm. Theres a bowling place on Edge Lane too.
  • Old school high street Odeon is the only one left in town otherwise it's the big multiplex jobs out of town. There's only one indie cinema (name escapes me) but it's way out in Crosby - 15/20 mins on train.
  • The PLAZA, Crosby Road, Waterloo. Its good if you are looking for that 1950s auditorium look. But other than that it smells
  • KNow whers good enough to mention hollywood bowl is situated right next to a multi screen ucg cinima though wich is good thats a t edge lane retail park
  • Allerton Road Cinema- as far as I know for under-18's it is £2 before 7pm
  • Odeon, London Road. Cheap, not bad. Virgin, Edge Lane - good, miles out of town.
  • There's the SHOWCASE in Aintree but buy the Echo off one of the street traders on Church Street for the full list
  • Woolton cinema has loads of legroom for those tall folk amongst you

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