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  • Scream is a shit hole.
  • Peter Kavanagh's in the Georgian Quarter
  • Doctor Duncan's. Friendly staff, cosy atmosphere and proper ale second to none. Not enough veggie stuff on the menu though.
  • the cock and bottom near garlands
  • St Michaels Irish pub has a great atmosphere, just a small place on west derby road opposite the tobacco factory
  • The Pilgrim just off Hardman Street, is a cool little starting off point. Hannah's bar on Hardman street also is good, open mic night on Tuesdays is worth a peek!
  • The Philarmonic. Lovely!
  • Anywhere in Lark Lane. It's totally bohemian there.
  • Without a doubt the jacaranda is the best pub in Liverpool if you fancy a good drink(doubles bar) and a fine selection of music from the jukebox - no posers please. Cafe Lago if you fancy something more upmarket but can get very busy. Blu bar in city centre is suprisingly ok - not full of scallies! Try to avoid anywhere you can see a perma tan and lycra, Mood indigo springs to mind!
  • the old monk
  • The Jacoranda (spelling?) in Slater street for a pub with a bit of character or McHales American Bar on Lime Street to watch the drunken old alcaholics go looking for romance
  • Yates's. LaGo. Anywhere on Concert square (except for the Walkabout, what a shit hole).
  • Flannegans! Irish pub with a great atmosphere and live bands downstairs
  • Late Lounge again
  • The Swan on wood street full of Goths and the like, The Pilgrim very cool and studenty, Dr Duncanís, the Vernon, The Dispensary, The Jacaranda (not really a pub) too many to mention
  • the AJ's!!! a great student pub next door to Blackwells book shop near the Royal....used to be known as the £1 a pint pub....but now its £1.20 a pint, which doesnt sound nearly as catchy
  • Ship & Mitre on Dale St for numerous quality real ales, foreign beers, occasional beer festivals, free jukebox, quiet chat, good cheap food at lunctimes and Friday evenings - especially the Sausages and Mash for 3 Quid! Vernon Arms on Dale St again excellent for Real Ales & Foreign Beers with Chinese Food on Thurday Night - sloping floor but closed Sundays. Roscoe Head on Roscoe st off Leece/Hardman St - great small, quiet pub for a chat and good real ale. Also good inexpensive food at lunctimes. New Pub opening January 2003 'Colins Bridewell' off the bottom of Duke St run by Alex ex-Vernons?. Interesting pub converted from old Police Station building with the original cells forming the snug rooms of the pub. Inexpensive Real Ales and Foreign Beers, original paintings on walls and restaurant upstairs too. Carenarvon Castle - Tarleton St, off Church St. Good cosy pub with good ales on most visits. The Queens (not Williamson Sq) on James St for cheap ales and alcopops. Busy open plan pub especially on Friday night with upstairs open. Also busy on Sunday afternoons/evenings overun with beered-up women young and old and on the pull. Heaven if youre not too choosy! Magnet Bar - still good. Ye Cracke - also still good. Th Swan on Wood St now re-opened Feb 2003 with good range of Real Ales and even more varied clientele. Give it a try.
  • The Sefton was always the place to go or the George, Crosby. Great places to meet friends and strangers and very old aquaintances.
  • The Hanover in Hanover Street is now under new management and is going through a change. Classic Rock Disco on Friday nights and live bands on Saturday nights.
  • L`argo... if you like the best new band (not the hives!!) you might just bump into them here!
  • Pogue Mahone on Seel Street. Great authentic Irish bar. Traditional music, great atmosphere for soccer and GAA matches. If Irish bars are your thing then get down to Pogue Mahone (but don't ask what it translates as lol!!!)
  • yates is a good pub. the old monk is also a good pub in liverpool
  • the queen victoria
  • Little coopers next to clayton square is well worth a visit, good feeling when getting smashed while the rest of town face the saturday crowds, must see scouse elvis who looks nothing like elvis and doesnt sing, funny, the ald ones know how to have a laugh
  • The Brookhouse-though full of St Hilda's girls (6th form of course)
  • The Roscoe - Like pubs used to be!! The Everman Bistro - Brill! That said whoever decided that it was a good idea to start playing background music very loudly needs taking outside and shooting - Have you no idea about keeping things simple?
  • The MODO in concert Square - most chilled, most funky, most groovy bar to hang out in and at least try to look cool, even if you feel out of place.. heh! Gorgeous candle lit downstairs area and upstairs newly referbished. Does decent food too - take someone there if you want to impress them! =o)
  • the swan classicaly, but watch or for the goat
  • The casbar on hope street is about to relaunch. it has undergone a huge refurb and its drinks price ensure that you will get pissed. For all students. All spirits + mixer are going to be £1 all bottles £1.50 and cheap draught. NUS + Members are free open Monday, Wednesday to Saturday 9pm till 2am
  • Caledonian or cale for short (catherine street) discotastic launderette superpub underground, wash and wiggle. underground djs every night of the week, free internet access, as we go to press they are in the middle of the most bizarrest re-decorations, also great food for a pub with very nice veggie food. and yes you really can do your washing here. magnet bar hardman street - not as hip as it used to be, but nice atmosphere especially mon - thurs its a bit busy at the weekend, and its so popular you have to pay a quid during the week to get in and 2 quid on a fri/sat everyman (hope st) if you like conversation at the weekend grapes - sister pub to the caledonian - good music and underground feel but bring your shoehorn its a tight squeeze la'go - very cheep beer
  • LA`GO - Sundays....Hip, hairy and handsome d.j. plays marvellous music inbetween live sessions from some of the best local acoustic talent around. Oh, and the bar is bloody cheap, too.
  • The Excelsior, Dale Street - The best pub in Liverpool to find out more go to
  • LOADS! Some are like stepping back in time, others are v. modern. The Hague on Maryland Street has a friendly student-styled atmosphere and is fairly priced. Slaters is a bit of a hole but my god its cheap!
  • The Grapes which is an old school pub with a new school crowd and nightly dj's on Knight Street near Berry Street, The Caledonian on Catherine Street is the same sort of affair thoyugh they also have wasing machines in house, there's tons and tons of designer bars (many of which have been badly designed) on and arounf Concert Square, teh Jacaranda on Slater Street is good and cheap whilst the rest of the street is a great cross section of publife and pondlife, Mathew Street is packed and eveil, the Albert Dock is good for spotting footballers whilst Magnet on Harman Street is good for avoiding them (they also have a great music policy) - most bars and a lot of pubs in Liverpool stay open 'til 2.
  • The George in Crosby; nice glitter balls
  • Arena Bar. Concert Square recently refurbished fantastic sound system great atmosphere, new owners and management very friendly Beluga the sisters have flown the nest and sold out to a local now drab and unappealing only marginally busy on a saturday Modo losing its appeal rapidly as owners have other personal agendas NEW BARS up on Hope St Blakes and THE CASBAR a seductive blend of students and locals definately no scallysSome very busy nights a fluid business and the opportunity to hire a good venue for private gigs BIBA COncert SQ closed apparantly opening in the new year after a lick of paint..supposedly an exciting project Hogshead Concert Sq has now gone to make way for a bigger and definately not better RSVP often empty CONCERT SQUARE a series of events are planned for next year with more SUMMER IN THE CITY gigs taking place on a sunday afternoon Fancy a right tasty Burger....Concert Sq B B Que available until 2am every night BAA BAR going to the Sheep Dogs...fleecing sheepish students with pale imitations of shooters JACARANDA losing the battle with the scallies..less and less a student venue CUBE BAR good for a laugh seating for six and standing room for at least another six
  • the hanover hotel on hanover street is the only city centre pub in liverpool with a working pinball. currently attack from mars which looks much like the film of a very simialr title.
  • Finch & Firkin on Smithdown- For tequila you toss a coin heads it's free, tails you pay a pound
  • Yates' Wine Lodge on Allerton Road- full of scallies and the drinks are expensive but woth a visit to see the likes of Purple Reign (yes, there is such thing as a prince tribute band!) and the DJ who can't mix the records so insists on doing his 'Smashey and Nicey' bit at the end of every song.
  • Pilgrim - top dodgy boozer, if you can stand joe & des's banter. Ye Cracke - ace place, good beer (Hoegaarden), good cheap food. Flute & Firkin - Mon, Tues, Wed. alright...horrific rest of week - obscenely loud shit music coupled with an abundance of LIPA arseholes. Magnet - alright if you can sit down, not if you can't. Philarmonic - lovely warm, quiet boozer with decent scran. Varsity - crap hangar like pub with microwaved food. sometimes has £1 nights, however. Hope & Anchor (Scream) - hastily constructed, badly designed building with ker-razy wacky student decor and complete lack of heating. Food section will soon be visited by environmental health dept. One redeeming feature:Cheap beer. Eurobar - what a load of toss. Roscoe Head - nice little pub. Modo - fantastic cocktails, chilled atmosphere. Ideal for leisurely daytime drinking in both winter (inside) or summer (outside, concert square). New Hogshead, Concert Square - bit garish, but very comfy sofas and good coffee (not that you'd ever consider drinking coffee though). One-Four - cheap & cheerful with illegal football on Saturdays. Revolution - Vodka. Nice flavours. No further expansion needed. Go there. Call ambulance. Ropes - who goes in there? Buro, Bold St. - top salsa nights. Guigans & McSorley's, Slater St., Irish theme pubs. Toss. Jacaranda - one of the finest establishments in Liverpool. Simulate sitting in a urinal while thinking of John Lennon in the basement bar. Grapes - nice little pub. Lock ins. Slaters Wine Bar - godawful. Baa Bar - sometimes alright, sometimes not. Pogue Mahone - Real Irish pub. Top nights, great guinness, occasional lock ins. Durty Nellys - see above. Poste House, Cumberland St., Cheap booze near Lomax. Vernon Arms, Dale St. - top pub, magnificent food.
  • The Swan Inn at the top of Wood Street, a little bit pokey, but serves the best beer and has an amazing jukebox with 60's and 70's rock, and modern indie, this Jukebox is always turned up. The Swan Inn is a drinking establishment for Bikers, Hippies, Metal Heads and other general people who don't resemble the Liverpool stereotypes. Go here if you want to get away from the usual sportswear crowd.
  • Slaters bar on Slaters Street is excellent. Really cheap up until 12am.
  • Don't go to Varsity on Myrtle Street if you want a decent pint.
  • The Arena bar, off Wood Street
  • Best pub: "The Rubber Soul", Mathew Street. BIG pub: two giant bars with cobbled street down the centre of the Pub! leading to Dance Floor, good mix of music (you can actually understand).
    [But] "The Rubber Soul" is the best pub!!!!!! This is generally recognised as the slimey-ist, skally-ist and most total lack of taste place in the world. Believe me!
  • Beluga Bar, Wood Street. Trendy basement bar run by two sisters, very friendly, busy, good music, good selection of draft and bottled beer. Excellent food available till 8pm. Riccocco Modo, Concert Square. Next to the Arena. Owned and designed by the people who own the Baa Bar. Has three different bars within it, and a noodle bar! General ambience as above. The above are definitely the non skally 28 year olds choice as the best bars in the City - definitely NOT Rubber Soul.
  • Others similar are:- Metz, near. Matthew Street. Bateys, Matthew Street. Mello Mello, Slater Sreet. Milky Bar (Gay/Mixed), Wolstenholme Square.
  • Irish - Flanagan's, Mathew Street; Rosie O'Grady's, Hanover Street
  • Student - Everyman Bistro; Ye Cracke. Both off Hope Street
  • Other - Baa Bar, Slater Street; Arena, Concert Square; Bar 111, Hardman Street. Areas around Bold Street - Wood Street; Hardman Street - Berry Street full of good places.
  • Ye Cracke in Rice Street (off Hardman Street) is an excellent pub, usually has a couple of good guest beers, and sometimes - oh joy - farmhouse cider. And absolutely none of that Caffreys/Kilkenny rubbish either.
  • The Everyman on Hope Street is a good place to eat and drink. Good guest beers, and lovely Belgian Wheat beer (Hoegaarden) on tap.
  • The Brewery on Berry St is good - and not too crowded. As the name implies, they brew their own stuff, which tastes pretty good.
  • Can you help?? Where can you go to drink on a Saturday night if you are 28, too old to hang around with students, and with too much taste to wear a PVC dress? I end up going to Garlands, but is that the answer??????
  • Worst: The new "Streets" pub on Hardman street, the old one (just off Hardman Street) had atmosphere and was always full, the new one is big and empty, in fact it's like being in Lime Street Railway Station during a rail strike. Empty with no atmosphere!
  • The only bar dealing in anything other than formulaic, migrainic house music, is MelloMello. Situated on Seal Street it is at the Hub of the trendy area in Liverpool. Though unfortunately alligned to Cream, and just around the corner, they play chilled, Hip Hop and Jazzy breakbeaty stuff.
  • Modo Bar in Concert Square
  • Bonepartes near the University is good for a Friday night.
  • Beluga Bar, although dated a bit now.
  • Albert, Masonic, Keiths - Lark Lane, Aigburth.
  • Try the Swan in Wood Street. Fine selection of real ales, and possibly the cheapest pint of Cains in the city, certainly the maddest clientele, the finest posters (Marx and Monroe) and the heaviest juke box in the city. Also the Brewery Tap in Stanhope Street (part of Cains brewery) - award winning renovation and the best selection of real ales in the city.
  • New Revolution Vodka Bar, with a menu of flavoured vodkas and themed Russian aristo/communist decor. Very nice, but far too crowded on a Saturday night, when you have to queue to get in.
  • Baltic Fleet opposite Wapping Dock on the Dock Road. Newly opened refurbished pub, good range of real ales, excellent food, jolly landlord!
  • For the best Pint in Liverpool the Post Office on Pembroke Place. Fine beer and the greatest atmosphere
  • The Masonic on Lark Lane, it's a nicer pub than the Albert (which has had the "Finch & Firkin" make-it-look-as-if-it's-old treatment)

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