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The Worst Things
  • Bossy people so ,insecure.
  • The animal Jamie Carragher, spitting at children is unacceptable, sack him,sue him and stick him in Chester Zoo where he belongs!
  • irrational injustice from "LIVERPOOL CITY COUNCIL".
  • dyfunctional families who cause other people dyfunction, in a insidious way "AND THATS A FACT".
  • Equalitarian people who have been brainwashed , and poisoned the city with a revolution which has Left liverpool like a land of inner city zombies ,where people can’t tell the difference in their ‘’left foot And right foot” and speak with a mannerless accent and rush around like little lemmings.
  • Maddening types...
  • Oneness is a problem in liverpool they have no ,diversity and don’t understand social inequality....
  • The people from the inner city are ,the worst as they use raised voices to talk hostile to other people ,While using a rupugnant manner to use playground insults to make the cover up there fallacy ,in fact they think there humours when most visitors find liverpool people insulting and NOT funny.
  • Liverpool people are aggressors who don’t listen to what people say who generally become false in status and arrogant in attitude The place is vaunted by the media and the people use verbal attacks like fools and prejudge situations and lack in moral sense. and they also have a social problem in the inner city.
  • I've lived in a proper "developing country", and if those countries are developing, Liverpool must then be classified as underdeveloped. Such is the attitude. Pedestrians here have absolutely no rights, they are mere bowling pins to be ran over, especially by taxis.
  • Full of women plastered in makeup and fake tan whose dream husband is a footballer or any bloke that has lots of money, is preferably a Scouser, and works with his hands. Anyone who has a brain, is good looking and middle class or is from the south is considered "posh" or a plastic Scouser and can expect to be ignored by the local women and abused by virtually everyone else. The utter grimness of the city outside a few streets in town is beyond belief!!! There are almost no good areas, almost nobody has a good job, the entire city has been an economic basket case since the docks closed in the 1970s with whole areas falling down, and there are scally kids everywhere in tracksuits who pick on students and anyone who they think looks posh and who are actually dangerous. AWFUL!!!!
  • Ashamed to have been born in Liverpool. It's one of my most hated places in the world. It's impossible to be creative or contribute anything of worth or intellect in Liverpool. Everyone is just so thick! Everyone in Liverpool thinks they're Good's gift. Fuck offfff. Honestly, if you have a business idea or something you want to exhibit, or even a suggestion to make in an office, they can't fathom it and just resort to throwing basic insults at you. I've been called a paki numerous times in Liverpool but I'm Irish. Pale as fuck with dark hair and a London accent. These people are dense as fuck. It's like they're stuck in the 1980s and refuse to progress. Fucking morons.
  • I am sorry but I agree mostly with the Worst things about Liverpool, I have lived in London all my life and people go about their own business there which is great. I do not want people that I do not like to find out where I live by accidentally bumping into me, I do not want people to Know my private business, be careful about what you say to people here because they love spreading rumours and people will believe everything about the rumours, they also Lie a lot in Liverpool and make up stories Just for the sake of conversation, don't be taken in by these idiots.
  • Liverpool stinks of weed, when you speak to people a lot of them sound like scallies even people that seem decent, horrible accent, why on earth people think this is the best City GOD KNOWS. People here seem to have a chip on their shoulder and can be agreesive or sensitive, they used to say a lot to oh why did you move to Liverpool from London I told them because London in expensive then they said oh most people do it the other round as in want to leave Liverpool to go to London, then I'm told that Liverpool is the best city in the World. Talk about madness, they don't know what they are talking about here. I have never met the most narrow minded idiots in my whole live until I moved to Liverpool, I absolutely hate it, it is very boring and most places look similar.
  • Most areas in Liverpool are a real mess and very dull. You would be foolish to relocate here, especially coming from London. Don't be Fooled by the City Centre, it is very nice, but remember its the AREA'S where most people live and that's not the City centre, if you really look at a lot of places in Liverpool its Crap really, there is a reason why property is cheap here, ITS BECAUSE LIVERPOOL IS RUBBISH PLACE TO LIVE, the Scallies and Chav's are everywhere, I have never seen so many of them in my Life, until I came here. I can't believe that people who are originally from Middle East and Somalia etc actually want to look and behave like Scallies, this is just plain stupidity. People are uneducated here even to think That Toxteth and Loge Lane L8 are nice areas, they must be Blind, what idiots.
  • Most areas in Liverpool are a real mess and very dull. You would be foolish to relocate here, especially coming from London. Don't be Fooled by the City Centre, it is very nice, but remember its the AREA'S where most people live and that's not the City centre, if you really look at a lot of places in Liverpool its Crap really, there is a reason why property is cheap here, ITS BECAUSE LIVERPOOL IS RUBBISH PLACE TO LIVE, the Scallies and Chav's are everywhere, I have never seen so many of them in my Life, until I came here. I can't believe that people who are originally from Middle East and Somalia etc actually want to look and behave like Scallies, this is just plain stupidity. People are uneducated here even to think That Toxteth and Loge Lane L8 are nice areas, they must be Blind, what idiots.
  • Liverpool is full of Poverty and most people cant seem to be able to tell you how boring Liverpool is to live in. It is full of Chav's and Scallies who think the Liverpool is the best city in the World, there really are a lot of Foolish people Living here. Cant Wait to Leave.
  • Liverpool is full of Poverty and most people cant seem to be able to tell you how boring Liverpool is to live in. It is full of Chav's and Scallies who think the Liverpool is the best city in the World, there really are a lot of Foolish people Living here. Cant Wait to Leave.
  • Why can't Scousers stick to the point? You give them relevant information and they turn it into something completely different to suit their own agenda.
  • this depressing list! none of it represents the city now. scallies? when was this last updated the 90's?
  • The BBC brainwashing people into thinking our city's two teams constitute a 'Merseyside Derby'? WTF : Everton is IN Liverpool, Goodison Park,Goodison Road LIVERPOOL L4 4EL. Its OUR derby, the City of Liverpool Derby. No one in their right mind for example call MCFC/MUFC an 'Irwellside Derby'. MEDIA PRICKS !!
  • The people who have come to Liverpool and then leave insulting the low class "scallies," yet ironically speak the same way if not worse. Like the grammar of these class pundits is atrocious. You'd think you WERE reading/speaking to a "SCALLY!"
  • Rain and cold wind off the Mersey
  • The scouse 'sense of humour'. It's based on personal invective (for any scousers reading this, invective means insults and teasing) and it's all so humerous......but scousers generally aren't very well educated and as soon as someone with a little more wit and vocabulary turns it back on them, the humour evaporates and they almost always become violent - the last reort of the ignorant.
  • The cheap trollops plastered in make up, fake lashes and eyebrows and everything else false who actually believe they can bag a footie player - they all look the same and the accents are so trashy and common. Empty houses all over the city that resemble Beirut, scallies, chavs abound, crime a way of life and all the dossers - "most of the population" - who wont work. All in all a deprived shithole with a handful with fake faces who actually believe they have class
  • Thieving scallys! each and every one of them. Are there any law abiding citizens in Liverpool?
  • plazzy scousers who think it's cool to talk 'scouse'
  • Orange kidz dat r 6, smoking weed luking 4 a neck.
  • liverpool fc. nuff said lid.
  • hiba el mobi this person you cannot trust or like just awful. think she woz a student.
  • Young teenagers. Its not just in Liverpool where there is this problem it's nation wide. The poor road conditions (not the city centre where all the money goes)
  • Bitter so-called 'evertonians'. But remember, this is just an umbrella term for those few in the city who happen to not support Liverpool FC or just don't like football at all.
  • the bizzies
  • People startin fights an jumpin/muggin people, It gets really annoyin sometimes!
  • People
  • The plastic scousers who are just out to hassle people and cause aggro. Oh and the Big Issue sellers who just take your quid and don't give you the mag.
  • Parking anywhere near the centre
  • Like any other big city - the scallies, the scumbags - but this isn't as bad a problem as the media would like to make out. Scousehouse!How can a city that produced the beatles produce this rubbish!? Tanning salons. Everybody likes a tan but girls(and boys?!) you can go too far - preserve your youth, you won't have it forever! Lycra
  • bubble he sucks cok
  • The fact that I cant make friends because I'm too shy. NOt many hang out spots in or near Woolton.
  • The fact that every Scouser that invades Rhyl , Prestatyn , etc , looks the same , skinhead , Rooney england shirt , Reebok classic . The accent is sooooooo irritating . The fact that the lets - ave - some Mancunians challenge these shitbags at unearthly hours in these holiday camps and resorts and the " shrinking violents " cant do jack . A depressing shithole area full of theives as far as Ive heard
  • Scallies and Slags ... They are everywhere
  • Scallies, Lacoste trackies, Big issue sellers, bag heads. Scummy dirty people in General. Oh, and Kensington. I hated living there!!
  • The Economic migrants who have left Liverpool and infested St Helens.
  • cruffs who go everywhwere in pyjamas
  • The poo tramps who leave a mess in the toilet all over the side of the bowell and leave little presents upstairs on buses. (J Derbyshire)!
  • Dapper again
  • Not enough money going towards the urban development of the place. Also, People aren's always as friendly as they are made out to be. I've met Geordies down south who are friendlier than scousers in Liverpool. However, Liverpudlians have an unmatched friendliness and humour once you get to know them. You've got to give people time and accept them for who they are.
  • scallys
  • Liverpool is a great city, but the worst thing is that most scousers cant see or accept the bad parts of their city and assume every bit of critisism towards Liverpool is untrue. Liverpool has some of the worst slums and deprived areas in the country, maybe if some people realised it, they could be improved. Liverpudlians cannot see beyond the Capital of Culture flag im afraid
  • Those fucking street traders on Church Street, we dont want them there, the council doesnt so how they are still there I do not know they are scum bags. Although better than it was still bit of a litter problem, and we seem to have had an increase in beggars in the last 5 years.
  • scallys
  • Scallies showing off their latest trackies and trainers. Smackheads who go round the pubs offering stolen razors, cheap gammon steaks, batteries, etc for sale.
  • Girls in pygamas, scallies smoking on buses, un-looked-after buildings and streets.
  • Scallies and their parents who haven't taught them to respect others. Although of course this isn't just a problem in Liverpool.....
  • Yes okay, the Beatles were good, Hillsborough was a terrible tragedy, and Liverpool was once a great seaport. Fine, can we move on now? Hello, new century! Why does everyone spend everyday harking back to the past in this city? Why? because they've got nothing better to do. That's probably why half our city looks like downtown Beirut. So there's a warehouse conversion here, a new street light there, Liverpool is still on the whole a hole!
  • I like nothing better than dressing up in my lurid green La Coste tracksuit paired with argyle socks tucked into my bottoms, and no socks. My girlfriend sports a fetching viscose pair of pyjamas and a sunbed tan that would put an Oompah Loompah to shame. We hang around off licences and bus shelters happily wasting our laives (and other peoples if we've had a bottle of WKD). Our ambition is to have several children by the age of 20 and live in abject poverty in a crummy converted bedsit in a terraced house. Where do we live you may ask - anywhere in Liverpool that needs bringing down. By the way, I live in Anfield and this tongue in cheek story is true and has been written because I hate scallies and their zero-intelligence birds. Apart from that I wouldn't live anywhere else - were else could you see graffitti like 'Donna is a sult'(yes thats spelt SULT and not SLUT on the wall). PRICELESS
  • Most of the residential areas are very poor & scruffy and scouse people seem to think they are the hardest people in Britain-when they are not. They are the biggest theives in Britain though-come on admit it. Theiving is part of scouse culture.
  • NOT BEING THERE!!!! And people who can't express themselves without four letter words!!!
  • big issue sellers, and the tramp in town wiv his cardboard guitar!
  • Celebrity Scouse Gits - trading on scouse sentimentality
  • Its full of fucking irish bastards, they all fucking stink !!!
  • .scallies in lacoste trackys& the scaly ugly girls(not ME of course! :-) ) that have done in wrinkled faces and look awful when they think they look the best!geta life u sad scaly kids that have nuffin2do, & geta facelife& a job whilst ur at it! .makin sure uve got ur handbag held tight! .st johns precinct, full of scallys who cant string2 words 2 gether& full of mingin cheap shops that sell smely stuff! .the filthy water by the albert dock& prom
  • everton fc
  • Coming home on the bus when schools are letting out and being wedged between a pensioner and load of little shits
  • Scaalies
  • Scallies who say theyre not scallies and call other people scallies, and at the opposite end of the scale, southerners excluding those from cornwall and devon. 10 year old scallies threatining me if i didnt but them ciggies. Get real
  • Scally Culture. The way Liverpool thinks it's somehow cosmopolitan! What!!!!!!! The unbelievably bad litter problem - we live like pigs. The way the city is dominated by car traffic. As soon as you leave Lime Street you take your life in your hands crossing a major road , in the City Centre for goodness sake!!!!
  • liverpool should have a wall around it saying dirty smack heads only
  • You can fly from virtually anywhere, to Speke.
  • Scallies. Nuff said. Track suit wearing sheep who obvs have parents that cant control them and an island just off Birkenhead with them all on would be a bloomin good idea! Oh and the nit-wits who skit peiople for having long hair - oh how funny...not! and the kids who throw eggs at people. not big, not clever.
  • Those bag-heads who stand behind you asking for money when you are trying to use the cash machines in the city centre.
  • the people who give liverpool a bad name, e.g look at the 'stuff we cant fit anywhere else and you will find who im talking about
  • gettin a taxi at the weekend, an the night buses
  • gettin the train home i always get stuk in bidston
  • students - they get in the way at the weekend the big issue challenge - how far you can make it across town without being hassled by aggressive big issue sellers when will the cale get a late licence? lingerie wearers at the weekend
  • The reputation the fucken southeners and wooly backs give Liverpool. Yes it was a bit in trouble in the 80s but things have picked up. And another thing, why is it Liverpool's fault that Thatcher destroyed. So there. Also the lady at Liverpool Lime St station who announces the trains. She gets on my nerves
  • Orange bastards/Nazis parading when hardly anyone in the city wants them.
  • Kensington Thieving scally bastards - house done over twice in three months 10 y.o. scally shits hassling you on the way to kwik save - the shittest supermarket staffed by the most miserable cunts this side of Bradford. Being asked if you want any business luv ? on your way home.
  • The reliance on the Beatles legend for ALMOST EVERYTHING - tourism, museums, Education (the Paul McCartney school!); The Cavern lends its name to a quarter of the city, two clubs and a shopping centre for chrissakes!
  • The Scallies. But avoiding cornershops, dark streets/alleys and open park areas after dark means they dont bother you too much. BUT WHAT POSSESSES THEM TO DRESS LIKE THAT?!?! Oh, and the false media image - will we ever escape it?
  • All the scousers and scallys
  • Sometimes they get a bit too liveley and it's too smal, you can walk eveywhere which means avoiding people is a bit difficult.
  • Big hoop earings or sovereigns. Lacoste tracksuits in hideous colours like vomit green and puss yellow. Skin like an urang utang from the sunbeds and fake tan. Moorfields staion where the escalators dont work and its like walking up the giants causeway. Oh and people from Seaforth (they smell).
  • The whole city is so insular. Everybody is the same. Everybody has the same views on everything. Everybody looks the same. Everyone listens to the same radio station etc The only variation between other residents is the football team they support! and that is pretty sad. Its like living in a city of clones or robots. Liverpool is a city of absolute conformists, and with that it cannot progress forward.
  • Bricks getting thrown at buses, and kids pulling the back doors off
  • Bloody strikes. Its now January 2001 and we are in the third postal strike in the last 12 months. Greedy postmen are a pain in the arse. Sack the bloody lot of them. On strike this time cos a scouse postman got caught robbing mail. There's a novelty, eh. I think not!
  • the scllys townies to some of u they are every were lookin for a fight well they have got one
  • Skinhead priks who get their jollies making everyone miserable.
  • Scallies in tracksuits who hang round in graveyards, street corners and the like. Always into the latest pop music release.
  • The scallys, just stay near Pierhead and Law Courts and try to avoid trains or stay in large groups if travelling by train.
  • The students, however, do think they are the only people worth anything in the city. This pretention can make for a bit of an attitude towards locals.
  • Mathew Street and it's night-time inhabitants.
  • The Sun newspaper ..sadly still sold in some Liverpool shops though nowhere near the pre-Hillsborough circulation. "Hillsborough, Merseyside will never forget"
  • People who say they don't like scousers but have never been to liverpool
  • The road to Manchester
  • our image to every none scouser
  • Market stall traders in Church Street
  • Parts of City Centre (Duke Street, London Road) very run down.
  • Worst = some bad attitudes.
  • The worst thing in Liverpool: the dickhead Skallies who will nick anything with wheels, so they can buy some Pot. Also they cause grief for no reason. (And they say we have no life!!!!)
  • The Catholic Cathederal. Contemporary insanity at its worst.
  • Scallys and Scousers who have never left Liverpool.
  • Outsiders image of the city. Death to the media.
  • Jimmy Tarbuck
  • Everton Park !! Be careful there otherwise you will be robbed by a bunch of 13 yr olds in a stolen car (speaking from experience) Otherwise nice place to live
  • beer boys and girls who can't cope with clubs
  • Bad skinheaded Scallies......
  • The police - they're all over the place telling you to stop skating allmost anywhere!

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