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  • HULLOO THEREE MY GOOFD FREINDDSS LOUGHBROUGH IS Throughout the Middle Ages most of populated Britain suffered sweeping ravages of disease and pestilence; individually and collectively these epidemics were referred to as the plague. Examination of the Leicestershire town of Loughborough's Parish Register 1, reveals valuable statistical data, particularly in respect to burials after 1538. The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester, Vol III part II, by J Nichols 2, offers an insight into some of the social effects of the plague. Using these and other sources, an attempt to investigate the local myths and legends has been undertaken. Furthermore, other issues, such as what was the Plague and how it did spread, are addressed
  • Anywhere on the Campus!
  • shelthorpe shops, now choices, but co-op, we used to meet on the wall outside johnsons
  • Hook up spots? I can't believe what I have just read! Haider is my x boyfriend, I went to school with Scott and Ben and I was one of the sk8as....I didn't even know this site existed! The Hot Spot used to be Queens Park, KFC, Radmul or Southfields but now....I dunno, it seems borin once you have grown up,now you are old enough to buy alcohol and fags, the excitement of hanging around parks drinkin, smokin and poppin stuff has faded and now we work 9-5 or have go to uni....the Hot Spot is probably unknown to us oldies now....leave it to the young ones......go to the pub....ya old enough now!
  • how dare you lot dis loughborough its bin a gud home to me n me chumblies you have no rite n it all depends wot your lookin for yeah teccas a shit hole n you stick to thefloor in pulse but the people r alrite n the atmospheres great the djs are awesomeso if any of u plebs have any thing else to add then do so ! but bee warned loughborough knows who you are !!!!!!!!
  • sharpley road shops...the place to be between the ages of 1and a half(when your mum first lets you out on your own)and 35 when all you do is get pisseed all day cos your on the dole and a lazy twat!!!!!
  • southfields with stuff from the offy and cheap fags that u dont take back. or on the steps of the cinema if ur brave and have no fear of townies.
  • The sock man is a good place to meet, or The Left Legged Pineapple at the end of Churchgate.
  • Queens
  • Where else do people meet up to go places in Loughborough other than MacDonalds?
  • basically loughborough is shit you might as weel go iran to meet people because the people in loughborough will just kill you straight away at least in iran they hold you hostage for awhile, if that aint enoug to put you off come to the t-junction near rainbows hospis and meet us for a skate bye!
  • A wall on Nottingham road, bloody hard getting onto it but fun when you can't have alcohol!
  • Definitely make your voyage to LA fitness its fabulous. My mummy pays for me to join obviously but it really is rather lovely. Its really just the place to meet the fellows that you are rather amiable avec.
  • outside maccyds always full
  • the curzan cinima used to have a video games arcade in the foyer..awsem 10p plays for space invaders...
  • for townies try southfields park they seem to like that, just stay away if your a skater
  • We always meet up next to the ponds opposite the museum in queens on sunny days, with a couple of crates of lager and a baggy of skunk, not to far to visit some of the more nostalgic skatespots like the museum stairs and granby street seeing as most of the skate population has moved to southfields taking all the little annoying 14 year old townies with em who abuse you for wearing jeans that don't make your voice go higher by several tones, even normal people get called a goth nowadays. and skaters aint goths neither!!!!
  • KFC, wicked meeting place. A curb, gaps and stuff to skate while your waiting
  • eadmoor park where you can sip ypu cider in peace and chill out by throwing things at the passing students
  • The best place in loughborough...... hm there really aint one.. its crap. its full of scally's like ben clarke and scott downs where ever u go u get big hard ppl like haider and all them sharpyley wankers if they ever come up the nanpantan area well kik ur hed in u gays
  • I'll meet u outside GT Sports n we can go n nick nike taks from redmayne and todds n princes, n then go n chuk popcorn at the curzon. n if its wednesday we can shotgun HSL n go to Echoes under 14s nite (tooled up as the rumour is the Notts crew is comin over)
  • New Spot near the atlantis fish and chips shop
  • Left Legged Pineapple
  • normally meet down Baxtergate outside where that amazing hippy shop was
  • normally the band stand in southfields park
  • Outside the EHB near the Chapel
  • Queen's park is pretty good at night - the best roundabout in the area!!!
  • Burleigh a real dump but gr8 for anything else other than learning, believe me!
  • How about...... the knowhere guide for loughborough is a load of mindless dribble, written by the 16year old skater scum?
  • Southfields Park Bandstand, Lots Of Stupid Grammar School Kids In The Day with too much money so you can get free fags. In the evenings usually is where you sit to skin up and do your drinking. Plus The Skateparks just been done up so you can just go over there for a quick skate if you want to
  • ummmmm......i s'pose the Queen Park and Burleigh College
  • ***I think the best spot to hang out is either queens park or southfields skate park. Queens because it good to chill out in the summer it gets a bit packed but its a good atmosphere. unless youve got some kids crying next to you!! And even thought southfields skate park is utter shit its a great place just to do a few tricks and met up with friends and find sum other places.
  • Queens Park, Southfeilds park on Leicester Road and town
  • hmm the park
  • Rileys, the pool and snooker club is a great place to hang out I have found, although the service is absolutely sh*t.
  • The benches in the middle of town.
  • You can usually find some skaters skating southfields skatepark, but the park itself is shit, just a funbox with a rail.
  • Suprisingly enough - the Sock Man statue in town is fast becoming the place the place where people meet as everyone knows where it is & the Council didn;t spend 20k on it.
  • Town bus stop, plus you CANT DENY THE LURE OF MACDONALDS OMG!!!
  • My mate Alex Rodgers always swore by the back of the Health Centre as being the best place to enjoy illicit nookie which she did without fail every week I think. Apparently there are CCTV there now - no doubt as a result of a tip off about the alternative uses.
  • Anyone looking for a hook up spot should try the bus shelter opposite Mcdonalds in the town centre once the pubs have shut, if nothing else you can have a great laugh.
  • The best places for smoking at Burleigh Community College in the early to mid Nineties were either behind the kitchens (risky at break or lunch, but OK during free periods - lovely and soft underfoot, due to the carpet of fag ends) and "Down the track". This referred to several neighbouring areas: the old railway track itself (now a cycle path), behind the nearby Garendon Social Club (best in Winter, for shelter), or more often than not just by the fence of the Social Club car park. All of these areas were in easy access for break and lunch time smoking, being just across the road from the main Burleigh gates. Once in a while, teachers would mount an attack and come to catch smokers, but everyone would always just walk round the back of the Social Club as the teacher (usually Mr. Beaumont) was walking down the track, thus avoiding him and safely returning to the college.
  • "That hallowed spot where everyone hangs around with their mates dreaming of the time when they can get into the pubs or clubs." This doesn't really apply in Loughborough as you can get into pubs from about age 12, especially The Griffin and Peggys
  • Pig Nut Spinney, Lodge Farm field. That's where my mates and I spent our (supposed to be) pre-pub years, with bottles of cheap cider and lots of fags.
  • Burleigh School
  • Queen's iniquitous drug's den at night - though perhaps now it's been cleaned up. Yobs once frequented the Market Square late at night in their jalopies - but pedestrianisation has put paid to that - so now we just have drunken yobs without wheels and tipsy tarts in nylon shifts 'round midnight. Glorious atmosphere(?).

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