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  • Band bridge or Lisburn
  • maybe if there was one for each side of the town
  • Yeah fuck all here. Move along.
  • gotta b jokin closed the flee ridden joint down
  • Lisburn is the closest now decent enough lak
  • took our cinema away few yrs back f--kers!
  • Centerspide - spides only, you'll feel at home as cars get stolen, fights get started, a must for spides who come from Spidecity ie. Belfast and Sidesville ie.Craigavon.
  • we did have one but it was replaced wif a jumping jacks thing 4 kids they have everything..........
  • dont go 2 centre point unless ur young and sexually active or drunk! lol! u could go in2 lisburn omniplex maybe?
  • loved going 2 centrepoint ciema then it closed down 6 months ago. best thing about was Daniel May he is really hot and so dead on . i think they should re open the cinema are built a new one
  • our nearest is now Lisburn Omniplex everyone is cracking they closed centre shite but no-one went, typical lurgan thinking they never went near it then when its gone the yap! like their lovers they have them for years use abuse and fuck them over and then when they leave lets all yap!!!!
  • Centre Point "But rather walk to Lisburn"
  • centrepoint is a dump so why not travel a few miles to the odesy to watch a film with your man/woman and a pizza after
  • the cinema smell like pissy feet i would not sit in there if you paid me i am telling all you lurganites get to fuck to lisburn omniplex
  • Centrepoint, if u would call it a cinema. it is more a 32'' tele with surround sound
  • centreshite, you needa clean your feet on the way out though
  • hahaha....cp is the only cinema in has 4 screens all of them tiny and freezin.dont go on fridays cos its full of 13/14 yr olds blocked an lookin hosin.they never get any of the big movies anyway, just go 2 lisburn
  • Try my new site about Lurgan.....its got everything u could possibly want to know about Lurgan and much more...and please sign the guest book.
  • i would rather go miles to watch a film
  • Centerpoint - (HAHAHA)
  • the cinema is good if your having a night out with the woman but pervy peaches spys on you from the projector spot.
  • center plcae
  • centrefight!
  • centrepoint of course, but not many people go there cause i don't work in the cinema, so they go to lisburn instead.
  • centreshite
  • the cinmea in lurgan is shit they dont get any good movies in and the staff r so unpleasent.
  • Centre dump where ur shoes stick to the floor
  • C.point cineam nough said!
  • smelly centerpoint where in smelly cinama 4 has used jobags down the side of the chairs why not add 2 the population by sitting on them seats is it any wonder there are so many unfathered children as all the young teenagers sit on these stains
  • centrepoint, with all the lovely 14 year olds serving ya and it never has any good films!!! and its also ran by jaba the hut!!!
  • centredump - if ur willing to freeze to death for two hours and pay a weeks wages to get in
  • Centrepoint have a cinema and a bowling alley which are less than affordable considering the place is falling down around them.
  • Cinema is ok apart from the smell of sh#t in the place
  • If you want to see some quality British/Irish movies with no Megastars, don't go to Centrepoint ( I'll never forgive them for not showing 24 Hour Party People ). If you like predictable, blockbusting American shite, this is the place for you.
  • Shit Point aka centrepoint
  • slide of the seats in centrepunch
  • 1 place and its usless
  • shit, would prefer to pay extra and travel to lisburn
  • Centredump, Giles runs a tight ship, and the popcorns fuckin delicious. if only the wee girls would quit takin durin the film!
  • centerjoint...kinda dear 4 wat u get but it's the only place local...bowling, cinema, bingo 4 the grannies and eh...zodiacs..bah
  • just get videos out and dont bring them back its what everyone else does or some of the dirty ole men get a western nudge nudge wink wink. the videos of the riots are the funniest everyone running from invisible guns..the army getting laffed at again
  • only the dreaded overpriced overhyped over crap centrepoint.too crap for my liking
  • centrepoint has a cinema, not a very good one but a cinema none the less! theres bowling there too and a bar and a disco, centrepoint has improved remarkably
  • centerpoint the cinema is alright
  • centerpoints a hole, which explains why so many yans feel at home there
  • centerpoint is the only cinema but if u r a student like me u get in for 2.50 i fell so great.
  • only one in lurgan is centerpoint and its alrite.
  • the cinema is getting a video out of victoria library. centerpoint is shit the seats are not comfortable and the prices of the food and drink are shameful you dont even get group discounts. you would need to be saving for a month to go to the centerpoint cinema and then youll prob get an abcess or a herina from the bloody seats.
  • Centerpoint is the biggest shithole and waste of money i would much rather go to lisburn omniplex for a couple quid xtra- plus its full of fenians that try to beat you up for having your left ear pierced or wearing your rangers top or for your eyes being too far apart or somethin shit like that.has bowling,cinema and shit all centre my arse
  • should be burnt
  • centrepoint cinema has always has a at least one good movie showing
  • CENTERPOINT.. where you get 4 people in the matinee, you, your friend, and 2 13 yr olds makin out in the front row (u'd think theyd at least do it at the back)
  • centershite
  • Only one in the town but if u go watch u dont get stuck to the seat with chewing gum!!
  • craptacular centrepoint
  • Just the Centrepoint and you could end up getting a kicking going there.Drunks are us...
  • The ECI is a HOLE. Go to Belfast/Lisburn. Shut centerpoint down..!!!!
  • There is the Hollywood bar, the disco bowling alley and the cinema all joined together and they are all shit!The cinema is always cold and the bowls are crap plus the shop is far to dear!
  • ESI 4 screen cinema not bad recently refurnished, bowling alley which has disco bowls on fridays which means you can bring in beer (yipee)
  • There is one hole Known as Centrepoint but it is only recommended for people of the Roman Catholic persuasion. Everybody goes to Banbridge or Lisburn.

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