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Buskers, Street Entertainers in Lurgan, Armagh*

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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Da pigs is da best entertainment wiv der blues an 2's on
  • Ben @ Love Coffee - really nice guy.
  • stove mulholland(formally of the band 2.3) signs in the vintage bar and is a massive talent and should be singing on the big stage... its only a matter of time before he's spotted by a scout and will be soon making it on the big stage..
  • Peter Nickel playing in fa' joe's on thursdays...
  • Shankill is the best place to find the local gays.
  • Any of the local Shankill gay's will put you up.
  • A hole hive of camp brothers toentertain you.
  • Characters.... Have you seen how all the shit stains from Lurgan try to spell? How the fuck could anyone be famous in Lurgan? Bunch of Jeremy Kyle rejects cunts!
  • dawn and the romains playin the flutes sellin the big issue fk off dont want a rose
  • dawn and the romains playin the flutes sellin the big issue fk off dont want a rose
  • dawn and the romains playin the flutes sellin the big issue fk off dont want a rose
  • dawn and the romains playin the flutes sellin the big issue fk off dont want a rose
  • dawn and the romains playin the flutes sellin the big issue fk off dont want a rose
  • caveman, hes the godfather of lurgan
  • Tonto thompson he a real busker lol
  • one Eye John from the vatican
  • geoff renolds is a ledgend hes rid every cunt in the town treesomes lizzers u name it lol
  • Everyone who wrote on this are gay, especially webber who sucked toefags dick for a fiver lol fat queer, lurgan rocks.
  • Willy the Tramp (Wellington St)
  • Willy you legend
  • that wee man who always up n down victoria street, his wife has moles looks like a witch, his beard has took over his face. and marty clock, still hangingb round like its 1989! that other man used to hang wig john walk slow. sits now on benches bsidecarpark in north stret wif his carry out an pipe. looks freaky , he scare me
  • local characters lol local asshol*s davy uprichard
  • gary cormican "the bai is steam-boatin on 5 beer"
  • the wee dude who sit outside tesco's playin the key board but he aint that interestin
  • dawn jantson
  • black willie outside tesco. is it just me or can u smell his feet just passing him
  • local alchos in william street on a saturday nite awful entertainment for free.. u should come along sware its better than the rits...........
  • dat wee dude willy outside tescos... hes scary!
  • you have to be a looney to come from lurgan every 1 fits in well
  • anyone at the log!
  • CAVEMAN(he sits in tecos carpark)) looks like shit smells of shit for fuck sake he probably eats shit Bag Woman is another characher i think she has had a mental breakdown as she keeps going on about these dead men found in the river bann but she didn't do it.
  • Merf.
  • LVF, UVF are good when they get togeather, esp when the IRA join.
  • down the factories in annesbough wif the beats jonny vegas usualy shows up
  • auld berny
  • the almighty Don Johnson. everyone knows Don but if you don't he's the man woith a golf ball in his mouth. Maguire your a butt plugger
  • Geardy Campbell(the hirk man) falling asleep in whichever pub he's in !
  • don johnson, caveman, mo, theres a trend to all of lurgans characters theryre all ALCOS! no more characters, just wankers like sean purdy, anthony mullholland(OINK!), wee eggy(the cock)...the list goes on
  • mo culbert, JR (jolene Rock) and Carol plummer
  • Try my new site about Lurgan.....its got everything u could possibly want to know about Lurgan and much more...and please sign the guest book.
  • r wee don
  • Don Johnson come on i cant think of anyone who doesnt know him
  • Caveman is a good street entertainer. you would usually see him sitting at the back of heatons drinking his bottle of mundies.
  • If your ever in Lurgan watch out for a lad name keith brady aka BEEFER.this man is pure nuts tormants children for 8 years old but if ya get 2 know him his not bad person funny bastard
  • hummm...local "characters"...there is willy from down near tesco's hu cani tlk anythin but "hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi, wha wha wha wha wha wha, u u u u u u u, wha wha wha wha wha wha wha wha !!! an then he fucks away off to annoy other peeple
  • talk to lawrence when he has had a drink
  • Local Characters include Don Johnston the local alco, always dossin round the park or anywhere for that matter chatting up 14 year olds and asking them their bra size hmmm
  • he was drivin down the road at about 80 when he seen this badger well he pulled a shotgun outta his ass and blew the badgers head off. thats the last time the badger messed with him. the john mc guigan
  • some wee hun cunt called chip all the lads from the lough rd are after him as well as some other wee thug who gets it up the jacksie from big greasy men, a wee dick by the name of stevy lee watson
  • Barry Douglas aka Barry the diamond, how he got dat name ask big Cebass mc neice.the man is just simply a work alcoholic.An hes got dis new pitch mark thing. the cunts going to be richer dan Billy crystal.Who he looks like.Another so called character of Lurgan is the evergreen Paul the smelly shop keeper mc cullough.It was just the other there was aboxing match on t.v all u could see was Big paul jumpimg over the ropes gassed an getting laid into the boxer he was noticed because of the owl mans hat.How he managed to pull the wifew of hes is beyoned me...Another thing if u were looking to get up early an get a paper on the strap think again the cunts standing at the door. with the baseball bat.
  • the wall beside the bookies where ppl used to wait for taxis from wellys will always have one wino or more !
  • Sean Lennon puts on a good show he stripes after the ashburn every weekend although its not exactly an attraction, more a disturbence but dont worry the police lift him, usually before someones sick
  • caveman
  • If u were to to drop in lurgan watch out for a fella called beefer is looped some craic but his mates r dead on but dis fella has clearly lost it. Rumor has it that him and his dad has taken regular visits to OXford island.
  • ginger kearney the wanker from annnesborough who drives the bmx with an engine STAY AWAY ALL FEMALES BEWARE
  • Don Johnson
  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no where
  • i sucked my boy friends big 10 inc cock one night at jerrys chippy in lurgan . afterwards we swam in the chip grease whilst wanking into eachothers mouths . i think its about time we came out to everyone who knows us - we're sorry - signed.............. "pierce toman" and "borgers"
  • the wee refugee woman who nips her child when u walk past and sits on her shoes to make u feel sorry for her!
  • Theres a few good bands in lurgan: The Kings, Shot Down Sun, and Tilted.
  • Cave man John aka black Willy, stands up the town at the first trust bank or at Tescos looking money aff yah for a bottle of Bukkie, tell him to fuck aff!! Don Johnston does the same thing but he`s ok but if you give him any money he will leach onto you all nite and you cant pull any babes with him sniffing around.
  • Conor Scullion is a great drummer, and his brother Decky is a great guitarist. Neil Cohrane is a great songwriter, and his agent just got him a gig at the waterfront in may 2003.Keep an eye out on ITV for that. He's almost ready to record an album of original material and its all brilliant. Hes a personal friend of mine so i know these things. And just between me and you he could sign a record deal with a london based record company within the next few months, so keep watching this space!!
  • Conor Scullion is a great drummer, and his brother Decky is a great guitarist. Neil Cohrane is a great songwriter, and his agent just got him a gig at the waterfront in may 2003.Keep an eye out on ITV for that. He's almost ready to record an album of original material and its all brilliant. Hes a personal friend of mine so i know these things. And just between me and you he could sign a record deal with a london based record company within the next few months, so keep watching this space!!
  • The wee man outside the bank is a legend. Far more talent than some of the inbreds farting about on the Town Hall stage on Fridays. Get a Taxi!!!
  • the only buskers are the dirty refugees (and i am not talking craigavon people here) with their hands out looking money and their babies lying beside them in their filth crying, thats as close to buskers as you'll get in Lurgan, apart from budgie whistling on the way home from St.Pauls club.
  • big issue sellers from afghanistan
  • the dude with the harmonica beside tescos with the stammer, its great craic to stop and have a feg with him, (cant make out a fucking word he says though)
  • Main street entertainer is DON JOHNSON , second in command is WILLY with his 2 dogs. He walks about pretending he cant talk annoying the fuck out of tescos, iceland, and mc donalds -" ca ca ca ca nnnn ii ii ii ihha aavee aaa aacc ccuu ppp oo oo oooff ff cc ooccoo fffoo fff eeeee, & aa a cccouuuple ooff chc hchhcips
  • i heard ashley ross has entertained many a man in many a street
  • aint none
  • BLACK WILLY of course. and the various ones that sit in the middle of market street with signs round there necks. HIGHLY ENTERTAINING
  • the sad girls and women who go out so desperately looking to pick up anything with a pulse.........its so funny to watch
  • the whole crozier family is there an uglier or funnier sight when they are all out together tom smith loan shark from hell but he is funny when u see him coming from someones house who didnt pay him. the mackeys came to lurgan in caravans with scabies and nits and now they all think they are above the rest of us. but they still got scabies and nits.
  • entertainment is provided by watching the drunks dodge the taxis at 3 oclock on a saturday morning
  • that guy who stands outside heatons and gives you funny looks when you go past then you realise that he is following you.has anyone else noticed that??
  • its ok, i suppose, theres always big issue ppl
  • my on me way home on a sat night like and angle singing "sweetchild of mine" at 3am not to profitable
  • That Guy Neil Cochrane comes in here. He is obviously not of this town, since when did anything with a bit of talent come out of Lurgan? He used to be in the Band TWO POINT THREE but when they split he went his own way and will be hitting the charts next year with his debut album, Keep an eye out. By the way. There are othe rsingers who are from these parts too who will someday make it to the top. Thomas Larkham is extremely talented and will obviously go far. Stephen Mulholland (Stove to those who know him well) has every hance in the world to get there. Chris McAlinden is a great actor and comedian and it would be a crime if he didnt beacoome famous.
  • the big issue dudes or the wee man that sits outside tescos. i would love to be able afford to get him soem speech therapy.
  • steady eddie mckinstry's nude whistle act was quite rendering on that cold christmas evening.
  • mostly found in kilwilkie estate begging for money
  • The cellar needs to get rid of the fool ie gordon who props up the bar and the owner trevor
  • there arent that manny you get the odd big issue seller out side the bank but they are usally better of that you, for street enttertainers go to william street about 2am on a fri or sat and the alcos will entertain you.
  • the big issue dudes are the street entertainers and the wee man that sits outside tescos playing the harmonica i think you call him black willy. fair play to them
  • Two point Three are the best band ever to sing a tune. Debra and susan have the most fantastic voices I have ever heard. They make Atomic Kiyyen sound like a Lurgan duck drowning in the park lake!!!!.
  • none except for some homless hippie with long haid that sometimes plays the harmonica and steals food from tescos and lidls
  • winemark ally male voice choir on a sat nite piping out the sash!!!
  • They all get arrested and stuck in Mournview for a good hiding.Thats all the apes up there are good for.
  • Too Many!
  • There are some really good beggars whose kids are always very sleepy!
  • Nobody busks in Lurgan because there are no shoppers to give them money.Everybody shops in Portadown or Lisburn.

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