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Skateboarding Spots
  • nothing to much dog crap
  • wigmore is a good park, in a rough area though, park is starting to get a little rough too. we usually skate harpenden or st albans, both cheap train rides. most spots in luton have been skatestopped. wankers. -M-
  • There usec to be a good few halfpipes and ramps behind the dunstable college but it only comes out in summer *pissed off from lack of skating*
  • under the fly-over, the carpark. the circle (market hill). abc-the marble steps outside the old cinema. outside the back of burger king. top of the car park and on top of debenams...sshhhh. and everywhere else you can find.
  • just out side the hights nightclub and debenahams lot of ppl skate board off the steps looksfun
  • The square between The Heights and Brookes
  • up jansel house, its all tarmacked and has a sweet waxed curb up there, sick they might be building a new park up wigmore valley aswell
  • i live in stopsely and we have no where to skate so we have turned jansel house into a pretty cool spot we waked up a curb there are sum small gaps and a massive grass gap that us good skaters do we have a skate team go on we are all really good -
  • the town the circle is relly sweet spot but there is so much townies fuckers avery time i go skate there i get into truble with them if your alon do go skat in town other wys u com back felling bad
  • -In leagrave behind iceland we call it the iceland drop -Scotts house he has a mini in his front garden -In town the 3 set etc -Cardinal Newman is gret got some good lttle things u can do sets -Wigmore half pipe pretty crappy -Get train go to harpenden skatepark or st albans and goto pioneer -if u want some secret locations in town email
  • the only safe place to skate near town these days is on cresent road, but you will probably get kicked out or worse, the police sometimes get involved. only go into town to skate if u want to get mugged by a group of 50 townies/trendies carring knifes(we all know who these people are, damn them!). the safest place i know is in stopsley, ive found quite a few spots in the putteridge area.
  • at the end of vicarage street carpark we waxed up a curb and a car park space. and umm.. wigmore ramps is gone. oh and the council are going to build a skate park at manor park, which is sweet. oh yeah there is 'the circle' a well known skate spot outside debenhams
  • Wigmore park
  • Wigmore Valley Park
  • Behind the Vicarage Street car park is usually good and Manor Park used to be good too until they built an old people's home more smooching there then.
  • Eaton Valley Park behind the airport has a metal halfpipe.
  • purley shops make sure you wear a helmet it hurts like fuck when a boarder runs into you.ouch!
  • Brache Sparta football field on Dallow Road has a site at the far end of the field. Built for BMX's, now used as a hook-up spot.
  • Wigmore Valley Park (near airport) Rareunit 16' wide mini and 16' spine mini.

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