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The Best Things
  • killer
  • Back in the day, a few bottles of merrydown and hanging out with rebels who used to live at the local childrens home, some real characters there. We used to ride those mini motorbikes on the old railway bank and around the fields by the swifty.The Fox and the Hind seemed quite popular to try and get in when we were too young. As for crowies, never seen em since but did we cause havoc with them then, of course it helped to have a friend who was a farmers son to get them for you from the hardware store.Miss Ross, the slightly freckled open blouse french teacher at the high school. (early 80's)
  • Popping in now & again to show people how the 1950's were...but wait there's now a Subway!!! What next?
  • the old school worth standing by each other as mates and in business
  • Close to the M1. It's not in Warwickshire.
  • waysafe! its now gonna be a morons! (sorry morrissons!) what a perfect place for such a perfect town!
  • koggys, the beer flow, koggys, dogan dogan of pizzaman
  • Bumbling about on a Saturday night cos you can't escape it ... so you become as strange as Th˘se ... and enjoy!
  • walkin in2 1 of the pubs in the centre and everynows ur name CHEERS !
  • the whole attitude just being chilled only interupted by little wannabe city kids
  • the New Leisure centre opening some time Summer 2004, fingers crossed.
  • the restaurants the schools
  • the fact that everyone else drinks to forget they live here too.
  • The fact that wherever you go you always bang into someone you know. Safeway on a Wednesday.. They have some fab offers
  • We still rule the roost at local cricket!!! Today Lutterworth 2nd XI beat Countesthorpe 2nd XI in the Cup Final. Lutterworth 260 for 5 off 40 overs (Craig Wilson 107, Sam Bevins 81 n.o.). Countesthorpe about 170 for 7 (we lost interest once they needed 15 per over).
  • Campfires down the Rye Hills on warm, summer weekend nights....
  • The tennis club, I can't believe they have so few members compared to the number of people in Lutterworth, you don't have to be good - just enthusiastic. Are you just all watching TV?
  • From mid-2002, a group of Lads have decided to emulate Rome city centre and drive round and round and round etc.... on surprisingly loud, but painfully slow mopeds. You can see them concentrating more on who's 'checking them out' instead of the stolen car hurtling towards them. I just hope they cannot lip read. There is bound to be a town centre horrific crash eventually - you were warned guys!!
  • knowing youve arrived ~ when youve left
  • I love that caravan camper van thing that you encounter as you come into Lutterworth from the South. It sits in somebody's garden in one of the first blocks of houses as you come in. It makes Lutterworth look like it is inhabited by gipsies. It needs to be up on bricks for the full effect. It disappeared for a fortnight this year (2002 in the summer) the surounding property prices went up 2000%! What an eyesore of a thing to be met with. Somebody really should have a word.
  • Gilmorton Road, Leicester Road, Coventry Road, Bitteswwell Road, and Rugby Road because they all lead out of Lutterworth
  • The best things in Lutterworth have to be Chris Bettle's house parties, these uaully end up with half the population of Lutterworth 6th form flocking to the Bettle residence and then trying to walk..(Stumble) home at random hours of the morning!
  • I know everyone, but that means everyone knows you too. Oh and the Carnival during Feast Week! not as good as it used to be but still things never are!
  • Raleigh 1-2-3 on the Rec. The Long Grass before it was built on. Watching porno films at lunchtime round Pogo's house. The tree by Holly drive entrance to the Rec which was the only decent tree you could climb up. Cycling back from the rugby club with no lights after 5 pints.
  • The road out...
  • pe lessons with the fit one - fletch!!!
  • all my m8's hangin places local talent and rye hills and bring back blackon hall man that was soooo cool and creepy!
  • My house and all the grrrreat parties that go on there, not that you lot are invited.
  • happy atmosphere
  • The way everyone knows each other, or at least each other's families and so on.
  • knowing you were not born here therefore totally unnafected by the genetic lutterworth disease of total undiminished failure in all walks of modern society.
  • Lutterworth provides two of the greatest car parks in the world for drinking tea and smoking fags in your car at 3 in the morning. If that's not a great tourist point I don't know what is.
  • coming back and knowing why you got away same faces same shit same bloody everything
  • The Rugby Club Fireworks disply circa 1980-88 where Jon Jenkin's used to snog lots of girls and kids used to lob crowies on to the bonfire and it'd explode all over nice couples and their kids.Maiming them.Quite funny,but you had to be there.Ahh,the safety of it all,a few pints of a rugger buggers piss and nobody gave a monkeys.
  • Good quality faithful characters that litter every pub making them all a home from home. oh and the boneheads have surprisingly grown up and realised that they actually are small fish and are now consentrating there amateur terrorism else where.
  • Lutterworth Army Cadet Force! Known throughout Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland ACF by some of the instructors as the Hitler Youth. Seems to have faded somewhat from the elite of B Squadron into nothing more than a youth club in uniform, especially since the last lot of senior NCO instructors had to leave. Their replacements? Jumped up kiddies thinking they can duplicate the sadistic, twisted, sick - yet amusing - sense of humour generated by RSM Bettle, and SM Berry. Who can forget the Christmas parties held in the now-condemned St Marys Church Hall listening to war stories from the troop commander....I told them...I warned them.....the glasses are definitely off mate..
  • Knowing that you are leaving very soon and getting out of the whirlpool of shit that you are in. Getting an escape to the glorious world,which is only available if you a) do a degree, b) do a job like footballer/film star etc c) commit suicide
  • During the late sixties,early seventies,a seething hot bed of wife swapping and orgies,liberally spiced with drug taking and pulling Vespa scooters apart.
  • Christmas Eve in the Shambles is always recommended, is tradition really if you went to the Grammar School
  • MMMMM, hard one this, spose I'll have to go for the Shambles, simply for the memories.
  • The road to Leicester, and a cup of tea round at Big Al's smallest house in the world, it's really tiny, so small infact he sleeps with his feet out the front door.
  • the small amount of luminous tracksuits you find in most towns
  • The music scene from 1989 to 1992 - with bands such as Summerhouse, Field and the Nancy Reverb!
  • Rye Hills. This is the only hill in just outside Lutterworth and most make the yearly crusade their when it snows for some serious fun with a sledge. Yeeha!
  • Fords Discount Stores. This store just has to go on the Internet. It is sells just about everything and is THE place for the ultimate in Value for Money Christmas presents. Forget London, Paris and New York, Fords is your number one discounter.
  • Lutterworth Grammar School - Children coming up to school age, want to make sure your in the catchment area of a good school? Well look no further than Lutterworth and its satelites. This school has to be the best in the whole world - Where else can you be taught by a cheeky chappy who smokes pipes whilst rooting around junk shops? Where else can you get completely bollocked by a middle aged with-mum dweller? And of course where else can you be thrown out of the library by the UK female heavyweight sumo champion? On the whole it's top.

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