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Demolish It Now Building in Lutterworth, Leicestershire*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • Town hall! smash it down!
  • Any building to do with the so-called ''Lutterworth Chamber of Business'' e.g. Flack, Weston.
  • How about all of Church Street and those greedy traders?
  • everything that clive western owns the blokes made prices for lease go through the roof and make the nobs sell the property that are sitting there rotting
  • my workplace.scania
  • The new leisure centre: the pool's too small, and that big gable on the outside is covered with planks which would look more at home on a garden shed.
  • high school/grammar school, oh so many memories, really wish i was an arsonist sometimes!
  • the cavalier, muffs house
  • the peugot garage and bring back the whittle
  • the part of the grammer school i was forced to learn ballet!!!!!above the main reception
  • cheikhos, its run by the biggest wan**r in the world. short and sweet may the bulldozing be.
  • The new central statue is as bad as the last - we now have (in place of the fallous) a bright blue giant bansai tree made of hyacinths or something equally pointless.
  • the swimming pool its a health risk.
  • Not seen the giant Penis yet...
  • The Wycliffe Halls, and who ever knows what goes on in there anyway. We need this venue to show films, have club nights not be just for the model railway contingent.
  • The supposed 'Cop Shop' which is almost always empty unless two rozzers want 2 put their feet up for a bit. A much better use of that location would be a KFC or McDonalds (convieniently near to the A&E ward).
  • fords the place do's my tree in
  • the bloody silly monument opposite the Town Hall, What exactly is it? I noticed it wasn't up long before the 'thing' had it;s big ball on top surgically removed by some one who didn't think it belonged there!!!!!!!
  • LUTTERWORTH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!It holds many many bad memories and the teachers...Miss Fife, Mrs Smally, Mr Mold must I say more??
  • The squash club, so in its place a glorious new pub or mini club can rise from the ashes like the legendary penguin!
  • Sherrier School...Having grown up with Mr Maltby I have to say that. He was a white socks and sandals man. He used to force us to listen to classical music in assembly and sway around to the music with his eyes closed at the front. Mrs Goldsmith (Husband to that crazy wild-eyed, video-obsessed RE teacher at the High School) was also less than friendly.
  • The Unicorn Pub if not the building then some of the residents.
  • spencers estate agents
  • The Wycliffe rooms why oh why oh why do Ihave to put up with the sight of this every time i go round that bloody bend ?
  • The Working Man's CLub, only because it looks too square and has bad memories in it. Though I'm sure most would say any one of the four schools.
  • Excavate everything and plough a field on to the site.It'd be more interesteing and you'd probably get better prices for CD's than It's Electric!(It's Electric?What is?Certain;ly one could say the stafff need to be recharged in charisma but....)
  • The Police Station.ACAB.
  • all of them houses pubs shops the lot
  • got to be the Broadbents house
  • Lutterworth residents should be categorized by intelligence and social grade and re-housed in the South for the high scorers and Coventry for the low scorers. Houses, shops and infrastructure should then be napalmed and the land turned into an extension of Magna Park, due to prime location.
  • Fords discount store, may God forgive me
  • The Unicorn. The Fox. The Baloon.
  • The Safeway and Sainsburys buildings, they really should have only built one store with a petrol station.
  • The Phalic object that appeared in the Market Place. Costing the council 10,000, when they wouldn't even give me a grant!
  • The shambles
  • Safeways, The Hind

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