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Favourite Building
  • Was the hind should have been done up and stopped as a pub.
  • Not really a building but a construction...the glorious M1, few know of this great achievement which entitles you to escape the deprevation.
  • That little Church outside town with the graveyard and a mound....very nice!
  • water tower cool as now made into living accomadation. the hind looks good now revamped
  • That place with the Barbie-pink door on Woodmarket! There's not a better coloured front-door in the whole of Lutterworth... though that's not saying a great deal.
  • the red arrow, for being soooooooooooooooo futuristic!!
  • koggys, pizzaman
  • Gotta be the falic symbol ... next to the Puka pie man.
  • the 10000 dildo in the centre which we paid 4
  • most definatley the shambles as it is the heart of lutterworth,may it always be
  • As opposed to the central monstrosities, we now have a cool silver plane in the middle of the roundabout that leads to the M1 (no, it didnt crash there). This is a really nice and fairly normal peice of art and is just screaming to be climbed - although that would be difficult - watch this space!!!!
  • there are lots of houses with original features in Lutterworth
  • Peaches AKA Studio 31, and Victoria Hs
  • Lutterworth Church.. It may be a bit eeryfied at nigh but it's so beautiful.
  • That house with the Barbie pink door on Woodmarket!
  • My mum and dads house...
  • The Hind, please can we do something good with this building.
  • The Shambles - it looks so quaint, and many elderly couples or young professionals enter on the misconception they will get a desent pint or service with a smile. You can start a stopwatch when they enter and guarantee they will be gone in less than a minute!
  • mmmmm
  • all crap
  • Not quite a favourite 'building', but the mentioned Rye Hill Bridge that runs over the river Swift has been a special place for me since I did in fact fall off it a few years ago. Damn shame, made a complete mess of all the foliage as my body impacted the ground after falling about forty foot. Made good recovery now though!!! Would just like to mention that there were so many helpful people that day and the Lutterworth community should be recognised for its outstanding unhelpfulness, after my then-boyfriend-at-the-time ran to one of the nearest houses after witnessing my fall. Feeling somewhat alarmed, as blood pumped out from my leg, he ran to the house to ask for the use of the telephone in order to call an ambulance. Thankyou so much to the resident who refused his request, as I procceeded to lose over four pints of blood. Having only been in the town for about 2 months, I felt truly welcomed and knew that with such pleasent people inhabiting this place, I could do only one thing, and that was to spend five weeks in the Leicester Royal Infirmary. I would just like to take this oppurtuninty to congratulate you on this very entertaining website, and hope that you too manage to piss off out of it, like I did....(after I learnt to walk again, after threat of leg amputation, and a year on crutches). P.S I made it on page 15, after the important, hard-hitting story'Youths steal Snowdrops'was reported. Thanx once again. Emma
  • The Church........When your at the top you can see the whole of Lutterworth realising your going to be here for eternity unless you stay on at the Grammar!for that A level!
  • The McDonalds or KFC they will build one day.
  • Blaken Hall. For anybody who lived on the greenacres estate, Blaken Hall should have fond memories. It is an abandoned old house with a barn and a hall. Spooky stories of children crying and bath's of blood still remind me of that kooky place. More stories of Blaken Hall please. Needs to get the respect it deserves. I was chased away once by two (either tramps or policemen)and had to run through a thorny bush to escape...What fun.
  • Kimpton Smiths Coffee Shop, I done most of my school work in there.
  • pe office in the grammar school!!!
  • my fave building is my house!
  • Not quite a building, but the monument in the market place that looks like a huge penis has go to win, hands down. Especially when they put plastic sheeting over it after it gets damaged...
  • The old(and much missed)Galaxy video store where in the mid to late eighties my mates and I heard that he would lend out hard core porn to his members to play with their members.We sat one day,nervously in The Shambles getting drunk for courage as we'd heard that you had to use the magic password of "Do you have the list from the fridge?"After a while,when suitably pissed(only took a pint and a half in those days)I was confident enough to go for gold.I walked in and sidled up to the 'Adult' section which consised of a shit 3D Electric Blue video that came with NO glasses."Can I help you,mate?""Yes,erm..D'ya 'ave the list frum thu fridge?"At which point the bloke grasped under the counter for what I thought could be a shotgun,only to pull out a horde of about 12 video cases."Which one's have you seen?"My life was never the same after that.Great bloke.I now wear glasses though.
  • The Masonic Hall
  • the police station as its always closed. or the big chemists cos you used to be able to climb on the roof and watch the local piss heads at work.
  • The town hall when it burnt down.
  • Auburn Place (Sixth Form Department of Lutterworth Grammar School) Everyone has find memories of the sixth form, little else to say
  • I dont think there is one, perhaps the old cinema place.
  • Lutterworth Police Station, it's so lovely and quaint, and the country police are a little slower than your usual coppers...

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