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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Owen williams self confessed loser and local grass
  • everyone knows who piss man is, if you cannot see him you can smell him!
  • The guy in the white coat with the black stripe, who bends over and kinda speedwalks around the town. Looks like Max Wall. Had the distinct smell of urine. Heard rumour that he was once a great inventor until his car ran out of fuel in the 70's. Now forever doomed until the end of eternity!
  • Many strange people, some no helmet bare chested motorbike rider!! That striking Blonde who was attracting some much attention all over town on the 03/06/2006!!
  • It would seem that the much beloved Mr Owen (or O dog) Williams has sunk to new depths. And is now driving away ex girlfriends. Not satisfied with turning her into a gibbering wreck through stalking beating and I am sure, worse, he has now driven her from lutterworth. Well done you waste of skin. keep it up though, as I'm sure another well timed blow job from your mother to whoever necessary will get you out of further trouble
  • in the 80's walter the tramp jordie jez gone but not forgotten anthony always walking and shopping with his pram wink (for god sake say no more)
  • just take a wander through the rec on a school day and you'll be considered a "character" as you may recieve a few lovely swearwords from cider drinkers!
  • Muff known to some as 'braindead'. Eril from safeway. last but not least Anthony and his pram.
  • Mr Baily the metalwork teacher from the Grammar school was "Bernie the bolt" on the golden shot TV game show in the late 70s and early 80s.
  • Oh hard to pinpoint the stars? ...MARVELOUS Marv? ... ROTWIELER Barbs? ... AND of course the obligutary Owen, too many to mention!
  • now we all no the local characters which have a reputation as bullies in lutt but thats all they got so lets leave them 2 it , but the best characters and entertainer have got2 b the BLAKE BROS from gilmorton who r the backbone of lutterworth laughter 4 many years ROY,DAYDAY,JOHN, its always gona b a goodnite when u c them walk in the door silly billy blaky.
  • Muffly is still a pain in the arse, to just about anyone.
  • There's this old git who goes in Koggy's on his own and harasses just about anyone he can - at first we though it was Owen's dad, but he just appears to be a mean old bastard who used to be a player and cannot accept that he will die in the street most likely - hay hoe!!!
  • Lutterworth has a good selection of pshycos
  • A real life member of the Hollyoaks cast regularly drinks in the shambles, his charactor, known as Nick is quite a hit with the lady's(boys).He can often be seen drinking with non other than Gollum of Lord of the Binks fame, though it is noted that Gollum will often be found seeking the precious in the denbigh!
  • The wilson sisters drunkenly (again) attacking men with their tongues in the local pubs and falling over after 3 CARDI BREEZARS
  • none really.. only Santa and the light switch on every year at the end of November.. usually the local schools sig some carols and the brass band plays.
  • Jimmy Lamb, session musician extraordinaire, been in more bands than, well, anyone!!
  • There are about 3 or 4 'street entertainers' who orbit the centre of Lutterworth daily. These crazies fit the 'white 45ish year old male' category who no-one os quite sure if they are: A) misunderstood ex-intellectuals B) psychopathic pederasts C) misunderstood psychopathic pederasts. Easily spotted walking with purpose from nowhere to somewhere. The best is the one who goes into a pub... downs a pint in about 5 mins... leaves... and comes back a few minutes later to repeat the cycle.
  • Have to include 'Barbaric Barbara' AMAZING moves on a Saturday nite .. hairdresser to the STARS by day .... to die for
  • Has anything changed ???? (circa late 2002) Owen (infamous) Williams has a mention ~ what about Barbaric (Barbara) Rhind 'The Rotwieler' ? The list of amazing & wonderful characters that give it its 'hue' ought to be updated ~ c'mon Lutterwortharians!
  • Old wierd man that sticks of piss stands on Guthlaxton! All day and night
  • Owen Williams - thousands of people die every day... why isn't he one of them?
  • The best street entertainer has got be owen williams i too have seen his extra curricular activities outside the local pubs, and i agree very entertaining!!!
  • 2002 Update: These certainly don't change, this is Lutterworth after all.
  • Paul Hill on a Friday/Saturday night in any pub in Lutterworth/ Leicester or Coventry trying to chat up anybody that moved male or female!!!!
  • Roger Alan, Ann Cooper local drunks!
  • no sorry lutterworth is scutty but its not got no tramps
  • There was a tramp around a little while ago...
  • Les dillow falling out of any pub at 8 o'clock
  • Not unless you count me whistling as I walk along Church Street.
  • i remember about 95/96, Owen Williams used to have a thing about having arguments with vhis girlfriend(probably aged 14) in the phonebox in Lutterworth town centre, shouting such things as 'but I love ya! honest!' at full blast down the receiver(audible from about 1km away)in his charismatic yet strange affinity with the cockney accent, which part of london are you actually from owen?
  • The birds from Jazz hair salon instead of bringing an audience to their knees....usually 2 at a time.A bleedin disgrace.All I wanted was a blow dry!
  • When I return more grrrls are up the bangers and mash and some new kid has stitches in his mug. Welcome home Grandad!
  • Although not strictly applicable you can always have fun by parking outside the banks on the high st on a saturday afternoon, wait for one of the traffic wardens to run down the hill to tell you off, but drive away before they get to you, simply repeat until you get bored......
  • The mighty WEAVE originated from Lutterworth weren't they... They're a top band they are, I recently heard they're recording their fourth album 'We're only chasing Dragon's til the tail drops off.'in deepest Puru, apparently they're going thru a Sgt Peppers cum Gansta Rap phase at moment. Sounds fantastic...
  • Make point of visiting The Red Arrow to observe Mark English pose behind the bar. He does try very hard bless him with his Eric Cantona impersonation, someone please tell him to stop turning his collar up.
  • Owen Williams is a fantastic street entertainer, he often amuses us by punching the lights out of some poor hapless victim or bemoaning the fact that he has lost 'all his money' on the gee-gees. He has also been known to do a rap routine of an evening.
  • Owen Williams is always guaranteed to entertain the drinkers of Lutterworth with his humorous get drunk, try to pull, end up in a fight, and get off scot free with the police antics.

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