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  • There is now a rock shop where selbys jewellers used to be!
  • morrisons is as close to a music shop in the worth good job you can down load now
  • Go to Rugby, Harborough or Leicester.
  • ah, its (not) electric (because we sold it to you broke!) sell about 5 cds a year, most ironic question "do you have (insert obscure album) in?"
  • It's Electric have a fantastic selection of CD's.... from James Last to Acker Bilk - who would have thought the registered retail price of 'Clarinet-a go go' would be 24.99!!??!!
  • The best place to go is It's Electric on Church Street, they sell everything vertually from CD's, Videa's, DVD to hairdryers and washing machines, all a reasonably prices. Otherwise is off the HMV in Leicester
  • Mitch Walters' Dads' shop way back, Jimmy Lamb and Mitch worked there, then shop moved to Greenacres...
  • The only real record shop it's electric home of good old Danny Eggleton! But rest assured if you get a little peckish their's a handy sweet shop at the back of the shop now run by his wife Amy (Boooo and we all thought he would be single and foot loose for ever)
  • fords discount stores - watch for security ex fbi workin the floors
  • none really to speak of safeways sell a few CDs but thats aboutit
  • It's Electric - hahaha...
  • wishbone is cool the greengrosers sux!
  • Danny Eggleton has taken over It's Electric from Clive Weston. He's trying hard to make a decent go of it, so ignore previous comments, hes getting loads of cheap import cd's from abroad and most albums are only 12.99, so think twice about going to leicester and shop locally instead.
  • Ha! There's "It's Electric" who sell a very limited range of Bary Manilow and maybe the SPice GIrls (if you're feeling lucky, punk) and you have to dig hard or spend hours bantering with the staff to order things to get anywhere. Age COncern, however, do a bangin' selection of Classical vinyls, 80's rejects and some random stuff they get donated, which is actually better than paying 15 for some knocked-off sh*t.
  • Wheelers!Whee!Ran by an old man that reminds me of the Emperor from Return of the Jedi and thought that everyone under 80 was a kleptomaniac.He had Eye of the Tiger by Survivor in his window for about 10 years.It was top of the hit parade,ya know!
  • The record shop was called Wheelers.
  • age concern used to have some good stuff. just not records.
  • its electric really dodgy try to sell everything video,music,dodgy cheapo bargin bin over priced,over rated poor excuse for a record shop
  • Cant remember a record shop above the old Age Concern shop, it did used to be Elite Computers though. Nowadays, the rooms above the charity shop on Chruchgate contain Peaches Massage Parlour, (So I'm told.....)
  • I can't remember the name of the record shop but there's only one, it's so brilliantly bad I once went in to ask if they had The Pasmore Sisters new single. The reply went something like, Are you sure you don't mean The Beverly Sisters!!! I ask ya...
  • I wonder if anyone remembers the excellent? record shop that was situated above that charity shop on the corner opposite the memorial gardens?
  • Payne & Bonds is about the best thing that there is. This has quite a wide range and lots of videos to rent.
  • It' Electric - This is a spin off of Payne and Bonds, it sells videos CD's and even washing machines. However, they charge 14.99 for normal CD's so save your money for trips into Leicester. It is okay for videos though.

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