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  • Yeah the high school, Miss Eddginton most guys gave her considerable consideration, Miss Jefferies used to rip up packs of 20 bensons at assembly, Kinson..and his daughters, The music teacher with his blondie fetish, and the other one with his bald eagle magazine, those were the days.
  • Why was everything closed? Was there on a Saturday and most of it was closed all day?
  • My faviroute place in lutterworth is the 'shack' the little hut at the top of the slide in the big park on the rec. Im thirteen and i know what youre thinking little trouble maker drinkin god knows in there shaggin whatever but no me and my mates usually anuva girl or jus me n four of my closest lad mates use it as a place to stay warmer/dryer than we would if standin/sittin in some cases on the feild ok sumtyms it is abit cramped wit 6 of us in there but it is a good laugh and all we do seriously is sit n talk ocasionaly poppin off to buy some chips from oceans hehe but there you go a story from an actual youtherian!
  • commens to the local council
  • Lutterworth: small town, small minds. Get past junction 20 of the M1 as fast as you can!
  • i've just had a thought,there are meant to be a net work of tunnels under lutterworth leading from the mansonic halls to the shambles when it was a butchers all those years ago,and down to the church in misterton and afew churches in lutterworth and i think the old fish shop(the really old fish shop/eat in,just down from the hind)is this true and why is there nothing on them unless i'm being thick and can't find it,please let me know if there is any imformation on this x
  • my fondest memory of lutterworth is the hind pump house when it was in its hey day,jumping up and down on the pool table at an unforgiven gig(mates band)and realising the wood that was covering the table had split and bottles of beer had fell over and had drenched the didn't look too good the next day....ops,and the games of toss the newky brown bottles out the back...miss spent youth at its best,messy silly times,the joints gigs were also fantastic for getting wasted at
  • The Jimmy Lamb Celebration corner.... musician of many talents.. well... he can play the Bass a bit. Everyone mentions Summerhouse, Nancy Reverb and the like, Jimmy was with them all (sometimes at the same time)!! A real ladies man is our Jim, they can't get enough of him. A Kit-Kat and some Barry White is all he needs to get him through the night! And a big Hi to Mark Watson and Jez and the rest of y'all from Koggy's...
  • ivan ward the sexiest thing in lutterworth so he thinks ,but has he look in the mirror lately. nuff said!
  • Oi I live in Lutterworth!All those things you say about the whores/Young Girls is not true!have you ever been to Lutterworth?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!you should not be aloud to put those un-true things about Lutterworth if you have never been there!i am very dissappointed in this web site!i was looking for good facts about Lutterworth not crap, un'true and malicious stuff!you un-hearted person/people! Thnx
  • Lutterworth, as I remember from growing up there, was dominated by about three families, which were then linked together through cousins and far off marriages that seem to link everbody together by blood. I fear this may have happened as a reponse to the theme music to 'Bread'(Liverpudlian sit-com), which calls for everyone to "keep it in the family" - unfortunately people from lutterwoth didn't realise they mean't money not sex. Unfortunately I forsee a grotesque future for the people of this fair town with an increasing number of big-eared boys. Genetics in action.
  • famous for Wycliffe Football Club, four years old and going strong, somewhere for all the best or worst to ply there trade on a Sunday morning after a heavy night in the shambles.
  • LITTLE MISS FITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT - THATS FLETCH IF U HADNT GUESSED!! do u know sum 1 called fiona cantrill FROM BROUGHTON ASTLEY,ATTENDS LGS? - well she wants to shag her female PE teacher senseless and is an absolute wanker and waste of time, and is a liar, hypocritical and a coward left her lesbian lover to suck the peanut sized dick of some twat whos balls aint dropped yet neva realy helped that she woz a ginger as most ppl were physically sick by the time they'd seen her let alone shagged her
  • again, my brother, nice.
  • wot??
  • I give you my WORD Lutterworth is a bed of unseamly sexual deviants.I know.My mates are them.Not me.No,No.Only after a pint of cider and a poo in tyhe Sunar Gow.
  • the trouble with lutterworth like so many small market towns is that its run by few business men who are only interested in there own gains and not the good of the local community and until go this unhappy negative narrow minded backward little one horse hick town will continue to be just that.
  • plenty of unresolved crime that most people could solve or make a few arrests and i,ve got busted for pissing behind the town hall and nicking a pint glass.
  • Don't forget the might WEAVE's forth album 'We're only chasing Dragon's til their tails fall off' will be released soon, available it good good record shops, or that shite one in Lutterworth High Street...
  • I loved living in Lutterworth. Wish I could move back there, but I can't!!! Everyone is really friendly there, unlike some places I wouldn't care to mention!
  • Events: Make sure to mark a place in your diary for Lutterworth's feast week, usually around the middle of August. The town undergoes a week of joyous celebration, theres a swimming gala, a biggest vegetables competition, that crap baton twirling team throw their sticks in the air (and fail to catch them) and finally they have a wonderful carnival of floats which end up on the rec, everyone tries to shoot the Police cars with water pistols, the lads from the Cavalier look like pissed morons on their float, Ron Stretton absails down the church tower and then the town decides goes for a drink in the balloon, a momentous day which should simply not be missed........Dont worry, for if you do it'll be pretty much the same the next year......
  • It is of extreme interest to note, this site was recently discovered by the Lutterworth Mail. It made the front page headlines, as a internet site broadcasting the illicit places for underage drinking and under age sex. They even claim it promoted petty theft (the orange flashing lights) In typical Lutterworth fashion, the local paper headline news, was only four and a half years after we persuaded Knowhere to set the site up. On the ball as always I see.....
  • Best place to score some Lady Jane is in the Shambles, Koggy's, The Hind, Any Teenager in 100yards of any of the above.
  • Aaah, Lutterworth. oh what a place. where else would teenage girls flock to catch a sight of a real live bad boy. The fact that these bad boyz nearly always live with their mums and couldn't tell you what 1+1 equals is neither here nor there, they're older and therefore more cool. Apparently. And do you children really think we, the staff and ex-staff of the shambles don't know how old you are? To be honest, it's quite fun to see how many shandy's you can drink before throwing up. Any seasoned lutterworth-ite will know Dan Eggleton, the Dish that had really, really REALLY long hair, and then cut it all off, and is still a dish. Treat him well. Also, many of us wish that the damn falic symbol the council fondly calls the new monument would blast off into space, never to return. EVER. God knows it's the right shape. The one thing that I will say for lutterworth is that it changes you. Friends that we have known and loved for years become 'Lutterworth'-ised. They even become more a part of the shambles furniture than, well, the furniture. One final word - well done to everyone who added stuff to this page.
  • Claims to fame: Luttwerworth is where Sir Frank Whittle built his first jet engine, during WW2. Also is where the bible was first translated in English (by John Wycliffe) Contains Magna Park, soon to become Europe's biggest industrial estate (when completed).
  • Lutterworth Grammar School: At present putting fences all the way round the perimiter. Not sure whether it is to keep the students in or the unhappy ex-students out.
  • The town is a mile from junction 20 off the M1 and 5 miles from junction 1 off the M6. Half an hours drive from Leicester. 15 minute drive from Rugby. 25 minutes from Coventry. Also positioned just off A5 and A14.
  • The place has recently been subject to numerous sightings of flashing orange objects travelling at high speed, but are they UFO's, will the X-Files come to Lutterworth or is it just a bunch of lads out in a Renault 5 - nickin the flashing orange ligths from the roadworks in Bitteswell?
  • The High School: This is the first real school that children of Lutterworth and the surrounding villages go to. A great school headed by the legendary John Kinson a man really in touch with God and Tai-Chi. Evryone who went there will remember great teachers such as Mrs WYLIE (and her daughter) the I.S. teacher, Bruce KIRKMAN, the tubby English teacher, Steven BOWKETT now famous novelist!!!, Mr BURTON I.S., Mr BLOWER games, MR BATEMAN games, Mrs EDGINGTON games (stunning!), Miss JEFFRIES battle-axe, Mr ELLIS never really quite understood what he did!!!!, Mr CALCOTT (my form tutor, top bloke) Ceramics (something to do with clay, I think), Mrs FLETCHER (not bad) art, Mrs WILLIAMS oops, Mrs SMITH how she got a job I'll never know, Mr KENDALL where did you get that hair? Maths, Mrs AITKENHEAD Biology, Mr PERKINS Chemistry, Mrs Wren French (short skirts, long legs, blokes sat at the front!!) and not forgetting Mr GOLDSMITH, oui-ja boards in class and watching The Lion Whitch and the Wardrobe for a whole year. Them list goes on, but Cunningham was the best House!!!!!!!!!!

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