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The Worst Things
  • The flying saucer pub, does it still exist ? Mr Greatrex maths teacher and bully from lutterworth high school,Mr ' take a bow to the door ' Bernie, the slightly masochistic high school deputy.( early 80's )
  • marsha hunt, peachman, and all the other smack heads!!
  • the new so called le17's .if the little prick's push their luck to much it will all end in tears(the old school worth)
  • Don't get East Midlands TV. We have to put up with West Midland, Cov and Brum rubbish. A pain when you want to see LCFC goals on the sports round up and all you see is the goals Cov let in (a small consolation).
  • the bypass, it bypassed the wrong bloody bit!! its still bleedin gridlock on main street at rush hour! fookin eejits!
  • the cavalier, muff, greebos
  • Bumbling about on a Saturday as YOU have no escape τΏτ
  • the very slow peace that lutterworth gets dragged in2 the 21st century
  • the little wannabe city kids with thier innit speak
  • the swimming pool, the part time police station
  • the complete lack of attractive women in every pub, where the fuck are they? and the perplexing amount of complete RETARDS
  • even the prostitutes expect conversation
  • Police.. well some anyway, bent as you like some of them.
  • A few tossers who ALWAYS spoil everyone elses fun... you know who you are!!
  • Ok so I moved here from London but this is a reasonable size town and it has nothing to recommend it! Anywhere to drink that isn't inhabited by the 18 yr olds who have nothing else to do but go to the pub would be good for me. And what about them, shouldn't there be something else to do apart from drinking after shocks? You wonder why everyone here is so miserable?! Get Boots in, WH Smiths, M&S. There is such a huge money making opportunity here for such store in their small formats with all those bods from Magna Park coming in for lunch.
  • mark wheatley should be locked up
  • missing the many good mates you left behind
  • thay keep building houses but there is still nothing to do, there is a population of nine thousand and nothing for them to do apart from drink in 6/7 pubs?
  • everthing
  • The whole knowing everyone.....I'm lucky that I am the first generation of my family born in lutterworth so there is no fear of me being related to anyone else, generations live on through lutterworth!
  • Kids who want to fight you after 3 pints.
  • The sign saying "you are now entering Lutterworth"
  • Paul Weston and his enormous wallet which was mainly used to make and keep friends during the school years upto 1988.
  • the schools and the library and the stupid traffic lights that get you run over and coventry road where i got ran over!!!
  • Horrific place, stupid people wearing terrible clothes, horrible pubs full of even stupider people, everything about your sorry little town stinks of shit. Thank god I have got out to Uni and a job in the City but you are all too stupid to work out where the exit to the dump is.
  • too many chemists
  • The way everyone knows each other, or at least each other's families and so on.
  • Admitting to people that Lutterworth is where you are from and trying to point out that Frank Whittle was a very famous publican,once.Always tell this to foreign birds because a)they don't care b)they don't care.
  • the sheer concentration of slappers and tossers that vacate this sad quagmire of depresion and depressives, still, lutterworth needs a mobile fuck up clinic set up preferably close to the shambles.
  • lack of things like a mcdonalds,any leading high street names would be nice you know like other towns have
  • The worst thing about Lutterworth is that there aren't any good one's, shame really. When I was growing up in Lutterworth there was enough to do. But once you reach eighteen, hmmmm, well you can go to the pub or?? you can go to the pub.
  • All the wankers which create this town, should be analysed for good/bad genes and terminated atthe deciders conclusion.
  • It's in a time warp, it's like Lutterworth is a piece of cheese, and someone has put one of those glass lid things over it to keep it fresh. That may work for cheese, unfortunately it's done nothing for Lutterworth or the people. Come on people of Lutterworth revolt, smash that lid off, do something NEW...
  • Drugs
  • Old woman who walks around town with her nose in the air and some guinea-pig on a lead.
  • Lutterworth mentality, all those kids who sink 6 pints of Export in Koggy's and then think they can take on the world. Very sad little boys.......
  • There really should be some form of entertainment for everybody aged between 17 and 40. There is nothing, no club, no late night venue, no cinema, no nothing, sort it out!
  • The lot that think that they are hard, but actually aren't.
  • SSS. The Secret Scrubber Squad. This is the seedier side of Lutterworth just off the Leicester Road. Steer clear, as skateboards and bikes have been known to go missing, and it's the home to second and worst chippy "Petes Fish Bar", with cold kebabs and seriously greasy chips.

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Last updated: 2008-04-30

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