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  • Now that Ronnie's has closed down, there's nowhere really since The Swan With Two Necks barely does it anymore, and The Snowgoose Live is long gone.
  • Cabin 5150
  • Snow Goose (where Preachers used to be)I think...
  • Townhouse, King Edward Street, have live music most Thursdays and Saturdays, from acoustic to rock bands.
  • i hate
  • Come on CubanKnights (Al') give the local talent a chance and some money....
  • Big bands are no longer playing at Cuban Knighst because of poor payments and bad management. Bands are starting to play and Angels.
  • Cuban Frights.
  • Cuban Knights is good if they only booked some different bands apart from teh usual Rock and Blues stuff. Nags Head since its refit puts bands on every Friday night, well worth checking out.
  • The cuba bar is semi decent.
  • Queens Hotel is putting on some wicked gigs
  • THE UNDERGROUND R.I.P. can not beleve it is going to be knocked down. every infamus club seems to end the same way. macc needs a band venue NOW
  • Bar Cuba of course The George is good too The Queen Hotel (for the punks)
  • Cuban Nights - check before you go, sometimes have very bad blondie tribute bands on etc, but 8 times out of 10 there are some beltin bands on.
  • cock inn
  • Bar Cuba on a thursday. I saw this band there once and the way i thought about music and life in general changed for good. Two words.. Roobix Cube. Jesus these guys were not only good, they were very good. Kris Keep on vocals, guitars, and generally an all round top bloke! check out
  • cuban knights not bad for student night on thurs local bands etc. the odd name but tends to be once in a blue moon.
  • cuba?
  • Cuban Knights - I am a bit bias as i am a bouncer there, but thursday nights are top! Loads of women and a wide variety of tunes from dance to rock, so everyone is catered for. No trouble as i throw those people out! Friday and saturday are only really decent nights if you like watching live bands. Also, it's one of the only places in Macc where we let people in after the gay 10:30 curfew. Stop letting in at 12, then open till 1 on thurs and 2am friday abd saturday.
  • the 'george'...
  • You get aload of local bans that are rly gonna make it big sum day! go 2manchester 4a taste of the macclesfiled music (proper music) scene!
  • bar cuba - home of 'alienesque' the greatest cover band to ever use sparklers on stage, thats what Titty McBollox said anyway!
  • Macc Leisure centre...what was it, the screaming beavers....?? never went, just remember thinking rude things when i saw the banner!! hey and did you know that Mr Eric Clapton when he was in the Yardbirds played in Macc...(useless trivia)
  • west park family fun day
  • Cuba, Nag's Head
  • Knights bar ( when he doesn't forget to have a licence ha ha dosy pillock)
  • West Park @ the family fun day .... usually have the screaming beavers there
  • The Underground (George Hotel) is easily the best music venue in town. New, upcoming and probably the best bands in macc -play here. Cuba has the best PA in macc, but that's about it... Knights bar sucks... They might as well book the same band, doing the same covers every night
  • The Underground
  • the underground for a fight and not much else.
  • Bar Cuba, Purgatory, Knights bar for Smellies
  • litten tree and yates's have occasional live bands on along with all the usual places, not going to comment on the quality. however, the amsterdam bar (under new management) do a phat live drum 'n' bass night 1 sat night a month which is worth going to if u like that sort of thing.
  • Music in Macclesfield?
  • That Bar, Samual Street, Macclesfield - great night to be had by all. Very relaxed atmosphere. R & B, soul etc played.
  • the underground the underground the underground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bar Cuba - just been refitted so it should be good as it's billing itself as a pre-tour venue for big name acts. Intimate.
  • cuba and the george
  • Knights bar Nags head
  • Bar Cuba - lots of sick hip-hop acts play Bar Cuba. In the past Jurassic5, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Koolio, Ozmatli have all played Bar Cuba at least once.
  • club cuba
  • George Hotel, where most of the Macc Bands started playing. Bate Hall and the Boarhound have well respected folk clubs Serious music happens at the Leisure Centre.
  • Nags Head is starting up putting bands on again. Jam night in there on Thursdays.

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