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BMX Trails, Street Spots
  • Urbis Central skakepark
  • There's some trails in Hulme.
  • i helped build the trails near jacksons boat years ago, recently went back to find them unrideable due to us being unable to maintain them over the years. If you go there take ya spades, shovels and barrows! Anyone know of any trails anywhere near withington? anyone know a good place to build some?
  • Some good BMX sessions have been going down at Platt Fields.
  • Jacksons boat - not jacksons bridge - is named after a pub near the jumps - near sale waterpark. not the best of areas to take your thousand pound bikes jumping.
  • jACKSONS BRIDGE? where exactly are the trails? and are they still there? i couldn't find anything cheers
  • next to warrington skatepark theres a new set of dirt jumps, looks sick but i dont bmx so wunt know.
  • Get out on the trans-pennine trail and between chorton and sale water park there is a bridge called jackobson's bridge, leading to a pub named jackobson's boat. Now, on the opposite side to the pub, before the bridge, there are a many trails running down to a great section of dirt jumps, banked curves and assorted fun.. And if you fancy getting off your toy and getting on a real bike then there's plenty of good mountain biking to be done if you follow the trans-pennine trail all the way along past withington. Lots of woods, pretty things and hills. Have fun -Kev

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