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Cheap Food
  • Me and a couple of mates went to Grazia italian restaurant over bank holiday, it was the best meal i have ever had. The place is lovely i didnt feel like i was in mansfield. Drinks are well cheap £1.85 for a glass of wine. we were well away. Food is resonable priced and taste so good ( ordered steak didnt need steak knife well impressed )
  • happy meal
  • bodrum kebab house! JC's webbos! birds nicks. loads ov places!
  • don't ever, go in mc donalds. ever. absolutely vile place, mainly down to it's *regulars*. safeway's got fairly nice sweets though.
  • yates do lovely food and its 2 4 1 can't be bad!
  • Maccy's, Bg, KFC
  • McDonalds and burger king r definately the best!
  • That "And Why Not" place is pretty posh and does some great food, and the owner is a really good bloke - ask him to sing!
  • That "And Why Not" place is pretty posh and does some great food, and the owner is a really good bloke - ask him to sing!
  • The best night out in mansfield has to be an italian on Bridge Street, it is called Romeo's, it is massive up staires with a wide veriety of good food, it is not too expensive but ill tell ya some thing they sell the best food in mansfield to make a booking the tel no is 01623 622940, the name is romeo's if you book early you can then enjoy the rest of the evening in the new bar round the corner i think it's called 52 north or some thing. Remember a meam in mansfield is called Romeo's
  • not mac-d's cos they sell shit swiss cottage is a wicked greasy spoon, where the food tastes great even if they all speed-smoke constantly, even in the kitchen. but who gives a shit when your'e coming down off a night on the powder and just need to come down with a big breakfast. i think they are all inter-related too, which is fun to try and guess who's sisters mothers brothers etc..
  • 2 mc dz, pizza hunt, kfc,burger king, wimpy
  • mc donalds burger king kfc N loadz more placez
  • Great Bistro in Edwinstowe Good Food, Good Company visit Thanks
  • a few indian restaurants n english ones aswell.
  • Mcdonalds we have 2..Pizza hut we have one...KFC we have one...Burger King we have one....what more do we need?
  • the only place i ever go is Subway because they do the best food and the drinks are 89p and it's free refills.
  • William iv in Mansfield old farming pub at one time landlord used to sire horses to the duke of portland in the center of the town is supposed to be an underground passage to wellbeck abby seat of the portlands
  • I never eat out in Mansfield. The best chinese is the Cantonese Kitchen on Peel Crescent. There's a centralised delivery service that operates on behalf of a lot of the takeaways on the outskirts of town, but the number escapes me. We have Domino's Pizza which is pricey, but ok. Pizza Hut, and Burger King have just recently moved in. There's a bunch of takeaways in the town centre which serve late night, but I can't really recommend them to you since I was hammered when I visited them. I'm sure they're wonderful when you're sober, but they're a million times better when you're pissed.
  • Micky D's (McDonalds to you lot)
  • would recommend that place near the post office, afficianodo's (somat like that) most other places are poor pub food.
  • The Red has had the best food for years - don't think there's anything up and coming to take it's No.1 slot yet. Perhaps Afficianado's but that's aimed at the fashionale types rather than the "lets all dig in and eat til we pop" tpes.
  • Andwhynot food is not extortionate !!! its proper gorgeous..... there every week!! hey microwaves...real nosh!
  • always end up in viking near the palais.
  • rhodes cafe on westgate, looks like they've stolen seats from the bus station and fitted them in. Chicago rock is a rip off, dont go, its not seperated from rest of bar so when u go for a meal its really loud and everyone can watch u eating. Its okay during the day though Good Luck chinese restaurant top of westgate is quite nice.
  • Loads of chinks, chippies and kebab shops around town but for fast food theres 2 mcdonalds, a new burger king and now even a pizza hut. Im sure theres a wimpy for something crap like that about 2.
  • Yates wine lodge does a nice scampy and chips, And Why Not is extremely extortionate and should be avoided.
  • Couple of excellent chineses and indians in town,also an excellent italian.efishinado's is quality.And the usual macdonalds,burger king,pizza hut,kfc and pub snap(2 for a fiver)
  • Usual macdonlds. Huxters pub has good food.
  • Chick-King, Lingforest Rd - best food in Mansfield. You can order pizzas & chicken etc by phoning 621794 or 621100 (after Mansfield code). Gangs hang out nearby so delivery is best bet
  • Several curry houses. Good chips from Dave's place chippy (with home delivery - a rarity for the region), also good chicken kebab meat and chips from the place up from the village. I don't know the name because i'm always too drunk to see when exiting the village.
  • Host of big supermarkets (Morrisons, Safeway, Tescos, etc), a few little sandwich type shops in the middle of town.
  • Numerous pubs

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