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  • waters edge
  • Looked after mont 2006 while ray and rita on thia hols.people great , pub great ,staff great.londoner myself,a real peggy mitchell and i loved the people in mex!!great to me.x
  • Ferry boat, George and Dragon, and the Masons all offer a good pint. Mexborough has no shortage of pubs, so its great for a basic lash up! RIP the Red Lion, a place where once upon a time you had only to have just entered puberty to be able to drink there....but great memories.
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  • Best pub i used to like when i was younger was corner pocket or corner bag as i used to call it had all regulars in and use to have a fab disco every friday night but they had to stop that because of idiots
  • Boy & Barrel, only pub in town with no windows! The Mont or Human zoo!
  • try the boy and barrel now days landlord bernie has been there 14 months pub looks great and the cheapest on the street barmaids are young and beautiful with just the right attitude,plus if you want a do it shuts sunday so you can hire the whole pub
  • The Angel
  • Most of the pubs in Mexborough catter for people who are dead ringers for Channel 4's 'SHAMELESS' - most pubs in Mexborough are watering holes full of people like the ones you will find on the Chatsworth estate's local 'The Jockey' featured in Shameless. All the drunks over 40 resemble Frank Gallagher too, which is not a bad thing really - as Frank is a top man! :o) The other pubs that are not in this section tend to be like 'The Grapes' in the BBC2 sitcom 'Early Doors' - the Landlords esp have the same carisma as Ken - not to mention the local police.. they really are just like 'Phil & Nige'. :o)
  • Most of the pubs in Mexborough catter for people who are dead ringers for Channel 4's 'SHAMELESS' - most pubs in Mexborough are watering holes full of people like the ones you will find on the Chatsworth estate's local 'The Jockey' featured in Shameless. All the drunks over 40 resemble Frank Gallagher too, which is not a bad thing really - as Frank is a top man! :o) The other pubs that are not in this section tend to be like 'The Grapes' in the BBC2 sitcom 'Early Doors' - the Landlords esp have the same carisma as Ken - not to mention the local police.. they really are just like 'Phil & Nige'. :o)
  • plant hotel is crap!
  • the red lion is the best pub in meccy now ragga n his mam have got it. Neil does a wicked karaoke, Donna, Vodka, nicki, kaz can all usually be found not far from a mike and you can hear them all the way down the street. If you want an inside of the pub check out the website
  • Falcon, good juke box but quiet and boring!!!!
  • too cool
  • Up swinny! Station and Swinton WMC aka "the bottom club" aka "the workers".
  • mont they serve the young ns
  • the busiest pubs are probably the masons and the pocket but there are some nice locals eq the sportsman on adwik road is ok doesnt get much talent in tho.
  • Remember the Dog Daisy when some kid called Lee Hamshaw's parents ran it. Boy, did they think they were something...
  • Speaking of pubs in mekkie, it's about time we had better pubs in mexborough coz the ones we have at the moment are absolutely shite!!!!, i mean there's no life at all or top totty.
  • Masons on a friday, its really good cause they have no choice but to serve underage drinkers because the barmaid is 16 :D
  • right let me put the record straight! the dog daisy is a decent pub now that chris and the nut case jane have left. saturday nite the dog daisy is the place to be if u enjoy a good singsong. stay away from the miners arms its gone down hill. the place to be is either the montague arms (u can laugh all night long at all the muppets) and the barrel aint bad either. the new masons arms is a good boozer too, with fantasic food through the day and excellent entertainment in the evening. so get out and try them out!!!!! happy drinking
  • the pubs at mexborough are not as bad as ppl make out. the mont is a top night with plenty happening. the dog daisy as been a lot better since chris and jane left. sue and bocker make saturday nights a brilliant night with top gun karaoke for entertainment. whoever says the bull is a shit night is lying. maybe its not as good as it used to be but still kicking.henry's bar is now shut cos that fat idle twat micky b couldnt be bothered. the star on harlington rd is ok if you r over 60...which im not. the best boozer at the mo is the barrell. with plenty of special overs on the beer, karaoke and disco on friday and saturday nights brought to you by wild bill or danny. mexborough as an all rounder aint bad
  • BOY AND BARREL, currently hostin, a bring your own homo night, usually when phil hits those bass notes, he pulls !
  • Plant hotel no longer a dump been taken over and has a complete new look
  • all full of townie wankers wanting 2 fight
  • avoid the overrated pastures you know the one where the landlord looks like barry chuckle and his baboon faced boy just got 5 years for drug smuggling,what a git
  • The Ferry Boat INN, Low Road Mexboro.
  • The Falcon is the best pub in Mexborough, across from Somerfields, Colin & Jenny are the salt of the earth, and do not stand for any trouble, if you want a quiet night out with peace of mind go there, but if your a thug with trouble in mind, can i recommend further up as i drink in the Falcon myself?
  • corner pocket is ok and i mean just ok!! all the rest. . . good if your out to grab a granny!!!
  • towny pubs galore, great if you are a towny not so great if youre not - like me
  • Mickey BS Only allowas over 18ts
  • Basement bar, come see for yourslef, 1 selected bottles
  • Boy & Barrell - Avoid like the plague.."the piano has a bandage on it's leg" Type-o-pub. Falcon - Friendly locals, nice place to take the missus.Sunday nights are best .Landlord needs a tickle-stick though.Unlike the landlady :)
  • The Star on Harlington Rd is OK. Likewise Dog Daisy (in the posh bit of town)
  • all the pubs kiss arse exept the boy and barrel so
  • The only pubs worth mentioning are The Ferry, a great boozer still even though its best days were in 96/97. The Lions kareoke is excellent still, Paul & Mandy still know how to keep the Revellers entertained - top people too. and the Sportsman.
  • Try the Miners Arms on Doncaster Road for a good Saturday night. Been no fighting in there for years!
  • The atha is the place to be but only on a friday nights , all the other nights are crap appart from its not too bad on the country and wester nights
  • If a good pint, absolutely NO TROUBLE (Due to the Landlord' and friendly regulars is what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with The Falcon! Coupled together with a cracking quiz night on Sunday including "Open The Box" and "Our Survey Says..." (2 seperate pots of 1000 are up for grabs at the mo'for Open The Box!!!) If all you're looking for is ignorant bar-staff, try The Boy & Barrel! :-P
  • The best pub in meccy is the dragon on church street
  • The best pub back in the good old days was the Albion Inn known locally as the Staff because the landlord Mr.Jones was from Staffordshire (I think). It was across the street from the Bull,s Head.
  • For those of you not sure of your sexual orientation why not try the Concertina Band Club on Dolcliffe Road. Their homebrewed Bengal Tiger is excellent and Allan behind the bar may look like a big soft pussycat but he's a tiger between the sheets.
  • Pastures lodge on the outskirts of town is a big ol pub with some tasy grub. It's also got the best totty in town behind the bar. The owner Geoff Salmon is a local celbrity and his hi-de-hi mate can often be seen propping up the bar with Denis Priestley, the darts player. Check it out.
  • I guess the George & Dragon is the only pub worth a mention !
  • Anyone with info on history of The Miners Arms Doncaster Road contact
  • the mont best place for atmosphere george and dragon best pint
  • Many pubs - not too many of them worth a mention, corner bag, george & dragon (but expensive!), ferry boat (used to be know as the 'fairy boat')etc.. etc.. forget the DOG DAISY & THE BULL - total tosh with terrible ale! ;-P
  • The George and Dragon is now serving John Smith's bitter again after an absence of about 7 or 8 years, YIPPEEEEEE!!! Oh and so is the Montagu Arms and the Roman
  • The Star (only one which serves Sam Smiths-the best natural laxative know to man), Sportsman, Dog Daisy (last time I was in there, someone lost at darts and returned with a chainsaw and cut the dartboard in half!!)
  • Mont, Red Lion, Bull, Masons, Miners
  • George & Dragon - Quiet and friendly. Quiz on a Thursday attracts all the locals with IQ's of 3 figures (all 20 of them) New Mason Arms - dodgy beer, karaoke, pool, grub, big screen sports, generally a good all-round pub. Ferryboat Inn - popular pub. the Mexborough creche resides in the back room most weeknights. Sportsman - Bunch of good-natured nutters here. Watch out for the Benners, prone to removing all their clothing and singing New York New York, I kid ye not, photo's pinned around the central bar provide ample and explicit evidence. Mexborough Athletic Club - top spot for those remaining in Mexborough on a Friday - most migrate to Doncaster, Rotherham, or Sheffield. Soul night provides a venue for all the local thirtysomething pot-heads. Occasional Rock'n'Roll night pulls 'em in too. Regular Country & Western (with real guns), plus all the local crap like Linedancing, Bingo etc. The landlords, Bill and Sharon, are your typical Yorkshire couple, and Zowie, the young local barmaid has so far disposed of 6 old men with dodgy tickers through use of her extensive wardrobe of see-through, shear, leather, net etc clothing.
  • The Red Lion Corner Pocket Swinton and Conisbrough are miles better

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