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Cheap Food
  • charcoal grill.   
  • For decent honest food (deli, baguettes etc) u cant beat Docky's in church square (round the corner from Natwest bank). Food is made fresh on the spot from the best local ingredients and tastes amazing! They do coffees and cake too, and the staff are super friendly.. u could also buy some of your shopping there too (local cheese, meat etcetc)   
  • midsomer norton savouries.... quite a big selection for such a tiny shop   
  • Norton is full of take aways. Chicago, Charcoal Grill (gave me food poisoning), Dominos, an Indian, a Chinese. There is always somewhere to get food. Although Arnold's Chippie is no longer around. :(   
  • Go buy stuff at dockys deli on the high street. yummmmm.   
  • Sunflowers or Chip shop mmmmmm!   
  • Chip Inn   
  • Rice and Spice (Monaf a lovely man)   
  • The Shapla Indian restaurant is fantastic at the top of the high street. Coombe End Fish and Chip Bar at Radstock also stunning.   
  • ???? Dont bother   
  • Charcoal takes ages!!!!!!   
  • good pizas. Don't buy charcol grill unless you wana be ill the next day.   
  • charcol grill, if your not scared of sperm tainted mayo + soggy chicken then bon apetit. Chicago - the owner appears to be an ex mafia boss   
  • the jazz cafe isthe best cafe try their chilli its t die for   
  • charcoal grill, but dont go there, the trevs might try and beat u up   
  • charcoal grill is a hole, i wouldn't eat from there if it was the last place on earth   
  • Vangeli's. Pizzas, kebabs, burgers and more and all absolutely lush.   
  • Riverside does wikked food!   
  • phoenix chinese is great, but junk boat is better.   
  • CHARCOAL GRILL where the shop gets its ass kicked every night by baseball bat bad boys   
  • The Shapla - to be honest the best Indian takeaway/resturant on the entire planet and one of the main reasons why Norton is so fantastic   
  • The Cheese cottage, Junk Boat Chinese, A good Indian where a drunk local once asked for "one o' thoase big crisp 'fings"   
  • Charcoal grill is new & I've never beeen in there but it looks like a cheapo, tacky version of McDonalds.   
  • There are loads of fish&chip shops, Indians, Curryhouses etc - good nosh after a night out!!   
  • Evergreen House is the yummiest chinese takeway ever!! It's on radstock road & it's the best!!!   
  • good after a nite on the piss!! the kebab vans outside moonjuice   
  • loads of takeaways, loads of variety, loads of food poisoning   
  • the Esso garage do a top selection of Ginsters and other such delights (Spicy Chicken Rolls being the most notable).   
  • Go to The Haynes in High Littleton (about 5 miles away, on the route to Bristol) for the best fish n' chips in the world. Various Chinese and Indian and other chippies around. Great filled rolls in dando stores also in High Littleton.   
  • Plenty of Pubs in surrounding villages, with excellent food; Station Inn (Hallatrow), Poachers Pocket, Vobster Inn, George Inn (Norton St. Phillip), Waldegrave (Chewton Mendip). Better choice in Bath. (French, Italian, etc).   
  • Vangelis' - Greek. Shapla - Balti. Junkboat - Chinese. All excellent.   

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