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Looking for Lee Savage by Tony McCready (Member 10316978) on 9-Nov-2017
We were best mates at Mildenhall Upper and after we left in 82. I moved away in 83 and lost contact. Be good to catch up.   
  • Re: Looking for Lee Savage by Girlofyourdreams (Member 10318647) on 18-Jan-2018
    Vote for Oprah Winfrey for President 2020.;
    Let's make Donald Trump a one term president. Get the Democrats back in office. Yes.

Riverside Middle School by Tony McCready (Member 10316978) on 6-Nov-2017
Wow! Just found out it's closed!   
Looking for Mathew Davis... by Neil Plummer (Member 10303730) on 1-Mar-2016
I am looking for an old friend...
Matthew (possibly) Davis, he used to live in Clare Close, Mildenhall. He has 2 older brothers, Pete & John and his parents names are Pete & Jean.

He will be around the dreaded age of 45 now and we were 'best friends' until I moved to London when I was 9 years old.

I always assumed our parents would keep in touch - they never did. I was told they may have mo... more >>
Very Big Longshot by susan payne (Member 10303584) on 22-Feb-2016
Hi, my name is susan payne, and i am trying to find anyone who knew my mother Jacqueline June Payne Born 1933 in Norwich,in 1951/52 she used to Date an Anerican Airman, and they used to go Dancing at the Sampson and Hercules in Tombland Norwich, Here's the Longshot!! he is my Father and i have no Name for Him, i was Born in 1952,my Mother woukd never tell his name to me, the only thing she ever to... more >>   
Robert Johnson (Mildenhall, Suffolk 1971-1973) by Myles mc Grath - de Marco (Member 10300077) on 23-Apr-2015
Hi all,

I'm searching for my father Robert Johnson, I'm not 100% of the name but my auntie says she believes is to be so.

My Mother’s name is Theresa McGrath, who was 20 years of age when she met my father. My father was stationed at Mildenhall during years 1971-1973, and is an African/American.
I was born in Au... more >>
Is your relative named on a war memorial locally? by Tony Pringle (Member 10299862) on 6-Apr-2015
I have researched most of the war memorials in the Newmarket area and presently I am working on Mildenhall, having done Beck Row and Kenny Hill. Not the easiest I have to say as in many cases I cannot sort out which family is which. Eventually I aim to give a booklet to the Town Clerk and Museum and also the files for a website. BUT first I need contact with anyone who has a relative on any of the... more >>   
Mildenhall escorts by Agency C.E.N.S (Member 10280092) on 12-Nov-2014
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Looking for my dad by alan (Member 10295661) on 10-Sep-2014
Hi. I'm looking for a Pat Coe. She was in the mildenhall area and knew my auntie sue. She also knew my dad but no one seems to know where she is. Thing is she has information about my dad that I need to find out weather he's dead or alive. I was told that he died of an overdose and was found in a field. This would be in the 70s between 74/77. His name was nigel not sure on his surname but I think... more >>   
Richard Flood by Nigel Thomas (Member 10080274) on 8-Jul-2014
Anybody know Richard, he had a brother Phillip, would like to get in touch. I think he moved to Brandon.   
Mildenhall Suffolk escort service 07956225796 by Exclusive (Member 10252824) on 1-May-2014
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RAF Mildenhall 1970 - HELP by Claire Bruce (Member 10287273) on 21-Jul-2013
I am trying to trace a US Serviceman named Larry who was based at Mildenhall in 1969/70. His surname sounds Italian possibly starting with a P. He was mates with Joe and they used to double date Jenny and Mandy from Westcliff on sea, Southend. Larry got married to a local girl in 1970 and returned to the States afterwards. If anyone can remember Larry's surname or any other details, I'd be really grateful.   
  • Re: RAF Mildenhall 1970 - HELP by Wayne Wallace 3rd (Member 10306475) on 13-Jul-2016
    I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall and RAF Feltwell from 1968 to 1970 as a Security Policeman. My roommates were Joeseh "Louie" Richardson and Larry Pantera. Larry was in fact my Best Man at my wedding to a girl from Cambridge in 1970. I have recently exchanged emails with him recently. Get in touch with me by email and I will share his contact information.

Old Friend by Tony Lee (Member 10286212) on 9-Jun-2013
I was at raf Mildenhall 1976-1978. I hung out at the Bird in Hand. I had a good friend there named Stuart Lyes. Had long ginger hair and cut grass on the base. Would be nice to hear from him if anyone knows him. I think he lived in Tuddenham   
  • Re: Old Friend by Stuart Lyes (Member 10292198) on 25-Mar-2014
    Hi Tony

    Stuart Lyes here. I'm still have long ginger hair. I live in Mildenhall, no longer cut grass.

  • Re: Old Friend by Tony Lee (Member 10286212) on 17-Apr-2014
    Wow! So Great to hear from you Stewart. I had almost quit checking to see if there was a reply. My email is Send me a email so we can keep in touch directly. Tony

  • Re: Old Friend by Sharon Swigart Pace (Member 10295715) on 12-Sep-2014
    Looking for Stewart Lyes...we were good friends and I lived in Lakenheath housing in 1984. We met at Riverside Hotel before we got our housing.
    I moved back to the states in '85 and lost touch.
    My email is ...hope all is well where ever you are...

  • Re: Old Friend by Tony Lee (Member 10286212) on 20-Mar-2015
    How 'bout you Stuart. I ain't heard nary a word from ya. Remember going to the Reading Festival back in '77. I laugh out loud when I think of that time. Really fond memory.

Wamil way by Jane degnan (Member 10283650) on 12-Mar-2013
Please could anyone tell me if there was ever a bakery in wamil way, thank you   
  • Re: Wamil way by James Mitchell (Member 10307111) on 11-Aug-2016
    I lived down the bottom of Queensway from when I was born in 1968 until 1986. Firstly I remember a shop on the corner opposite the pub. I vaguely remember getting cakes and sweets from it but was very young when it closed so I don't know if it was a specific bakery. Secondly I lived at 83 Queensway which was a bakery in the 1840's - the 20th century

RAF Mildenhall by James Whitehorn (Member 10263484) on 27-Aug-2012
I was stationed in Mildenhall 1968 thru 1971, I worked at the Passenger Terminal. I am looking for people that were there during that time and I am also looking for pictures of RAF Mildenhall. I lived in Birch Grove Caravan park of Folley Rd Mildenhall.   
  • Re: RAF Mildenhall by Claire Bruce (Member 10287273) on 21-Jul-2013
    I'm sorry I wasn't based there but wonder if you can help me. I am trying to trace a US Serviceman named Larry who was based at Mildenhall in 1969/70. He was mates with Joe and they used to double date Jenny and Mandy from Westcliff on sea, Southend. Larry got married to a local girl in 1970 and returned to the States afterwards. If anyone can remenber Larry's surname or any other details, I'd be really grateful.

Richard Reed Kevin Lizotte by Rebecca Finn (Member 10239450) on 4-Aug-2009
I am looking for the above two friends who were Military policemen on Mildenhall AF Base 1983 onwards, If anyone has any info or an e mail address for either I would be most grateful.
  • Re: Richard Reed Kevin Lizotte by Barbara Jungbauer (Member 10258062) on 16-Feb-2011
    There's a bunch of us looking for Reed. He was, obviously, important to a great many people.

    Susan Handcock, Tom Dyer, Kevin Lizotte and I are all looking for him.

    I do have contact information for Lizotte - I'll pass it along if you email me: knibblet at gmail dot com

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Trying to locate S Grantley by Amanda Parton (Member 10230612) on 17-Aug-2008
Hi I am trying to locate an old friend who was based in Mildenhall during the summer of 2004. His name was Shelden Grantley also known as Gee. We lost contact and would love to hear from him again. He was from Queens USA.   
Any info about David Clark by Pavel (Member 10221977) on 24-Feb-2008
I will be very grateful for any message about friends of us Mr.and Mrs. David and Val Clark.We visited them in 1998 and at that time they lived in Crundale,Manor Rd. Mildenhall.While years we have lost contacts and on old phone number they do not answer even on the letter sent on this address we did not get any answer.Thanks and you can use stright my address. Taich@quick. cz
Greetings from Czech rep.
Looking for Lorraine King/Barber/Hand by Dennis (Member 10219981) on 20-Jan-2008
Is there anyone that can help me find Lorraine King. She also went by Lorraine Barber (one name was from het stepfather stationed at Mildenhall or Lakenheath). Lorraine met an american guy named Brian Hand at the Lakenheath high school in the later 80's. Lorraine married Brian and moved to the states around 1990. The TV host "Ricky Lake" was unable to locate Lorraine in the mid 90's. Last I h... more >>   
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