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Hookup Spots
  • Starboard Milford Haven is da place to be
  • Town gardens opposite the town hall, great pokemon go hot spot
  • You want action? Milford has it in spades. Outside The Astoria on charles Street is where all the big dicks hang out. On any given Friday, Saturday or Sunday you will find knuckle-draggers of all ages fighting over putrid scraps from USA chicken, while trying to impress a couple of fresh faced ladies with WKD. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you will find the meaty man, the cat shagger AND other members of the sunday bullet club straddling the shit out of each other on the steps.
  • 2009, *Starboard, still open. *Kingsfuncation centre, closed. *Emmas no longer open- its a cellar for the nelson *5ams,Wallstreet,legends,debrets, closed it is a sign shop and headquaters for evolution experince. *Evolution Experance mostlt in haven hotel. *Circles- new and only place.
  • "Most people under 18 hang out at Project Milford in Fulke Street" Wrong, a very small minority of people use this.
  • The Docks, its Milford's Mecca pretty much. Close to Tesco's for food :D, a few good curbs there, 3 gaps. Just an all ruond good spot and its easy to find as its 10 ft away from the train station and Tesco's bus stop.
  • hubberston fort or the cottage by youth club in hakin they were the great old bonging days boyo the place to be back then...
  • the Rath
  • We used to go with our cheap bottle of sherry or 4 pack of castlemaine down the watergardens, was def the place to be, until the police came that was.........
  • down the woods! p.s look for phillis , shaun p's and sam l's names everywhere and i mean EVERYWHERE . well gud lol!
  • i usually find a bird by the end of the nite but as u may know there aint many of them so milford is a.k.a. beer googles town !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by brocky
  • OK Theres, The square, St Frances School feild. The back of the Meads in Priory Road, walk around the back and your sure to see some kids flying around on there nice (uhumph) bikes. We have Charles Street try and get there before midnight.
  • The legend that is the square. Great for a number of things 1)Getting a bite to eat 2) talking to the milford drop outs drinking their specky brew and 3) getting into a fight. Legendery
  • The cyber cafe is pretty cool they take you on trips like iron maiden and reading.
  • cyber cafe
  • We kick it every night and saturday afternoons, under the bridge in Hakin. Its the place to be with your board. bring it!!
  • The square on the weekend but not in the week cuz its just full of the drop outs which are now in there 30's and drink specy brew and hav dogs on string.
  • Under Hakin bridge is the new place for everyone wearing baggies and carrying a skateboard.
  • Outside Youth Club. The best is watching your trashed mate (Mark Powney) being loaded into an Ambulance with a split open head after downing 8 bottles of Diamond White and trying to get in using his head because he got turned away by security (if you can call it that).
  • ok. the rath...great place where kids are now banned from trying to drown their friends and sink their bikes! occasional police car running around with some lazy bloke trying to find someone to arrest Then theres the mount...just dont go there people! Unless u want to live, want your clothes attatched to u, want to keep ur wheels and if ur not a big fan of drugs and violence! the that still open?! who goes there anymore! Black Bridge...The definite place for a secret fag or five! out of site and right by anything flammable! Well fun!
  • The rope walk on friday ad saturday nights!
  • There is a fantastic NEW bowling alley down at the dockside now
  • it's got to be the chinese bus shelter
  • Most people under 18 hang out at Project Milford in Fulke Street(moved from The square, by the Kabab Shop)
  • Water Gardens, yeah it sucked and it was a great skateboard park when it was the empty outdoor pool but I lost count of the bottles of cider thrown up into those murky green waters. Great days Eddie, great days.... Hi Sims, Davey - u finished Dean's floor yet? Alan, might have known u'd b knocking abaht....
  • The hottest ticket in town USED to be the flat above Whichers in Charles St, no party finished until the shops opened the next day. Sadly I'm getting hitched and Anna's moved home so just the bats and rats party there now.
  • Outside Milford youth club, or at any of the local young farmers do's - attendance guarantees a snog!
  • The nature walk up goose pill used to be a good stroll late at night ripped to the tits on magic mushrooms
  • Charles Street is the towns busiest street, on friday evening there was a whole 5 people going into woolies.
  • The square is great for teaming up with the special brew drinkers, with their dogs on string.
  • Got to be the square at the end of Charles Street....only if you have a can of Special Brew and a dog though.
  • Project Milford....a brilliant new internet cafe for young people has been opened on the square, next to the kebab house. Mark and Naomi are really nice and you can go on the internet for hours... for free!!!
  • Remember the Moon and Sixpense? I worked there for a few years and enjoyed many a happy moment there. Meeting new friends ... of the opposite sex of course! Many a teen hung out therre on a weekend, playing the jukebox and eating Knickerbockerglories!
  • Hook-up at round midday on Saturday and Sunday (every day in holidays) at the Rath on the waterfront.
  • How about outside Woolworth's at 2pm on Saturdays. Always worked for me when I was a kid. Yeah... glam locations, excitement: Milford's got them all.

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