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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Paul McGuinan of Oasis lives in the Quaker cottages on the Ridgeway. Joe Kinnear Newcastle United Manager lives on Highwood Hill Mike Ashley Newcastle United owner lives on Totteridge Lane
  • Ex residents: Actress Tina Hobley from Coronation Street, James Bond songwriter Don Black (Millway), comedian Leslie Phillips (a long time ago), Mamma Mia producer Judy Craymer (parents still live in Mill Hill), TV personality Vanessa Feltz (both she and Judy Craymer went to Goodwyn School), TV shrink Dr Raj Persaud (went to St Martin's in Goodwyn Avenue), Elton John's piano teacher Helene Piena (possibly still lives in Mill Hill). Original Popstars band Hear'Say holed up in a Mill Hill "hideaway" (Uphill Road, I think) between winning the contest and releasing their first single. Rocker Billy Fury is buried in Mill Hill cemetery. Historical figures include Sir Stamford Raffles and William Wilberforce, the anti slavery campaigners.
  • Apparently the Oasis drummer lives on the Ridgeway. MC Viper lives in Mill Hill East.
  • Almost ALL your celebrities are spelt wrongly, This means they can't be searched on the internet, which is sad. Patrick Trouton should be TROUGHTON Terry Downs should be DOWNES Des O'Conner should be O'CONNOR The Ridgway should be RIDGEWAY Jo Bugner should be JOE Graham Dean should be DENE Hear Say should be HEAR/SAY (I think) Tottenham Hotspur trained at CHASE LODGE, not Copthall. Other famous ex-residents of Mill Hill: Patrick McGoohan (Danger Man), Ian Carmichael, Mickey Most, John Gregson, Graham Crowden (who still lives there); Frank Ifield ("I Remember You")
  • Graham Crowden from Calender Girls and Waiting for God fame. Pat Sharp borders of Totteridge and Mill Hill
  • 2 members of The Polecats - 1970s Rockabilly Band. Tim 'Polecat' Worman on vocals from Ellesmere Avenue. Phil Bloomberg on Slap-base from Highwood Hill.
  • Patrick Trouton(DrWho)lived in Mill Hill as did boxer Terry Downs, also Bruce Forsyth, Paul Nicholas (then known as Paul Dean and his group The Dreamers) and Des O'Conner lived in The Ridgway, Koo Stark was a regular visitor to Des's home, she only went to listen to his records, know what I mean, nudg nudg, wink wink. The Laing Family (Laings Construction) lived in Mill Hill
  • Jo Bugner (boxer), Graham Dean (Capital Radio DJ) & of course the Hear Say band members when they were in hiding. Also Paul Young lives between Mill Hill and Totteridge. Tottenham Hotspur Footballers used to train in Mill Hill at Copthall.

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