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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Paul Ferris owns Raffles cabs used to live in Netherfield
  • Paul Ferris owns Raffles cabs used to live in Netherfield
  • a cow that aint real
  • Ayden Callaghan who plays Mile De Souza in Emmerdale used to live in Winslow, cos my friend used to have a massive crush on him, and used to peeping tom him while he played football on the green.
  • Darren Gough, the famous ballroom dancer (oh yes, and cricketer as well)
  • Danny way the famous skate boarder lives in belthechey
  • I worked at Virgin Megastore for 3 years and served a few famous faces. Tony from Liberty X, Ian Beale, Jo Wiley, Claire Sweeny ( who bought her own CD), Gina from Corrie (sorry dont know her name) and someone else but i cant remember who!! hehe
  • A member of Blodwyn Pig lived opposite us once...errrm...
  • Diana doors used to have a house in Great Linford.
  • Chris Moyles used to live in Crownhill. He used to be the comedy compare at the Clock Inn for Comedy in Shenley Church End on Sundays many years ago as well as being a dj on the local Horizon Radio. A couple of members of East 17 used to be seen around the city centre as they dated some girls from Sir Frank Markhams and there used to be quite a few ex-members of Grange Hill around. Joe Brown and Dale Winton have eaten at PIzza Hut too.
  • Alishas Attic - the girls Dad is Brian Poole of the Tremeloes..
  • Darren Anderton (Spurs), Anders Limpar, (Arsenal), Dean Austin (Spurs), oh, and Goldie lives in Felden. There are loads of them, who wouldn't want to live in such a beautiful town with the convenience of London on the doorstep?
  • 1) GMTV's weathergirl Claire Nasir - comes from MK. 2) GMTV's Afghanistan war correspondent lives in MK. 3) The main actress from Carrie 2 was born in MK but was brought up in the USA from about the age of something like 3! 4) Great Linford Manor in Newport Pagnell is a top quality national recording studio, if your lucky you can catch the bands in the nearby pubs.
  • Ian Beale -- I served him trainers in the JD SPorts. He was quite sound actually. Jo Whiley -- she was extremely rude when i bumped into her in bar citrus. seen her there a few times. her husband has a quality mullet trhough.
  • Just wanted to include that yes, Alisha's Attic's dad Brian Poole is famous - he was the singer of the Tremeloes in the 60s. You've heard "Silence is golden". The Alisha's Attic official fanclub is also based in Milton Keynes.
  • Don Estelle has done many an appearence in Milton Keynes. You know that little bloke from Aint half hot mum.
  • David Tomlinson (Miss Poppins-blah) has sadly passed away. Scenes for the Fourth Protocol were shot in MK (Netherfield?) Kriss Akabusi actually lives in the Brickhills somewhere. I know that, because my son used to be in the same class as his daughter. Also, met him at a school fete. Nice 'happy' guy...
  • that bloke from inspector moorse and well matty from a new boyband called skandal but I wouldn't really call that famous as the single did enter the charts in the 70's and only tv he's done is Night Fever!
  • Ronan Keating definitely didn't buy a house in Aspley Guise - this was just a rumour that proved not to be true. Jim Marshall DOES live in Aspley Guise though. Kevin Wheatley of Inspector Morse fame lives in Woburn Sands. John Major's son did his M&S training at the CMK branch - he was definitely NOT the manager!
  • Somebody told me that John Akabusi lived nearby
  • Jez Strode (sp?) from Kajagoogoo lived next door to my Father-in-law in leughton Buzzard. Well, it's close. And sad (he even borrowed my F-I-L's lawnmower)
  • Jim Marshall - the legendary amplifiers are made in Bletchley, MIlton Keynes
  • Skunk Anansie have been to the recording studios in Great Linford Alisha's Attic grew up in Neath Hill and their parents still live here. I have heard that their Dad was famous once, I'm not sure who he was though. Oh yeah and Alisha's Attic were also seen shopping in CMK a couple of weeks ago. There is also a rumour going round that Ronan Keating has bought Aspley House in Aspley Guise which is a nearby village.
  • Cleo Laine !!
  • David Tomlinson - The guy who played the father in Mary Poppins, lives in Milton Keynes. He is now about 80, and shops in John Lewis and Safeway. I know because I worked in both.
  • Richard Whately, is that his name?
  • John Major's son was once the manager of the Marks & Spencers in CMK (or so I'm told)
  • Clem Curtis of the Foundations lives in Olney
  • Jamaroquai recorded their last two albums at the Manor in Gt Linford, and JK can often be seen with his hat.

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