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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • hudson bay used to be the best shop in minehead untill it both closed be replaced with another expensive clothes shop yet again lol
  • agogo should go go!! emma louise (cheap and nasty) needs to stop selling clothes that makes the people of minehead look like prostitutes and the men look like wannabe chavs.
  • no real clothes shops in minehead most shop online or travel to taunton where most tastes are catered for.
  • There are actually some quite nice clothes shops like Hudson bay, agogo (which is new) and trenz oh and new edition is ok all the shops are tiny though just like everything in minehead!
  • Age Concern, Dress yourself for a pound..
  • Emma louise Up to date fsion for cheap, Bliss up to date vasion but very expensive
  • The place is packed with cheap clothes shops, including 'top2toe' which has some wicked Hawiian shirts and dragon prints. Other than cheap stuff theres 'Chaos' the surf shop, prob the best shop in town along with 'Hudson Bay' another designer shop but everythings WAY too expensive!
  • Hudson Bay has got the best clothes and the best looking sales people!! but the old woman who follows you around in there really needs the sack!!
  • Top2toe - cheap clothes, some wicked blokes shirts in there with dragons and chinease symbols and hawiian shirts galore! Loads of cheap cheeky slogan girls tops too.
  • cancer research, british heart foundation red cross etc.
  • Afraid none of any note, except for functional or middle-aged stuff which can be bought at Mackays "department store" up at the top end of town (Park Street). Have to catch a bus to Taunton or have a day out with a nice mate with a car to Exeter.
  • The Warehouse shop, if it still exists. Europe's largest collection of broken toys and only slightly soiled oversized underware. Another hilariously crap arm of the Resplendent John Welsh Empire
  • Samarkand for Kangaroo Poo ,Quicksilver and Ethnic Gear
  • Excel
  • The 'Fashion'Factory ROFL - ah the days we spent in there trying on the clothes trying not to laugh! - Avoid this like the plague, you'll find better clothes in the YMCA shop up the road.
  • Minehead really is geared towards the geriatric market. however, Hudson Bay is pretty good if you like labels (Kikkers, Cat, etc...)
  • Stich In Time - Clothes repair shop,busted zip? Jeans need taking up? etc. 3a Irnham Road, Minehead. Eileen will do an excellent job at a good rate.

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Last updated: 2008-01-21

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