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Hookup Spots
  • mostly parks for kids,,,,, but i got to pubs and get bared.... shouldewr is the king at moment
  • We used to knock around in Knowl park, dont know if they still do but it used to be proper BO. Occasionally wed change our venue to Ings grove park, but that was normally when wed managed to persuade someone old enough to go in the shop and get the cider. Hello t the old crew if your reading, pelly, thorny, wez, malc, daz, and all the girls.
  • The redgra near MFG was a good spot for a bit of drinking
  • im a mirfield lad, i av been all my life, erm im stoned and i dont know what to say erm i love it, but theres no where to go cos its shit apart from the HQ(crisis)i went to mirfield free grammer and i have turned out a proper stoner it was the worst school in the world well thats myn excuse now wheres that refill.
  • A good hook-up spot for playing footy is at gilder hall field its great for a kick about with the lads. With three Goal posts there will always be a place tp play.
  • Used to be Greenside youth club but its shut now!! Crossley Park was good and also wellhouse Middle school but you had to run away from the caretaker!
  • The benches next to the town-hall (you know, where the grass is)... A great place to drink your bottle of cider after a quick healthy swim at the Dewsbury Sports Centre. If you have a car, you're guranteed to grab the attention of those 14 year old tarts.
  • Bus shelter in Lower Hopton, great place to hang out on those cold nights. Ingy (Ings Grove Park) right in the corner get yourself a bevvy and chim.
  • The swings in Knowl Park
  • Mirfield has many hook up spots, might have changed now its a while since i lived there, one of my most common spots was the bench in knowl park near the bunsh of trees..
  • the woods-4 fuckin!!!!!!
  • there is no descent hook up spots in mirfield, unless you are from castle hall and you would most likely say 'mirfield park is great to drink a bottle of whit lightening in the freezing cold. by the way mfg kicks ass over castlehall.
  • Go and sit on the bench on Crossley Lane overlooking Liversedge and Hecky- breathtaking!!
  • The park on Stocksbank Rd Rai stores on Old Bank Rd (near Pizza Carino)
  • It definately used to be the 'ARC' as we knew it then known to everyone else as busfayre cafe. We spent most of our Saturdays and evenings pouring money into 'lite a nudge' and' Deal em'. Another old haunt was the catwalk down Newgate
  • The bus shelter in the centre of mirfield.
  • The old brick toilet with no roof in the corner of the Rec. (It may have been knocked down by now) The garage access road between Westroyd Avenue and Pratt Lane. The newt pond behind the Parish Church. The old church tower (if you can still get in)
  • knowle Park. Its got some mint slides and swings
  • One that seems popular now for the under 16's is outside Sunnybank Garage and the off-license on Sunnybank Road
  • Also used to be underneath the canal bridge back in the wild and wonderful days when 2 unlimited ruled the charts!
  • The woods is a neat place to hang out if you like jumping mountain bikes and things. Also look outside the Oasis off lisence for all the lads on bikes!
  • Mirfield Park - near the cricket pavilion. Pre-club teenage fumbles fuelled with the stolen contents of Dad's cocktail cabinet.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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