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exotic meat by Trevor Wood (Member 10062991) on 20-Mar-2002
I am absolutely disgusted & horrified to learn that 'The Ship Inn' is to serve exotic meat such as zebra, kangaroo, ostrich, shark, red snapper fish & others. Some of these species are already in danger & the methods used to catch & kill them is both unhumane & environmentally unsound. I urge you to join me in boycotting this pub/restaurant & to write to the paper council, MP, animal welfar group... more >>   
  • Re: exotic meat by Robert Paltridge (Member 10085920) on 3-Dec-2003
    You really should get out more often! Zebra, kangaroo and ostrich are farmed in Asia specifically for human food chain purpose albeit they are all in over abundance naturally. I grant you that some species of shark are not that plentifull any longer although these are also the subject of commercial fish farming in central America and Mexico. Red Snapper is in abundance in the Caribean and Asia. Al... more >>

  • Re: exotic meat by Denise (Member 10116611) on 4-Feb-2004
    As a vegetarian, I am NOT offended by this pub's choice to offer so-called "exotic" meat. Eating this meat is no different to eating any other kind of meat. You either choose to eat meat, or you don't.

  • Re: exotic meat by Gena Fletcher (Member 10235394) on 15-Feb-2009
    I would never boycott the Ship. It served me my first illegal drink at age 14 - bacardi and coke - well before the days of ID!!!

    I haven't been to Mirfield for a couple of decades now, but thanks for reminding me of that great watering hole.

    Come on Mirfielders, this message board is under-used!! I want to know what you're all doing now. I live in South Wales for Christ's sake!! I need ne... more >>

BLACK TULIP/BANKFIELDS YC REUNION DEWSBURY by Joyce Hunter (Member 10062932) on 20-Mar-2002
Circa 1969 - 1974

April 20th is the date set, email me if you are interested and I will supply details of venue etc. If you cannot make it but would like to, then contact me anyway and I will post messages on the night for you.

  • Re: BLACK TULIP/BANKFIELDS YC REUNION DEWSBURY by Gena Fletcher (Member 10235394) on 15-Feb-2009
    Hi, a few years too late but I ran the Black Tulip for a short while in 1980/81. Is it still a haunt for truckers in the week? You people up there in Mirfield think it's the a***-end of the world, but I've been in South Wales for 3 years now and trust me, you're in paradise!!

    Love to hear from anyone EXCEPT KATH TANNER who knew the Tulip at that time or the Longbow/Wasps Nest in Mirfield wher... more >>

missing persons traced by ken mcintyre (Member 10035140) on 12-Mar-2002
Missing persons traced - cheap and friendly service.we will trace your missing friends and family and we don't charge you a penny until we have a succesfull result,for information please email us at mispers10@hotmail.com or telephone on 07949669801 remember it costs nothing to enquire. 24 hour answerphone service   
Looking for help by Caz (Member 10057529) on 30-Jan-2002
Hi, I was involved in a riding accident in April 1999 up by Scopsley Lane in Whitley. Two ladies walking past with their dog witnessed the accident, and I desperately need to get in touch with them. If you heard about this from a relative or friend, PLEASE could you get in touch? Thanks in advance.   
Please help by jason (Member 10056596) on 22-Jan-2002
Back on th 18th Nov 1970 (I think)My dad died in an accident at an old malt kiln at Lowlands, Mirfield. He was crushed when the roof fell on him I believe.I was'nt born until the following April and I knew nothing of him nor the incident until a few years ago.Does anyone know where this place in question is or was? I do know the owner of the disused building was an Arthur Burnett of Huddersfield r... more >>   
  • Re: Please help by Gary Overend (Member 10056738) on 23-Jan-2002
    There were sixteen maltsters in Mirfield. However, in 1970 only one maltster remained, JF and J Crowther Ltd, Station Road, Lowlands, Mirfield (next to the canal). In 1972 Crowthers were taken over by Bass, who produced ale malt exclusively for their own breweries. The maltings have now closed and have been demolished, a housing estate, (Granary Wharf), now stands where the maltings used to be.

  • Re: Please help by jason (Member 10056596) on 24-Jan-2002
    Thank you for that Gary.

  • Re: navigation tavern by jess (Member 10052956) on 26-Jan-2002
    does anyone know if the pub "the navigation tavern"next to the canal in station rd is still there if so who is the landlord . i used to work there many years ago.

  • Re: Please help by melvyn strelitze (Member 10067521) on 6-May-2002
    Re the collapse of the maltkiln. It was an old building situated behind the train sheds. It had its own little spur line and was either one single building at right angles to the main track or possible it was an L shaped building but my uncle Willie Green used to work there at the time of the collapse. I remembr hearing it had collapsed but didn't know anyone was killed.
    To see the site today you... more >>

  • Re: Please help by melvyn strelitze (Member 10067521) on 6-May-2002
    Re my previous reply. Maybe the kiln where my uncle worked was a separate accident or prehaps he'd moved to the one at Lowlands
    . Perhaps collapses were regular occurences in malt kilns. The maltkilns down station road were grim old stomne places and during the malting process wet and heavy malt was spread on the perforated floors to sprout for a few days. So possible the roof was weakened by da... more >>

  • Re: Please help by jason (Member 10056596) on 7-May-2002
    I have Melvyn, thank you. There were several pieces published at that time,but none of which gave the actual location. The building at the time of the accident wasn't a working maltkiln, it had been shut down(so one of these articles said)it goes on to say that my dad, who died, John Walshaw,was on that day removing scrap metal from the building when the roof gave way.

  • Re: Please help by melvyn strelitze (Member 10067521) on 9-May-2002
    I'm pretty sure my uncle was working in a working kiln when the collapse happened so perhaps the other one you mention was a separate incident. My mother will know and I will ask her in the next few days. If you're still interested please post a message.
    Incidentally it just occurs to me that my old school mate Peter Mellor was on the staff of the Bass maltings (he wore a white caot anyway... more >>

  • Re: Please help by Rob MacDonald (Member 10046476) on 14-Mar-2003
    The Navvy Tavvy (Navigation) is still there. I go to the quiz on Wednesdays sometimes. The land lord is Kevin I believe... I know they have a dog called Casper (and a beer named after him!) ;-)

  • Re: Please help by Gary Peacock (Member 10100480) on 11-Jan-2008
    I know some of the details about the incident it took place on demolition site of the old malt kiln on Trinity Street.

  • Re: Please help by davidsugden (Member 10262445) on 17-Jun-2011
    Was near mirfield railway station and remember it well

REFLEXOLOGY by lisa hannington (Member 10054725) on 6-Jan-2002
Are you in need of some pampering? If so why not treat yourself to a hand/foot reflexology session by a fully qualified reflexologist. Contact Lisa c/o lisareflex@yahoo.co.uk.   
  • Re: REFLEXOLOGY by tim stead (Member 10245314) on 4-Mar-2010
    why dont you register on mirfields own website just google wf14 and you will find it under franchisite

cox/hindle by jess (Member 10052956) on 5-Jan-2002
trying to find wren (married to andy hindle)and her children ...timothy,nichola and sacha cox.
they all lived at hopton mirfield, at one time andy owned the navigation tavern (next to the railway station). andy had two children, sarah and charles.
if anyone knows them please get in touch.
Old Friends by george wilson (Member 10022617) on 23-Dec-2001
I have tried on knowhere to contact Pat Lunn & Ann Blackie[ maiden names] who lived up Clifton Common near Brighouse and have had no luck, if anybody has any relations in Brighouse who know of my 2 friends please tell them George says hi & can contact me at yorkie.g@home.com   
Missing cycles by Tracey Thompson (Member 10051354) on 22-Nov-2001
Anyone know the where abouts of 3 bikes? Good condition, all 3 fairly new.Two adult bikes and one childs. Some kind hearted person decided to help themselves to my garden shed on monday night.They even came prepared with bolt cutters to cut through the 4 padlocks & steel cable!What a wonderful place Mirfield is, that's only the 4th time in 3 1/2 years.   
Wrigley ancestors from Mirfield by Penny Green (Member 10048731) on 3-Nov-2001
I am researching my family history and wonder if anyone has any info on the WRIGLEY family from Mirfield. My great grandfather George Wrigley was born in Mirfield in abt 1864. His father was Walter William Wrigley and I believe his father was Joseph.

George had two sisters, Louisa and Hannah (known as Annie) and a brother Joseph Horner Wrigley. Does anyone know anything about any of these pe... more >>
Newhouse & Howard families in Mirfield by Don Newhouse (Member 10043025) on 1-Sep-2001
I'm researching my ancestors in Mirfield and would be pleased to hear from anyone with any information about the following members of my family. Firstly, Matthew Newhouse. Married to Maria. He died in 1914 and is buried at Upper Hopton. In 1881 he was living at "Clough Terrace", which I think is 42 Waste Lane,Lower Hopton. Can anyone confirm this?
Matthew worked on the railway and I think he may ... more >>
  • Re: Newhouse & Howard families in Mirfield by John Mitchell (Member 10168869) on 9-Nov-2005
    I come from Upper Hopton and remember a Clough terrace there. Waste lane connects upper Hopton to Lower Hopton and has (or had) very few houses.

A long time ago....... by marlies walter (Member 10042498) on 28-Aug-2001
I lived in Mirfield until 1982 and went to Mirfield High School from 1978-1982. People then probably knew me as Marlies Reilly. Anyone out there who remembers me or others in my year? Best friends with Susan Bolton (also lost touch) and once "went out with" Tim Knaggs.   
  • Re: A long time ago....... by Ben Woolley (Member 10118343) on 26-Feb-2004
    I remember you just about, i used to knock about with you're brother Matthew. My name is Ben Woolley and i lived at 1 Water Royd Drive. I once broke my arm falling out of a tree in you're back garden, i was only 6 at the time.

  • Re: A long time ago....... by mick rayner (Member 10125705) on 2-Jun-2004
    you were always falling out of trees ben

mirfield grammar school 67-72 by shaun milner (Member 10038863) on 14-Aug-2001
all who travelled from lepton kirkburton areas via school bus where are you now   
  • Re: mirfield grammar school 67-72 by Gena Fletcher (Member 10235394) on 15-Feb-2009
    Are you the Shaun Miler who married Lorraine Carter? If so I was her bridesmaid at your wedding. What you doing now? Lost touch with Lorraine a long timeago but could still probably find her via my mother.

    Gena Fletcher

  • Re: mirfield grammar school 67-72 by shaun milner (Member 10080454) on 17-Jul-2011
    hi gena sorry for delay this site dont get used much are u on facebook

Verona Fathers by Aidan (Member 10039146) on 26-Jul-2001
Hi - I'd like to get in touch with any students of the (then) Verona Father's Seminary in Mirfield.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by melvyn strelitze (Member 10067521) on 6-May-2002
    I used to spend my spare time at the Verona Fathers when the brothers were bulding the place. The little farm was great and the gardens. I used to love eating the broken biscuit waste they got for the pigs.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Bede Mullen (Member 10090320) on 20-Feb-2003
    Hi, Aidan/Melvyn. Just came across your entries. I attanded the Verona Fathers seminary in Mirfield beteen 1964 and 1966. If you were there at the time please drop me an email


  • Re: Verona Fathers by bobby boyle (Member 10094669) on 23-Apr-2003
    Bede, I remember you, you were from Jarrow, my name is Robert (Bobby)Boyle, and we were in the same year at the seminary.I have been in touch with Liam gribben and some of the other guys, and they had a reuninon in Barrow in furness on Easter saturday,I wasn't able to attend.How are you, and do you remeber me?
    Regards Bobby.
    Email rboyle@uk.ibm.com

  • Re: Verona Fathers by martin millar (Member 10102541) on 4-Aug-2003
    I attended St Peter Claver College (now Verona House) from 1968 to 1972, in the company of tommy o'donnell, ambrose mulroy, eamonn crowe, dennis flanagan, to name but a few. I lost touch with all of my classmates some time back. I was pleased to discover the thread of messages on the noticeboard of the knowhere website and I recogised the name Liam Gribbin immediately, as one that struck fear into... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Steve Cooke (Member 10106454) on 29-Sep-2003
    I was at the Verona Fathers Seminary between 1962 and 1964 and would love to hear from anyone who was in class 2 and class 3 at the same time. I have quite a lot of photos which I took while I was there and could scan them and send them on. I have one photo of the whole of class 2 in 1962 where I wrote all the names on the back. I would like to hear from Sean Gleason if he is around. Could be Fr. ... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Steve Cooke (Member 10106454) on 29-Sep-2003
    Should have left my email address advice@aps-software.co.uk or stevecooke49@tiscali.co.uk

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Steve Cooke (Member 10106454) on 1-Jan-2004
    Photos 1962-1964
    Go to www.aps-software.co.uk and click on the bridge.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by gus mac pherson (Member 10113875) on 3-Jan-2004
    Martin Millar I remember you I'm sure. If you are a Scot and were on a retreat I went to once and then again at Mirfield. I think you were leaving as I was starting. I attended Mirfield 69-74ish and also knew the Flannagans but more Tommy, T o' D Ambrose (Ceasar), crazy Crowe and others like Eddie Bairstow, Brian Gardiner, Peter Roman, Kevins Degnan and Conelly, Frankie McCarron and many others. W... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by mark kennedy (Member 10114670) on 22-Jan-2004

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Andrew Routledge (Member 10107017) on 1-Apr-2004
    Hey, Spud (Mark Kennedy), Nice to see your peice on the notice board. Its Andy Routledge from here in sunny Israel. How are Ya? I remember all the other names on the Board too. Hi, Guys! I will be staying with Dev and Fr. Hicks in Sunningdale June - July time. Heard you are in London and have a business there. I definately want to see you. It's been too long.
    I'm an exec Chef at the moment in a b... more >>

  • Ambrose Mulroy by Andrew Routledge (Member 10107017) on 1-Apr-2004
    Hi Ambrose, This is Andrew Routledge who was with you at Mirfield. I was in the same class as Martin Devenish(who I'm in contact with), Paddy Burns, Mark Kennedy, Tony Rowe and all the rest.
    I Heard you import orange jiuce from Isreal! I worked in that business for at least 10 years. I would live to be in touch with you and to chat about Mirfield and The Citrus industry. I am at Gan Shmuel (Gan S... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers Gus Mc Pherson by Andrew Routledge (Member 10107017) on 9-Apr-2004
    Hi, Gus, Sorry that I left you out in my last messages. I of course remember you from Mirfield. What are you doing now? Were you on Prince of wales trips with us?

  • Gerry McLaughlin by Gerry McLaughlin (Member 10123355) on 27-Apr-2004
    I was there from 1964 to Easter 1967.

    My brother Mick was there from 1969 for about 4 years.

    If anyone wants to get in touch I'd be glad to hear fr... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Bobby Boyle (Member 10166069) on 10-Oct-2005
    Gerry, I had been in touch with some of the guys,but they only had my work email address.I've been off work sick since February 2005.So thats why I haven't been in touch....Robert Boyle

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Gerry McLaughlin (Member 10123355) on 14-Oct-2005
    Went to the 2005 reunion. Made a report of it on the FriendsReunited site. Managed to get a tour of the grounds. Email is gerrymclaughlin01@eircom.net for anyone that wants to get in touch. That's a zero one rather than an 'o' one after my name.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by martin baker (Member 10185024) on 29-Oct-2006
    My name is martin Baker
    I was at Mirfield in 1963/64.
    I have been in touch with gerry mc Gloughlin, who has told me of the reunions at Mirfield and I know there is one planned for April 2007.I would love to get in touch with the guys and catch up with things.
    Look forward to any news and info you can give me.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by charlie young (Member 10159728) on 3-Dec-2006
    re verona fathers reunion planned for april 2007,would be most grateful for any details/info ect,i was at St.Peter Claver from 71/73,be great to hear from anyone in that era thanks

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Frank Connell (Member 10201333) on 20-Jan-2007
    Hello Frank Connell here - I was at Mirfield with the verona Fathers from 1975 till 78 when Seamus and Stephen McDermott were jumping on the tables miming punk rock. Paddy Durkin and I were miming Grease. Jimmy Fearon was there, David Horne, Martin Watson, hell, the scousers got caught stealing , there were two of them and Father Clarke left followed by Father Wilkinson which soon led to a sudden ... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Angus MacMillan (Member 10230471) on 14-Aug-2008
    I attended the Verona Father's seminary at Stillington (pre Mirfield days) from 1957 to 1960. I left the year that the college moved from Stillington to Mirfield. I am interested to hear from anyone who was at Stillington around my time and who might have some old photographs. I was in the UK last month and went to Yorkshire and York, on a naustalgia trip, for the first time in 48 years. When I... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by sean.k.dooley@lineone.net (Member 10246315) on 31-Mar-2010
    Hi Guys
    my name is Sean Dooley I was at St Peter Claver's from 1964-69 and remember many of the names listed in these postings. Would love to get in touch if any one remembers me

  • Re: Verona Fathers by eamon crowe (Member 10253409) on 23-Oct-2010
    Hi Sean I remember you we are having another re-union contact me 0141 334 0766 or 07907533675or eamon . crowe@yahoo.com .EAmon.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by eamon crowe (Member 10253409) on 22-Jan-2011
    Re-union Glasgow 8th-9th April 2011 contact Mike Fieldhouse at avrilfieldhouse@googlemail.com or

    Eamon Crowe at eamon.crowe@yahoo.com.

  • Re: Verona Fathers by patrickcadell (Member 10258377) on 22-Feb-2011
    I was at Stillington from 1952 1956 four happy years but did not return because of ill health.FATHER COCCHI was rector then,there was also FR.VULVI,VALMAGGIA ,CEREA,ETC.i

  • Re: Verona Fathers by pat (Member 10260904) on 29-Apr-2011
    Hi Frank Connell, how are you,i was there at the same time as you and witnessed what you wrote about on the wall,do you remember thatyou visited me on your motorbike in Glasgow please get in touch trying to get a reunion with other people of the same time 07769555410.[i see that he posted on the wall in 2007 so if any one knows him then i would be greatful if you could pass this onto him God Bless

  • Re: Verona Fathers by Bernard Berrell (Member 10264958) on 4-Sep-2011
    my name is Bernard Berrell, and I read with interest some of the old names that I remember - Bede Mullen, Gerard Daniels, Eddie Bairstow, Dominic Timlin. Ambrose Mulloy, John Duffy. Would love to make contact to renew my past. I live in Australia with my wife and two children. My email address is berrell7@bigpond.com

  • Re: Verona Fathers by kevin deignan (Member 10265275) on 13-Sep-2011
    just to let all the old boys know that a new blog is runing that may be of interest Mirfield memories/childhood in the hands of the verona fathers,Have a look contibute or leave a comment.My conntact details are there .Ta Degs

  • Re: Verona Fathers by David Mahoney (Member 10266189) on 9-Oct-2011
    I was at The Verona fathers in Mirfield from 1965 till they asked me to leave in 1969. I can honestly say it was a fantastic time. I´ve still got photos but the names escape me. I remember Joe Mcgrath, who was in the same year as me. The Fathers Hicks and Cerea definately bring back memories. I was also in the choir for three years of which I also have fond memories. I left England when I wa... more >>

  • Re: Verona Fathers by eamon crowe (Member 10253409) on 23-Feb-2013
    Hi David,I remember you well. We are having a re-union on the week-end 5th-6th April 2013 in Mirfield
    we are meeting on friday the 5th at The Three Nuns at 7pm.Again at 11am on saturday morning on Slipper Lane at the back gate of the college for a tour and afterwards back to the three Nuns.It is the last re-union Mike Fieldhouse is organising so it may be the last chance to catch up the guys. Hop... more >>

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha fun on a stick by davie johnson (Member 10037285) on 12-Jul-2001
At last stoner Gatch has got his dope cartoon and rastagatch site up - check out http://www.geocities.com/halifaxgatch   
Elizabeth Turton (Billy) by louise flowers (Member 10006509) on 15-Jun-2001
Can anyone help? I'm am trying to track down my mate liz. She went to Wakefield girls high school(1985-1990), had 1 sister called Catherine and her dad was a solicitor, working in mirfield. I last had contact with her in '93. If anyone knows where she is please pass on my email. Thanks

louise flowers
  • Re: Louise Flowers by Liz Turton (Member 10165554) on 3-Oct-2005
    Hi Louise hope you still check this i only just found your message 4 years not too late i hope! i cant find your email on the site would love to hear from you

Mirfield High School in the late 80's????? by Andy Squires (Member 10035321) on 13-Jun-2001
Hi was anyone in the Year leaving the sixth Form in 1988 and remembers me?
Mr Fry walking on his hands and speaking Russian, Mr. Atkinson talking to himself and the blackboard, or the A level Biology trip to the Isle of Arran with Mr Johnson (is he still there?), where one of my freinds didn't go to the loo for the whole week!
  • Re: Mirfield High School in the late 80's????? by Rob MacDonald (Member 10046476) on 5-Oct-2001
    Hi Mate, I don't remember you as I went to Mirfield High School (now Mirfield Free Grammar) from 1992 to 1997 (inc' 6th form) I remember Mr johnston though (he looks remarkably like Bennie from Abba doesn't he! :)) I also went on a trip to Arran with him in 1995, it rocked! It convinced me to study Marine Biology which I did at Scarborough College from 1997 to 2000. Laters.

  • Re: Mirfield High School in the late 80's????? by rachel (Member 10231388) on 4-Sep-2008
    Hi there, I left Mirfield high school in 1987. It made me laugh when you mentioned Mr. Fry walking on his hands, I'd forgot all about that. I used to live at the off licence with my mum and sister( Sarah) on Old Bank Road. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

School Days by Hedley John Reid (Member 10035091) on 11-Jun-2001
Following on the thread of others, does anybody remember me. Hedley Reid, I was at Mirfield Modern from 1962-1965. I left the U K in December 1965 & have been living in South Australia since that time.Does anyone remember the teachers? Bland, Thorburn,Dormond,Colamosse,Haycock,Stead, Till & others I cannot remember.
Iwould love to hear from anyone who remembers the good old days.
  • Re: School Days by Gerald Fox (Member 10039477) on 31-Jul-2001
    Iwas at the Modern School from 1962-1964 before I moved to London at 13. I can't remember you though. Yes I remember the teachers you had. Mine were Johnnie Harford, Miss Gomersall and Rushton. When I was there Mr. Swift died of a tumor, Cooke was the boys gym teacher and Gomersall was the girls gym teacher. I was in a couple of school plays with Thorburn. I disappeared once in one of her dr... more >>

  • Re: School Days by Caz (Member 10057529) on 10-Feb-2002
    Yes, I remember both of you!! My name at the time was Stoja Blesic, I remember all the teachers that you mentioned, I was in Mr Swifts class, and he actually died of a brain heamorrage. Christine Thorburn has only recently retired. Do you remember Mr Kenyan, who still teaches at the school (and I thought he was ols when I was there!!) I saw Mr Heycock last a couple of years ago, and he didn't look... more >>

  • Re: School Days by stephen Hartley (Member 10056850) on 2-Mar-2002
    I can remember some of the names in your reply Sylvia Slocombe and Ingrid May. I have also made contact with Hedley Reid as a result of finding out the advantages of technology, new computer user as you might have guessed.I am now a soft Southerner and have been for many years its good to know this page is here to read and make me home sick for Mirfield. Last I knew of Sylvia many years ago she wa... more >>

  • Re: School Days by melvyn strelitze (Member 10067521) on 6-May-2002
    Hi Hedley
    I never knew youas I left in 62 but definitely remeber all the girls were nuts about Swivvie. Heycock still ALIVE! He looked like walking death when he lectured us about starting smoking back in 62. Thorburn went onto Castle Hall. Was Miss Rushton that very shapely young student teacher with hair in a bun? My mate Sam Clayton was nuts about her boobs.
    Johnnie Harford died a few years a... more >>

  • Re: School Days by Robert Paltridge (Member 10085920) on 26-Dec-2002
    Hi Headley Reid and hi Stephen Hartley! It's really good to hear the updates about past teachers from the school days. Does anybody know whatever happened to Timothy Clough, Graham Taylor and Nicholas Atkinson? I moved to London shortly after leaving school and then to the USA in 1971. Came back from the USA in 1984 and spent a few years in the UK and Europe. In 1994 I moved to China and later to ... more >>

  • Re: School Days by Hedley Reid (Member 10108300) on 24-Oct-2003
    Has anybody heard how the Blands are now, or Miss Thorburn, who used to live with them.
    I know that back in 87 they were all well but have not had any news of them for a while.
    Hello to all the class of 66ers.

  • Re: School Days by Janice Neale (now Shepherdson) (Member 10246217) on 29-Mar-2010
    Alive and kicking still is Mrs Whittaker. My "old" school chum Paddy McDonald and I went off to Ilkley on the train last week and she was on the platform at Mirfield Train Station, along with but separately, Catherine Parry. There are still a lot of us around Mirfield. Wish I had more news on other teachers but I have only seen Malcolm Kenyon in recent years.

  • Re: School Days by rose white (Member 10243056) on 27-Apr-2014
    Fancy meeting for a drink/coffee/meal at my place and chat and catch up?
    I live close to Sowerby Bridge railway station now so I can get to Mirfield or you could get here quite easy.

    I really do want to try get to Mirfield Show th... more >>

KINGS HEAD PUB, WATERROYD LANE by moi! (Member 10034129) on 30-May-2001
I am researching into the history of the above pub which was demolished in the late 1950's. Am interesting in locating any old photos (will pay for copies to be made) anyone may have, locating anyone who remembers drinking in there (can you describe the interior, for example). Perhaps someone has older relatives who still remember the pub, its landlord etc. Any old snips of information would be... more >>   
  • Re: KINGS HEAD PUB, WATERROYD LANE by melvyn strelitze (Member 10067521) on 6-May-2002
    Hi I remeber the pub still standing up to abouit 1960 but can't remember when it was demolished. Reporter mighthelp as there was some very old wallaper discovered during demolition.

Spending Your Money by Martyn Bolt (Member 10007117) on 8-May-2001
I saw the minutes of a recent Town Council meeting which recommends the Council spend 1,000 guineas (yes that's it!) to a wakefield based museum.

Considering the money is raied in mirfield and supposed to be for Mirfield are there any better causes it should have been spent on?

Any thoughts on the action taken?

  • Re: Spending Your Money by mark richardson (Member 10024616) on 10-May-2001
    Hi Martyn. Haven’t corresponded with you for a ‘ local election or two’. Good to see you back. Hope you are well. I am still visiting this site from time to time looking for articles of local interest.
    What’s the story here then?

  • Re: Spending Your Money by Martyn Bolt (Member 10007117) on 24-May-2001
    As I understand it, the Town Council, without investigating the accounts etc of a museum in Wakefield voted to give it a thousand guineas PLUS £1000 for transport.

    At a time when play areas in Mirfield are being condemned, the footpaths need repair, toilets have been closed I think the precept paid by Mirfield people for the privelidge of a Town Council should be spent in Mirfield and for Mirfield

  • Re: Spending Your Money by mark richardson (Member 10024616) on 10-Jun-2001
    I tend to agree but why would they do this?

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