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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Ernie Chambers, once a well-known cyclist, had a cycle shop in London Road near Figges Marsh.
  • Steve Brookstein who won the first XFactor lives in Mitcham (still).
  • Ken Barrington (Sandy Lane),Arthur McIntyre (Mitcham Park), Herbert Strudwick, Andy Sandham and Tom Richardson - all Surrey & England cricketers. John Rostill - Shadows 3rd bass player who electrocuted himself - lived in Baron Grove. Petula Clark lived in Riverside Drive, possibly Les Barrett (Fulham FC)as well. One of Galton & Simpson went to Mitcham Grammar. It was rumoured that Van Morrison lived in Madeira Road in his early "Them" days. Peter Osgood & David Webb started up the cafe in London Road which is now owned by Dennis Waterman's brother. 70s rock group Mud were all from around Mitcham - Rowan Road school, early gigs at Mitcham Rugby Club (brilliant).
  • Tom Hickland (5 hand reel). There used to be a guy called Edward that lived in the red flats who had a 3 month spell in Emmerdale as "aussie Joe" and who's girlfriend had a starring role in that modern benchmark of quality and integrity ..."Hollyoaks".. I think she played a good looking twenty something who was also a bit of a bitch!
  • John Rostill, bass guitarist of the Shadows circa 1965, lived in Baron Grove. He electrocuted himself (accidentally).
  • Petula Clark and Les Barrett (Fulham) both lived in Riverside Drive. One of Galton & Simpson went to Mitcham Grammar. England cricketer Ken Barrington lived up near Tooting & Mitcham, Arthur McIntyre (Surrey & England) in Mitcham Park. Peter Osgood had a share in a cafe on London Road. Windsor Davies and Ted Drake had spells as regulars in the Burn Bullock.
  • pop group MUD came from mitcham and used to play in a small club on a monday night called the romany
  • Les Gray, the lead singer from Mud ('Tiger Feet') used to live in Tamworth Lane. Des Kelly, journalist, sports columnist at Mail, Carol Vorderman's partner, used to be Deputy Editor at The Mirror, lived in Manor Way. Steve Brookstein, winner of X Factor, comes from Merton Park, Mitcham.
  • Otis from CBBC used to live in Mitcham I saw him
  • Not quite Mitcham. Merton. Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton. And further back, St. Thomas A'Becket was educated at Merton Abbey. Dennis Waterman's brother ran a cafe, or something, near the Cricketers.
  • ITV's "The Bill" is mainly filmed in Mitcham.
  • junior giscome- mama used to say slick rick - yes slick ric is from mitcham
  • Bros
  • John Dunne poet Horatio Nelson

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