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  • Hi all. Was really interested in your views about Montrose' pubs and clubs. I'm just new in Montrose and have visited most of the pubs mentioned. I am particularly interested in Busby's as I will be working there for a while and, hopefully, helping to make a lot of improvements especially with food and live music. I might even help get rid of the sticky floor - I know exactly what you mean :-). I wouldn't mind knowing what you would like to see happening there. Leave a message here or on our Facebook page. Gary
  • market arms, full o right roasters, was crackin place til owner let all the banned numpties back in again
  • Get along to the Black Abbot - looks well nice now been done up - relaxed atmosphere and great laugh.
  • steeplejacks has recently become the place to be, always busy on a saturday
  • Anchor Bar
  • Mostly lesbians behind the bar in Sharkeys, some are friendly, some just scowl no matter how polite you are to them!
  • Busby's is the most dire place i've come across. Hilarious for people watching though! You're always guarenteed to find Robin either depressed in a corner somewhere or shakin his booty on the dancefloor with some really ugly bird! And the barmaid with the blue hair...please wear a longer skirt, you really should be covered up!! Glad they got rid of that step though, always fell over that!
  • busbys, easily the best pub in town! fantastic regulars, good bands, good nights out,AMAZING bar staff! the best place to be in montrose any night of tyhe week. the owners a dick though
  • sharkys and busbys - a lot of schoolkidas seem to go there esp on a friday night. don't mess with the bouncers if you value your life, roos leap also excellent but a bit pricey!
  • Sharkeys= Gone downhill, now full of old men downstairs and orange girls upstairs (too long on the sunbeds ladies). Busbys is not too bad once in a while can get very busy with oldies in leather. Market is full of tinks, Vaults seems to be a hangout for uglies and Ash is cool although the smoking ban is no good for me.
  • Got to be the Hillside Hotel. Great croud drink in there. You're always in danger of being robbed on the pool table by some of the young lads though!!!
  • The old favorites, Of course, The MARket, (not had a redecorate for about 25 years), Also The Neppy is good for a laugh, The Abbot is nice and also the vaults until slick rick and eddie decided to go wild after the celtic game and get banned... CAVEMEN... mj
  • STAR STAR STAR OH THE WONDERFUL your back there might be a killer in on the loose in there!
  • Elaine Beattie is the best thing that ever happened to sharkey's!
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no but really hahahahahahahaha
  • if you want to dance ....... star
  • Busbys= dump for the middle agers. Sharkeys is alright despite letting in a younger crowd and complete wa*nk*rs. Most pubs in Montrose full of slappers, boobs out and willing to go home with anyone.
  • Most are complete dumps, Sharkeys is ok but has started letting in the kids too. Usually full of the pre-links crowd.
  • The Duke of Montrose= Montrose's very own Tapas bar, so called because every time I go in there somebody tries to tap us
  • Pub with the most potential in montrose is the market, but they are to stupid to realise this.
  • albert- bra for under agers
  • Busby's is a dump and full of the scum of Montrose, Sharkeys attracts the crowd who think they're cool but aren't and the rest of the pubs are full of scanky old women and fat old men.
  • The Lochys 70's style lounge is the place to be on a Sunday afternoon. Big Dell Wellingtons ramblings about the state of womans tennis are top quality
  • Oh busbys, what has happened? Tell Mr G that to make money you have to spend money! Your selfish and out dated! What is with that wall??? Got a "Dundee Gadge" feel to it, c'mon!!! Its got potential to be what it use to, stop being such a tight ass and show sharky's their nothing special. Sharkys is doin it all the way, cares what the customers want, isnt that the point after all? And got fit barstaff! The market is nice just got a load of w**k**s for regulars. And dont get me started on the star!
  • Sharkys is the place to be know, every friday, sat, wed and now other nights. its always bloady packed from half ten to half twelve! Busbys after all these years have finally made an effort to decorate. but good old scrooge McPaul has only splashed out on a back of a lorry paint job and a lamanated murial paited by a five year old from new work subway station!!! The futile attemp to keep the craphole busy has only resulted in the useless managers hiring pretty barmaids... Its one saving grace.
  • The Lochy's 70's lounge is the place to be 4 a Sunday afternoon bender. You get the added bonus of getting to listen to Big Dell Wellingtons ramblings about the sorry state of womens tennis!
  • Sharky's is fast becoming a cross between Central Perk and the Blue Oyster club
  • Dodgee Bill Pirie at the Albert Bar will always try and rip you off with anything(Always count your change) He lets his dogs sit on the seats and when the wedding crowd come in for a quick nip between things they sit on the seats Winston the drooling dog has drooled on all day every day.He's also in cahoots with the bandit man ,thats the reason he can go on holiday 4 times a year.He serves Rapists(not proven ones)and lets them play in his pool team the just doesn't have any morales unless he can sell them AVOID THE ALBERT LIKE THE PLAGUE!!
  • Hiler is a great place to be, godd food, drink and rooms!!
  • The Hiller has a great beer garden, it actually has grass ect unlike the s***e at the Black abbot!!
  • Sharkeys is about the only decent place to go but has now started to let in the 16 year old posse, why? Are we not safe from drunk kids anywhere! Also watch your boyfriends, the girls in montrose do not care if guys are taken they see it as more of a challenge especially the tinks with kids who think the're gorgeous - go home and look after your kids.
  • The Black Abbot is quality pub! Many a character can be seen there!! Bands on most weekends and good all round atmosphere! Bar Maids are doss, good laugh, owner is superb. Bar far the busiest and best pub in the town-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!
  • sharkeys has finally got an attmosphere with a lot of live music and a much improved 1st floor. when will busbys get out of its eighties time warp?
  • the albert bar great place you can leave your dog there while you go on holiday fo two weeks. It is dogs paradise. The owner what a guy if you want to know anything about anyone just ask him. No wonder he gets called greedy bill. Do not play the bandit it is rigged so it does not payout
  • No matter how crap Busbys is its the place to be. Also when you get in there you will never get out. No..... not because its that good, but because your feet will stick to the floor. Also watch you dont get banned cos the manager is a ........
  • Hiiler is good, Black abbott is excellent, Lochy is crap and boring,Northern Vaults is the best pub in town, closely followed by the Black horse, golfys a good place too,Arch is terrible stuck in a time warp,Star- looks good on inside till you clock the clientele and leave almosr immediately after, Albert was once excellent now like a nursery- and the landlord is anything but a cheery man although the landlady is a fine enough woman,market is shockingly bad only burberry wearing neds go there,Annies/steeplejacks not too bad just too small,Sharkys is nice looking but is lacking a bit in atmosphere, busbys is the opposite of sharkys plenty of atmosphere it just looks mingin,Neppy pretty good, Caley nice enough some weird regulars though, Anchor fine place just too far away from everything,Sally- not great,nelsons is ok once in a while and finally ferryden is a hellhole, oh and so is the duke!
  • Busbys! Its a bonnie place.
  • To YOung for them.Try Links
  • Royal Arch has a lot of good barmaids who you can have a good laugh with but I would suggest that if you are feeling low not to go there. For the simple reason that you may encounter certain "people" that will make you feel unwelcome when you ask for a drink. You may be served but with no please no thank you just served fullstop.
  • The black abbot is the best pub in montrose, especially since they got the beer garden built. They have dominated the pool league over the last few years probably because the wonderful atmisphere on a thursday night and the very exciting bar staff, which are usually standing at the end of the bar playing cards with the local alkies.
  • Hillside Pub is good as long as you dont want to enjoy yourself i.e. if you like live music..The man will get the police to you!!
  • THE ROYAL OF MONTROSE GOLF CLUB!!!!!!!!IS GREAT YOU GET CHEAP DRINK!!!!!but the bar man he is lazy (Gavin Stark)!!!good place to visit
  • Billy Pirie's pub is realy tiny and for getting free drinks from him no chance not even when pissed
  • The Golf Inn have a good share of nutters in the bar on Sat/Sun so does Sunnyside.
  • "Dodgee" Bill Pirie as his bandit supplier calls him has never served a free round in his life it would break his heart and also Linda his wife would leave him again!
  • The Albert bar serves a decent pint of Tennants lager but watch out for the crisps as there usually out of date,there is also a happy hour that "Dodgee" Bill Pirie forgets to tell his clientele all about(1.50 a pint)from 8 to 9 some nights of the week!!The pool room has been recently done up and guess what the price has gone up as well to 50p a game(rip off)
  • No change in the Golf Inn still the same old faces
  • The Cally pub has a new owner that should have remained a mechanic but even they got him removed.
  • Hillside hotel has great food a good new bar pool table for those jrunkes some nights they even have a karaoke by Lucas Baillie
  • Hiller is superb - what a place to meet totty!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Happy hour at the Albert bar - 2 a cocktail!
  • The Hiller is the place to meet your future spouse, Some great looking drinkers in there.
  • The Arch is a dump,i strongly advise you not to go there.The outside decor is peeling,the inside-unclean,old and unhygienic.If you want a quality place to have a drink,i suggest the Albert.It has a great atmosphere-and probably the best cocktails.
  • Sharky's is not as good as it used to be and Sharpy should shave his buffon. Bring back the quizzes!! Bev the lez looks like Phil Taylor
  • Busby's seems to be the place on a sunday night, all the other pubs are dead. There's always loads a talent in the hiller especially the barmaids and the two regulars. Vaults,Blacky are worth a visit.
  • The Hiller has finally got a revamp, and about time to. Looking very stillish like the owners, it offers a good night with good crack and entertainment from the local alckies, and there's plenty of them.
  • Northern Vaults is the best place in the town. Some of the quips from Magnus are first class, a right good mix of all ages and a really fine boozer! They have now got a MASSIVE screen for the footy and plenty seats. Sharky's is fast turning in to The Star, get rid of the 'disco' on a Sat night, get rid of the bandits, quiz machines etc (At least they got Tennents Lager now!) Black Abbot now got a Beer Garden, local musician and carpet layer (furry side up) Jim Reid opened it, now there is a man that likes a guid scoop!
  • the star also knowen as star wars 'cause all the tubes rolling around the floor most weekends . all the women are real hingots and all has more than its own share of mutants running round giving you the eye.(usually the one right in the middle of thier heed).
  • Bobs Bar out the Brechin road is great. The Albert makes this place look classy!
  • At last the Market Arms has had a lick of paint, we will miss the breathing black bin-bag on the wall...... Happiness is the Albert Bar - cocktails, cigars, dogs, cheery landlord (and fat regulars)
  • Fond memories of the Market Arms - the original one, that is. Sixties Montrose was the place to be.
  • The Albert Bar in New Wynd, has the cheapest Hamlet cigars in town including the supermarkets,what more could you want on a cold winters eve, than a nice cigar served from a cheerie landlord.
  • um nowhere decent, the albert bar is consistently full of underagers. They dont even care.
  • The Albert Bar in New Wynd is notorious among the local populace for Billy Pirie's friendly welcome to patrons old and new. Free drinks are often served by this generous ex-Arbroath FC footballer.
  • Busby's looks like a shitty early 80s timewarp gaff with its grid iron pennants and a fenced-off dancefloor which looks like (and is often used as) a boxing ring, however they serve a good cold pint and there is often a good atmosphere. So if your not a ponce and you like a good knees-up this is the place to go.
  • 11pm curfew no longer exists!!!! Hurray!!!!!
  • The Star has just been done up and is now very smart indeed.
  • most of the pubs in the town are just shite. not one has any charm or character. the original look of the pubs was mostly destroyed by unsympathetic redecoration years ago and the current crop of landlords seem happy to let them decline even further. full marks, however, must go to the northern vaults and sharkey's for attempting to create some kind of style. the rest; especially steeplejacks, the star and busbys; are a complete abomination.
  • Where do I begin. There are loads but they are mostly full of old men with their dogs.
  • Sharkey's= nice decor and popular with couples in 20s and 30s. Busby's= awful, full of kids playing pool. Northern Vaults= recently redeveloped but far too clean. Market Arms= boring pub in centre of high street. The rest of the boozers are really just full of old men and desperate alkies.

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