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Cheap Food
  • Wellbeloved Butcher's shop at the bottom of Tanners Hill may not be cheap, but he is THE BEST butcher you will ever meet. Remember that his meat does not shrink on cooking so if it seems pricey per pound / kilo it's really not. The taste is just amazing and your body will start laughing after eating the beef, this is no joke.
  • Dos Tias Tapas Bar at 37 Deptford Bridge near the DLR.020 8469 8114. Good food at decent prices.Opens 7days a week and does breakfast at the weekends. Also has great coffee and homemade cakes. very yummy.
  • FN Kebab, Uncle Wrinkle (for chinese), Cummin Up (for carribean).
  • Lack of decent restaurants above the chinese take away in a metal container variety. Go to Greenwich.
  • the new cross inn, is now called bar alchemy, and has an extensive tapas and mains menu (from razor clams to red snapper with a mango salsa) also we have sunday roast with a live jazz session from 2-4 and we serve food till 9pm every day, check it out regards johnny the manager
  • Monsoon is groovy - apparently Chris Tarrant loves their chicken tikka masala. Also great is G Saray for kebabs and chicken wings. However, best is the Thailand restaurant - amazing seafood and not that expensive considering the quality. Plus the staff are very sweet.
  • Hong Kong City!! Where the crown and anchor used to be, amazing chinese food!!
  • New Cross is the place for hungry people we boast err like 15 fast food shops which i bet beats the crap outta ur one Mc Donalds ehh yeahhh
  • The Family Fish Bar on New Cross Road, just after the one system comes down Besson Street, serves arguably the best traditional fish and chips in London. In fact its better than ones I went to by the seaside recently. And its not just me, I was talking to people at the bus stop and they were regulars too. The staff are friendly, if quiet, the premises are reassuring clean and they have one of those ancient mechanical tills!
  • Taste of Raj on the New Cross Road is superb. The best curry house I've ever been to, bar none. And practically free.
  • Southern Fried Chicken on Lewisham Way.
  • The Walpole pub does a great Thai food cuisine.
  • Heather's in Macmillan street, a very good veggie restaurant, eat as much as you like from a constantly replenished buffet for a fixed price.Book on the weekend, eat out in the garden.
  • New Cross is awful for decent food for the most part. Aside from the Balti House, Thailand, and That Turkish Place, you're stuck with the likes of Morely's, greasy caff's and a million kebab shops. Not exactly the place for haute cuisine.
  • Kaya House is killer noodle place. And more. Pots stickers are rad. Fried aubergine is too. 37 Deptford Broadway. (0181 692 1749)
  • Thailand, opposite Goldsmith's College, good but small and not so cheap.
  • Gems Cafe on the one way system, is well worth a visit: GOOD FOOD, low prices, great friendly staff.
  • Noodle King has moved into a former Gay pub on Deptford Broadway. There's a Thai Restaurant in the Birds Nest Pub on Deptford Church St. A new Chinese restaurant on the High Street and a row of late nigh take-away pizzas and kebabs places. We lost one of the chip shops, when it exploded in november 1998 - gas leak - no one killed.

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