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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • All the above venues do live bands and have djs playing alternatie rock, indie old funk,on different nights
  • Saturday 27/10 - "SOUTH EATS LONDON at The Deptford Arms, 52 Deptford High Street, Deptford BR/Deptford Bridge DLR: Another new party to blow your neon socks off. Bands, buns, bingo and balloons! New club fun happening around newx and deptford, you should come along!
  • Live Bar
  • I always thought that we should reclaim the New Cross Gate toilets (beautiful victorian underground ones in the middle of the road) and turn them into a club, that'd be the shit (that's lingo for really great kids!).
  • Salsa club every Tuesday at the Deptford Live bar. Near to residents of New Cross, Greenwich, Lewisham, Charlton, Blackheath and South East London generally.
  • dont go to the walpole, its rubbish.
  • the numbers are getting smaller - the goldsmths tavern is decidely average, with sports tv in the background when you're skanking, rocking or grooving...HUH!?
  • Hatcham Social Club.BESTEST PLACE. Punk at the x, funk at the x, battle of the bands. Where do i start. Sometimes strict on age but hey.....YOUR PART OF THE BAND.... cough.
  • Venue of course, wouldn't touch it with a big stick. Goldsmiths College Union has some great nights that attract very good djs on Fridays such as the Plumps, Goldie, Adam F, Dj Vadim and Norman Jay plus local Breaks and Drum and Bass Djs. Very cheap drinks and good looking art students, can't beat it. (Wendesday nights are legendary too). Bubblegum on Deptford Broadway is great. Typical New Cross place, very underground nights range from Acid House to cheesy disco to drum and bass.
  • Goldsmith's Tavern - a friend of friend says it reminds him of the bar from Star Wars, but it's still cheap, damned good fun, surprisingly friendly and has some excellent ska on a Friday night.
  • There's the Venue which plays host to all kinds of tribute bands and St*rs In Their Own Arse losers.
  • the jessica thomas club night, offers a range of alternative music - giving competition to all the nu-metal pap that's being churned out of late. tuesday night, goldsmiths tavern, 4 quid in.
  • The Venue - South London's famous little club. If you're into pulling 16 year old girls in mini-skirts, and listening to cover bands play the best of Elton John, The Beatles and maybe if you're lucky the Manics or the Smiths - then you're all set. No trainers, though and expect heavy competition from the lads.

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Last updated: 2008-02-19

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