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  • The pubs used to be great, but it's all gone wrong now.
  • The Monty (Montague Arms) is world famous & DEFINATELY worth a visit. Don't expect Stan to be nice to anyone though, that's not the point.
  • Montague Arms and Marquis of Granby, both excellent and very good fun. Tavern is gone to shit don't even think about it, plus you probably won't get in. New Cross Inn is good for after hours drinking. Basically different licesncing laws in this part of London.
  • The Walpole - good Thai food but can be hard to find a table in this crowded clubby bar.
  • The good ol Goldsmiths Tavern has now closed for re-furbishment. The new decor will obviously not please everyone but after a huge police raid last week it really was the only way to go. The GREAT thing is that we will still be having live bands at the weekends and may even exend our late licence until 4 or 5. It's a shame that the New Cross Inn don't use live bands and the music only seems to cater for a few styles of music, they do have great security now which makes us all feel safe.
  • The royal archer reins high in my estimation
  • the New Cross Inn rules - good beats / beer / prices / chicks / staff / late licence = good times. check it out, come down prop up the bar and nod yer heed.
  • Alas The Goldsmiths Tavern (see also goings on listed under Deptford)is to close for lengthy and not before time refurbishment with effect from sometime in the summer of 2002 until who knows when. Fetish events there have been transferred to various other locations except to The River Thames where the annual SM Fetish Thames Boat Party Late night Cruise been banned by The Thames River Authorities in 2002 as it was judged to be bringing The River into "disrepute".(Someone stuck their bottom out a porthole as it floated past Yuppie HQ Canary Wharf?)
  • Marquis of Granby manages to steer the narrow path between being so packed with students you can't get in (Hobgoblin/Rose) and full of dodgy shaven-headed local blokes doing deals in the bogs (won't mention which pubs but there are many of them).Also at least it has people in it, in most pubs round here the only mid-week clientele are 3 or 4 sad middle-aged blokes and the barmaid's boyfriend.
  • To let you know that the cross inn has had a re-vamp, and is now better than ever, a costly sound system, new decor and a fresher crowd will hopefull make an eventful nightspot..also the resident DJ is pretty good.. check out 'where the wild things are' every thusrday from 10 for jazz,funk,hip-hop,breaks etc
  • Hobgoblin
  • Goldsmiths tavern - Good for a stabbing or a puking plastic punk. New Cross Inn - Good for an ego testical jam. Walpole - Good for food and breathing smoke and listening to the neglected children of the alcoholic. Amersham Arms - Good for bumping into all the other alcoholics.
  • Hi just to update some of the infor you have about New Cross. The Rose Inn has had a dramatic and much needed renovation and is now a Hob Goblin pub. It has a large well used beer garden with live jazz in the summer. The pub is very popular with students from nearby Goldsmiths University and gets quite busy on a Friday night. But the highlight has to be the excellent Thai food - really good value at less than a fiver for a curry and rice.
  • The Marquis of Granby - smack between the A2 and Lewisham Way - it's a traditional irish pub filled to the rafters with a strange assortment of Goldsmiths Students and interesting locals. Good beer on tap as well. Watch for the guy with the little dog. He's awesome. The Rose Inn - across the street from the New Cross Gate tube station. A very nice, comfy type bar with a nice comfy beer selection and nice comfy people. The Rosemary Branch - up a bit from Goldsmiths College on Lewisham Way. Very popular with studenty types. A decent ale selection and a nice outdoor area for when the weather gets warmer. The Amersham Arms - across the street from New Cross Tube on the A2. The bar itself is decent. Nothing special - although it reminds me a lot of the ol' Vic in Eastenders. Decent beer, footie and food. Live bands occasionally as well. The treat is it's offshoot - The Gig. Hosted by CCR - they've played host to some excellent breakbeat, drum & bass and techno nights. Thursday's are usually best with dj lineups and sometimes live performances from people like Andrea Parker and the Psychonauts. The Goldsmiths Tavern a.k.a. GMT - across the street from the Venue and almost exactly between New Cross and New Cross Gate stations. Any pub which is covered in band flyers and has its marquee spray painted on with the words: GMT Lager+Daleks, is OK in my book. A favourite haunt run by ex-travellers - it features plenty o'beer, punk nights, ska nights, live bands and wickedly fun techno nights on Wednesday & Thursdays. If you remember the acid house revolution of 1988 or were ever a fan of the Exploited (or both!) then do we have the place for you! (Gets extremely crowded on weekends) The Paradise Bar - A2 towards Deptford Although it's usually 3 or 4 to get in - it's got a great selection of music, an interesting mix of students and locals and a pretty decent beer selection. Also - lots of room to dance, practice aerobics or have a boardroom meeting without spilling your pint all over yourself. Nice!
  • The Cross Inn has an excellant house band on Thursday nights, and is open till 2:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday, although i think last admission is at 12.
  • The former "Crusty" Pub - the Dew Drop Inn at Fordham Park is now Gay. The one thing Deptford isn't short of is pubs. Contrary to popular rumour most of them will be quite friendly and the ones that aren't aren't far from the ones that are so check them out.

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