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The Best Things
  • The 131 bus route is cool. How exactly it passes though the 'worst parts of South West London' I don't quite know. I would have thought that Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Motpsur Park and New Malden were nice enough. And as for no one getting on after Raynes Park, I lived in Motspur Park and got the 131 to school in Wimbledon and the shops in Kingston, as did my mum and everyone who lived around us.
  • bentall centre and rotunda
  • The River Thames. Tons of shops, although Bentalls isn't that great. There's a plethora of smaller, boutique shops in the narrow streets. Lots of places to eat out. Good, new buses (24 hr). Near to London.
  • nothing is great really. its great to visit for max of 5 hours to shop a little and have a drink by the river, but infact living here is v dull. The best thing is going away to visit friends. um, on the plus side there r somke good looking people here
  • all the clubs, bars and pubs
  • In the summer New Malden is completely desolate. All the pikeys go to kingston, so its good for might skating. Doesn't work this time of year though. If it snows this year go to the hill near Kingston gate in richmond park for the goddamn best toboggin run ever! Wheels off skateboards everyone!
  • AFC Wimbledon
  • the hot chicks out on a saturday and friday night.
  • Proximity to London. Great fun on Saturdays freak spotting.
  • kingston is happy,simple with a feel of history and it has almost everything you could want from a town.
  • The river and views across to Bushey Park are really nice esp. on summer evenings, Kingston is almost surrounded by parkland there's loads of open space. There are many decent public ammenities and the the town centre has shops for every possible need or want (incl. John Lewis!) Also, the people are really friendly and there is a brilliant atmosphere esp. around Christmas (it's December now and the town is really lively). Even though Kingston is a suburb, it has loads of that brilliant London red-brick architecture, and the town isn't too family-orientated like Croydon or Sutton so there are fewer kids around!
  • kids in pubs and options
  • Richmond Park, the river-side.
  • Kingston's a good mix of an excellent town centre, great night life and places to relax like Canbury Gardens or Richmond Park.
  • large and varied selection of charity shops.
  • Wonderful to drink by the river in the summer, like a cheaper and more accessable Richmond.
  • Parks and walks by the river.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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