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  • The Works is AMAZING!!!!! The best club I have EVER been to, and its local for me (in there most weeks). Wednesday and Friday nights are brilliant... cheap booze all night on Weds, and it is an Ibiza style foam is really good for most of the night; Laser, lights, etc all amazing! On Fridays booze is cheap for most of the night, and if you like Old Skool music and anything cheesy (...and like torturing your ear drums with increadibly loud music) then the 'cheese room' upstairs is the place to head for... and there is the INCREADIBLY FIT DJ LADY BEX!!! As for atmosphere, always mellow and relaxed, never seen a fight or any trouble in there, and I normally spend 6 hours in there when I go. Oh, forgot to mention, you get cool freebies like whistles and glow sticks...well they amuse me! As for Oceana... nice inside with seperate little bars, 70s style flashing disco floor and the ball room looks nice, but thats IT! Drinks are FAR too expensive, atmosphere is bad (lots of fights), crap DJs and music, sound system is poor. Whenever I have been there I have always ended up looking at my watch waiting for the evening to end... never happened in the Works. Haven't been to McCluskies yet, heard it is more of a Pub with a dance floor, but I wouldn't take that as the Gospel-truth. No one has yet mentioned Reflex... this is a little place on the London Road. Not been there yet, heard it is THE Gay Bar of the area; might stick to the Works :-s
  • To the person who said about the Works - "how can you not go there..." the fact you mentioned So Solid Boys go there sums it up. Good if you want to get involved in a gun fight. Chav, pikey rubbish, sums up what's wrong with this country.
  • Oceana, The Works, McCluskeys - they all play the same chart and cheesy shit EVERY FUCKING NIGHT. Oceana is particularly sad because all the way during their minorly half decent 'dance' bit of the night (i use the word dance in the loosest sense), the djs are constantly reminding everyone that the r'n'b shite will be on in '5 minutes' so all the wanker rude boy twats don't get all upset. If you have any respect for music then don't go out in Kingston. the only night that even comes close to good music is Sundays at Barcadia, good funky house but crowd is a bit-too-cool-for-school.
  • routunda bar is good, tthe tunn, works nightclub is a classic and oceanas(no underaged at all)
  • Oceana and McCluskys are the best Clubs to go if you enjoy a fun night out. However, if you fancy getted grouped, baregd by rude boys, getting stabbed, shot or abused possibly raped go to the Works! It seems to be the 'in thing' there!
  • oceana is good, for newcomers. althugh if youve lived here for some time you will find you get sick of it as you go every week. some nights at bacchus r good.
  • BACCHAUS UNION STREET, - Small but perfectly formed! Tuesday nights Drum&Bass, for details.
  • went to the works for the first time on saturday nite and had wicked time. place is huge, good music. Only bad thign is drinx. far too expensive, 9.00 for a double vodka and red bull??????????? go to weatherspoons pubs before going clubbing as much cheaper
  • Oceana - cheesy name, great club. Big student night on 25th March - Judge Jules, Graham Gold, etc, all big names. Best spot to spend your Thursday night.
  • New 'superclub' Oceana is a townie nightmare. Don't believe the hype. Bacchus, which is kinda near the market, is good for a laugh, no dress code, fairly relaxed people, small dingy basemnet club. Be warned: Wednesday is metal night
  • Bar Evisa(spelling?)brings a welcome freshness to Kingston clubbing. Nice people,nice staff. But then what are we comparing it to!!
  • oceana!
  • The works. liv it up.
  • The clubs in Kingston are diabolical!! too big, terrible music with DJ's that insist on talking (if I want to listed to the radio I'd stay at home), full of drunken twats up for a fight, and what's with this crazy shoes and slacks fetish. That went out with the ark!! As if it will keep the twats away, they can buy them on the nearest market stall!! Someone wake up and open a decent club so all those with a bit of musical savvie can enjoy ourselves. And no Baccus is not the answer,..a shit hole literally swiming in beer and fag ash (I can see why they don't turn the lights on!!). Nine times out of ten the music is something only a coke head could love, and they do!!, and the beer is deli belly waiting to happen (do they ever clean their pipes!). So there you have it, cheesey pop club hell or grungy coke head cavern. The black hole of clubs Kingston remains!!
  • The Works is the only place to be seen in Kingston.. Where you can rub shoulders with Sexy tv stars to Sexy Footballs.. So what are you waiting for?
  • I would like to say the Works is actually super cool....i go there evry week and have a wicked time....there's a avriety of music, loads of people and some not too bad guys if you have a look around...and Bradley form S Club goes there as well as So Solid can you NOT go?!
  • Options is da place 2 go if u wanna hav a gr8 time....NOT!!!!!!!
  • Oi! The works is quality. Trust us when we say it's the easiest place to pull cheap slags. Getting head in the downstairs toilets is wicked. Go there!!!!! Fuck the bouncers though!!! They are CUNTS!!!!
  • They are all shit. Better of going into central London (and I don't mean Leicester Sq!!)
  • The Works- what a great place, have had many a great night there!!!!
  • the bouncers at McCluskeys are the BIGGEST TWATS IN THE UNIVERSE. they threw me out for putting on a cap, and when i complained to the bouncers on the door, they dragged me into some room, held me down and threatened to burn me in the tenderest of places. never go there - the place is shit anyway
  • Mccluskeys - SHIT, nothing but low-life that go there, wannabe rude boys, the music is quite shite and you get the same old regulars that go there every week coz they have nothing to do with their sad, sad lives!
  • The Works, The Works, The Works!!! Not Volts. Its the Works now and it is the best place in Kingston by a mile! you wanna pull, its the place to be. You wanna get hammered and dance, its the place to be. If you wanna fight, you'll find one here. I couldn't live without this place!
  • The Works in Kingston is anal. Contrary to popular belief there are no easy tarts in there dying for a shag from every ugly bloke that walks in. In fact it seems to be a local lesbian hotspot... The bouncers are thick dicks... If you are female and thinking of going there ask for extra millan on your drink for a special surprise!!!! Or if you are male, asking them to go easy on the mayo has remarkable results!! Options tends to be shitter. mostly.
  • McCluskey's, play's Cheesy Music and you don't have to wait long for a drink as long as you like Budweiser. If you don't Pull in this place on a Friday or Saturday, U R GAY. The added bonus is that if you have a Membership Card you don't have to que for 1 hour to get in.
  • I never go to clubs in Kingston as the long queues of braindead Gary-a-likes are pretty off-putting.
  • The Works is a townie kevvy commercialised rude boy shithole. Oh yeah... To the bouncers at Mcluskeys... FUCK YOU DICKS
  • never go to Options/McCluskys/the Works as they are the lowest common denominator of club. The Lounge and Baccus are worth going to.
  • Volts is now The Works - some say it's great, others say it's sh*t. Bacchus is probably the best place around - NO TEEIEBOPPERS and a varied range of music played
  • The Infinity Catherine is a great club, but pretty small and hard to find. Their resident DJs are DJ Prunedog (hard house) and DJ Krell (Drum n Bass). Also hosts parties by the legendary Never Go Traffic Light Records.
  • Options (crap), Volts (crapper)
  • The Lounge is really nice, but a little small. Volts is better than Options, just. Unless 14 year old teeny- boppers are your thing.
  • There are three main clubs in Kingston, these are Options, Volts and McClusky's. They are all pretty much the same in terms of music and atmosphere, though Volts is bigger than the other two and is more modern.
  • New nightclub... Volts. Management have stated that it's not a meat market. B***sh*t! Student nights, smart nights (over 21s. ie 16 year olds can probably get in!), and over 25s nights. Mainly chart music with a bit of hard house, jungle and happy hardcore.
  • Options and No4 in Kingston have to be two of the most horrible places i have ever been to. Volts is only slightly better, and if youre female and even marginally attractive youll get molested at all three. Bacchus is ok if you like that sort of thing, Best club, through lack of competition is the lounge, free for students on tuesdays. For decent clubs the N9 to London is a lifesaver

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