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Hookup Spots
  • kingston park
  • Usually anywhere as people in Kingston have no manners or respect for private property.
  • outside kingston college
  • the bench by the thames in canbury gardens i know there are many but ppl no the one
  • lots....bental centre, john lewis! and if yr thinkin y? its coz u can lie on all da comfey sofas then get kicked out its kinda fun;-) ! m....starbucks-yummy!;-) check out the frappachinos they r so yummy!!! (its not coffee its like crushed ice/smoothie but in reali yummy flavours!) NO DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GOIN 2 MACDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHAV CENTRAL 2 SAY DA LEAST!!!!!!!! IM CHAVAFOBIC!!!BABABABABABIMCHAVINIT!!!!! AND IF YR THICK ENOUGH 2 THINK Y SHOULDN'T I GO 2 MACDONALDS HERES Y:- -u get thilthy dirty looks in every direction u look 4rom all da chavvy ppl -obivously u get FAT!!! -revoltin food -if u want 2 get summin cheap then go 2 food street at da top of bentals AND THERES LOADSA HOT BOYS!!!!! -CHAV CENTRAL!! OBIOUSLY - VERY ROUGH DOGEY PPL - U GET SERVED LIKE A PIECE OF SHITE OFF SUM1'S SHOE IF U DON'T LOOK LIKE A CHAV INSTAED U LOOK ''POSH'' LIKE ME!!! ;-) another good place 2 hang out is da skate parc just b4 the bridge check out all the hot guys!!!! also at da top of da bental centre iTs called food street its gr8 if yr starving!! or just want 2 grab a bite. it has all da different types of food u can imagine!! which is heaven 4 me!!!:-) ;-)
  • well theres the two graveyards, the routunda, games room and of corse cambery gardens!!!! On the bench outside games room too.
  • If you wish to avoid white super ice lighting dragon star guzzling drunks, "old kaleidoscoponians", people that can barely speak for the foam around their mouths and dirty, untethered dogs... then may I suggest that you avoid that once pleasant oasis in Kingston known as the Fairfield. It is full of these people. But be warned they have been known to emigrate towards the sheltered entrance to the cattlemarket car park in certain weather conditions. So if you are in the vicinity, with your car parked at the cattle market, and the weather starts to turn... run. Or you'll be caught up in a movement of burgeoning junkies resembling an exodus of the underclass as they attempt to remain dry.
  • outside mcdonalds by the 71 bus stop.
  • st georges square and round the back of the malden centre. Robin
  • Canbury gardens, home of many dropouts. More cheap alcohol and "illegal substance" has been consumed here than any other place in the borough. Back in the day, sometimes like, there'd be 150 people descending on the bandstand and getting entirely ratted. Don't go in less than a group of twenty, cos someone WILL try and jack you. Still, expect to have to fend off the marauding hordes. You will see a few old faces, like ging sam, stoner, adam, will, possibly crag, maybe V, ocasionnly bfc is there. Always go round the back of the boaters for the public lavs. If you want to be left alone, walk down the river for ten minutes and find a cotch there. There are so many stories, ask anyone. Otherwise, outside legends is the microgrunja hangout. Best plan is to find a stonerhouse. There are loads, and they are pretty much open door. Bring green for entry.
  • THe side entrance of the Bentall Centre. Teenage trendies dominate the main entrance.
  • The station seems very popular.
  • the telephone boxes...who knew they would be that dirty on top?
  • Richmond Park... Ok, not really a hook up spot as I was old enough to go to pubs at the time, but a great place for building an enormous forest-threatening bonfire and empire size herbal cigarettes with your mates. Occasional wierdos - we were once approached by a group of four naked men with home made cider in old petrol cartons - apparently they just liked the feeling of air blowing through their hair. Con - not a good place to get paranoid, many strange sounds in the dark, and also not a good place to be during deer culling season.
  • The station is a good place to meet all the local drunks and insane people.
  • Countless brats lean over railings in Bentalls centre.
  • one of the two graveyards - sounds ominous I know but in the centre of Kingston really the only places you're able to just hang around.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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