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  • The Black guy dressed in a Cycling helmet and Pads near Argos. The incredibly rude 30 year old kids that work in Computer Exchange. I bet they love BMX's and Comics. They dream of being kids in America in the 70's I think. The A Team is not cool nor are your T-shirts - but you guys must love them.
  • Annoying big issue woman outside Waitrose (and sometimes Sainsburys) in Surbiton
  • by marks and sparks theres always sum kinda entertainer that has a huge crowd around it but if yr lucky wen i went i got free hair stuff!! massases and massas of free stuff!!!! :-) my spellin is crap as u may av noticed
  • apparantly some guys set fire to the black midget street entertainer and threw him off a bridge
  • On the High street to the Bentalls there is an amusing juggling/singing midget.
  • WEE MAN hes brilliant...a little 3foot black guy who does stunts like kicking himself in the head...and other things...worht a watch
  • that african 'little person' ouside oasis, nr the bentall centre. rarely does much apart form stand there whilst shoppers stare waiting for something to happen, but i saw him dancing the other day to a sexy song, he was slightly bent over and rolling his neck back, hilarious!
  • Moses - a complete twat that everybody laughs at. Although apparently hes got a very dangerous brother - so I abstain
  • There used to be a regular busker who was this whistling blind guy. It is mean to say, but he was rather funny as he whistled out of tune ^__^ [Yes, I DID give him some money! I'm not that mean!! _;] I haven't seen him in a while now though... :_: ~Midori
  • Panpipes guys! They totally rock, plus they've got a CD out! Theres also a new guy who does Gypsy Kings style music who's pretty good.
  • big "tissue" men, um a guy wiv no legs, an old paedo type down by andreas of kingston hair and beauty (richmond road, quality hairdressers! u shud try em theyre v good!), the sexy men in the mediterranean who come out on fag breaks and talk to u and inivte theyre 40 yr old mates 2 join u both.
  • david the man who is obsessed with the buses a.k.a dusty winshield man, he has a red face, is a bit chubby and slightly mental. look out for his wierd ass brother who chased me home from school once. Also look out for Mr crazy legs and Mr crazy eyes , the two wierd korean men with crazy body parts in new malden high street. Robin
  • I can think of two people at least in Kingston: 1) Moses. That black dude who dresses up in a top hat and tails and hangs around Kingston/New Malden. 2) Asda Bag Lady. The old lady in the purple jacket who wanders around Kingston with an Asda shopping bag containing god-knows-what. One time she walked into the middle of the road outside Virgin Megastore in Kingston, and started swinging the bag between her legs. Honest.
  • Ah, we have some fuckin excellent wanderers. There is the crazy irish guy with the violin whose eyes dont point in the right direction, the blind guy that whistles by the bentalls centre. But, most importantly is Moses. He dresses up in different stuff each day, like full boxers kit, scuba diving clothes, top hat and suit. He has dreadies, and although he may seem crazy at first, stop and have a chat, he's great. I know some people go in specially to visit him and share a schmoke.
  • Moses crazy guy with dreadlocks always dresses in fancy dress from day to day come times hes a golfer then a horse rider!
  • Fuckin' PANPIPES!
  • Hey, that couple who always sing motown classics, Elton John anthems and the like, were on that Michael Barrimore show where people had to name tunes and stuff.
  • The resident peruvian band (as seen on "the fast show") that play outside the bentalls centre are apparently called "Cats have Teeth"!!
  • The Peruvian band on The Fast Show were modelled on the one in Kingston.
  • Kingston has a lot of buskers and street entertainers. There is a young couple though who often grace Kingston with their singing, and they really are good.
  • Lots. I'm gonna steal all the balloon guys ballons

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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