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  • What's wrong with Minor's? I love the Welsh.
  • Kings Tun is crap especially on friday nights as it's absolutely packed and people younger than me do not get IDed and I do?! No where to sit...have to stand and get bashed about by pub perves.
  • tunn
  • If you want Cheap - Kings Tun....if you want music....Litten tree......!!
  • There really are so many to choose from its perfect for a good crawl along the river
  • Bar Cadia is nice, serves good food in the week, good bar staff, but it might be a bit 'wine-bar' for some tastes. Avoid on the Thurs/Fri/Sat night due to Oceana overspill.
  • The Canbury Arms in Canbury Park road is really good . Really friendly staff and always a good augh - you should see the size of the landlords dog it's huge
  • the King's MUST be avoided on Friday and Satrday nights in particular! Or avoid it any night in general. Great during the day though. The Hogshead is an alternative.
  • The kings tun- what a classy joint!! But go in with a group of mates and have a laugh. There are loads of people there, and cheap drinks SORTED!!
  • The gray horse in kingston has great band nights,especially if you happen to know someone in the band. avoid The Peel unless you want to get into a fight.
  • Newt & Ferret - great food & cheap too. Takes ages, but is worth the wait. I've taken about 80 people there without a single complaint. It even has a pool table & they don't lock up the cues! You'll find it nr the school in Fairfield Suth about 200yds behind the Tup on London Road. Has a garden too. Failing that, I agree The Ram is pretty good but a bit dearer/less choice & the Kingston's Gate's (London Road) ok if you're in a hurry/skint.
  • Kings Tun, every Friday!!! Where else is there!?
  • By far the best pub in Kingston is The Tup on London Road, opposite Tiffin Boys School, great atmos, great beer and the best special night parties anywhere!
  • all pubs in kingston serve underage kids. Always. without exception. In fact the younger the better.
  • New Malden Pubs - The Oak: friendly staff, could do with better beer, good place to watch footy, laugh at Lucy trying to pronounce words when reading the quiz. The Railway: you can play pool, drink before going clubbing in Kingston, get into a fight at the kebab shop afterwards. B-Won: barfly central, you'd expect to see American Navy personel with Vietnamese prostitutes in there, aledgedly a brothel out the back. Bar Malden: nice try but no, bar staff not too great either. The Fountain: who drinks there?. Woodies: a world away from anything else, both in distance and overall atmosphere.
  • Bar 2 Far, next to the Hogshead. Probably the best bar in Kingston, 2.50 a pint and plenty of pretty people. Plus you have the added extra of them serving Absinth, one of the only bars in Kingston that does.
  • Another Pub by the river, Porter Blacks. A nightmare to get to, i.e down a dark alley behind the Ram Pub. Well worth it though, not too expensive (2.50) a drink and wicked setup. Also just down the road is Bar Evissa, a small club/late bar thats quite good, but it tries to hard to be a central London pub, (guest lists, long queuing times) and you get the impression its a bit up its own arse. But good none the less.
  • I noticed the Boaters in the list. This used to be quite a cool place, attracting a mixed and laid back bunch of people. However, over the last year or so the Boaters has been up-marketing itself and has become more stiff. Now it looks distinctly proffesional. The Grey Horse. Depending on which band is playing (if any), this place will be either packed as a concentration camp or a wasteland with a few old blokes scattered around the bar, looking dull.
  • If you happen to be fresh-faced, go the the Peel when a band's playing - you can relax if you're over 16, as you're allowed to be there! A good student pub is the Mill - student night on Monday - 1 a drink!
  • The improbably named "Electric Bush" plays host to a friendly local crowd, the two landlords are Brothers, and the place has a lot of Atmosphere.
  • The oak top pub when the toon are on the telly.
  • All the ones by the river, used to have very 'freshfaced' clientele though don't know about now. The BOaters is a good one
  • The Ram is a very small pub, but has a huge garden out the back that backs on to the river, just down the road from the Mill, but way more laid back, with a slightly more mature crowd. relatively expensive, but everything by the river is anyway...
  • Kings Tun (opposite Station) - weatherspoons - very good for meeting up in large groups. Hoggshead (nr market square) - often do guest ciders and ales.
  • Another good pub is the Bricklayers on Hawks Road, run by Kevin, who cooks all the food served in the pub. A smashing Sunday lunch is served, with extra large portions.
  • The Slug and Lettuce by the river - very arty
  • Boaters Inn - 5 mins walk up river toward Richmond, can get busy but a good place for Sunday lunch
  • Gazebo - Popular pub by the river
  • A good pub for younger types is "The Saucy Kettle" Brighton Road, Surbiton. It's packed to the rafters on Friday and Saturday nights, with loud, funked-up grooves on the speakers and loud, fucked-up groovers attempting to get served.
  • Another good pub is the Kingston Mill. It's a friendly place, good juke box (can you find another juke box with Metallica and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on it!), nice river views and a large satellite telly screen.
  • The Gray Horse - Sunday lunch time live band featuring Gary Brewer. Excellent Blues music.
  • The Mill is nice and has a giant connect 4. The grey horse is frequented solely by 16 year olds from Tiffin girls school down the road

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