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Skateboard Shops in New Malden, Greater London*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • THERES NONE, legends is gone, they turned into extreme, extreme is gone. routeone is gone, the only one left is natterjacks, which is great but quite expensive, its great for shoes though.
  • da shop called route1 unda da bridge skate parc b4 da birdge the road where freespirit is
  • This is for girls - the shop 'Sista' down Fife Road is excellent for unusual and original clothes; if you hate to wear big brand names (Nike, Gap, FCUK... x__X) then this place is heaven!! It can be quite expensive, but every once in a while they have a massive 75% off sale and everything is dirt-cheap. Fantastic! ~Midori
  • Route One in kingston. Its not amazing, but its ok, and the staff are nice. It used to be called Air Circus, which is cool, but it also used to sell yo-yo's and stuff, which isn't. More skater oriented now though. Its near woolworths.
  • Have to laugh at the posters who thought Legends was 'commercial'. So the others shops and the brands they sell aren't in it for the money? Just be glad you can still skate (just) in Kingston, those of us who have ride on water to avoid the locals will stay out of your non-commerical stores. :D
  • Legends, natterjacks. Along Fife Rd is ur best bet.
  • try collections on fife street for jeans/trousers
  • natterjacks,fife roadkingston is really cool.its opposite legends and the staff are really friendly.lots of shoes and hoodies and jeans.
  • What? Who is responsible for that last entry? Do you work in Legends or something? The staff know fuck all about skating and they sell Birdhouse boards to kids who don't skate. Leave selling to the real skateshops you commercial sell-outs.
  • Well-wicked-skate plc., located under the water beneath Kingston bridge. Nobody believes me, but I promise that if you jump and swim deep enough, it really is there. It sells solid gold skateboards with magic properties that make them fly and endow the skater with the baggiest shorts ever.
  • Fuck commercial LEGENDS... I refuse to let you turn me into another form of townie. You've all seen them: They wear Quicksilver and like 'extreme' sports. Yeah fuck you... Have your Reef trainers ever touched a skateboard? No. I didn't think so.
  • Legends in Kingston masive new store in fife road, bigger and better than any other skate/surf/snow shop in the area. Sells everything including clothing, shoes and all equipment for skating/surfing/snowboarding. IOh snd thay sell bikes too and scooters
  • New skateboard/snowboard shop in Fife Road, Kingston. Think it's called "Pure Cutting Edge". Tel: 0181 549 2161. The people working there all skate so they know what they're talking about. Recently got my set up from there. £130 for set up, and a 10% discount on first purchase, so the entire beautiful board only set me back £117. Pity they cant get the old Etnies Sal Barbier 23's in white suede... bah! They really deserve a hand for pulling a superb skate/snow shop out of thin air in such little time...
  • In Fife Road there are a few skater clothes shops - Natterjacks, Sista and two other that I can't rememeber the name of. Also, in the marketplace there is Pete's Place

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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