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  • OOFT REEL tiniest actual screens ever, but if you're the kind of person that likes talking in the cinema its great. end up being the only people there.
  • palace. one screen and two years behind. the warner brothers cinema in nottingham is alright. its near viccie centre
  • why have we got one. no we r getting 1, thats right. in a few years
  • no real cinema just the palace theatre hard seats small screen not brilliant
  • You could go to the Palace Theatre where they show one film every leap year, or just get yourself to the Showcase (that's in Notts). If you fancy a change from Notts, Mansfield's alright if you pay for the luxury seats and get a couple of bongs down you before you go in. A word of warning... don't do any hallucinagenics if you go to the showcase, the carpet's a nightmare. Just ask Swanny.
  • The Palace Theatre doubles up as a cinema.
  • is it still standing...I doubt it,but if it is,the matrix one will be on next week Ill bet
  • Sadly, only an occasional film at the Palace, slotted in between tribute band gigs. Nearest are Lincoln (15 miles) Nottingham (20 miles) Mansfield (20 miles)
  • The Palce Theatre...once a place of culture, now a native inbred hang-out. No-one dares to bring the film cans' in this area as they fear for their lives. Ever so often a golden oldie is disovered and shown. Last film to be show was a Charlie Chaplin silent movie. Unfortunately for those who went to witness this amazing cinematic wonder were left dissapointed as someone stole the film roll 10 mins after it had started.(ap)
  • Just go to Lincoln or Notts, it's much cleaner and you are less likely to be robbed, or beaten up!
  • The local fleapit, Newark palace theatre! Ha! A microplex!
  • We have a bowling green! Its realy good Honest.
  • The Palace Theater shows films. But they're all old and you've got to be over 70 to get in.
  • Go 2 nottingham
  • Palace theatre-bum cramp and neck ache guarenteed
  • We await the construction of a Bowling alley which, we are told, is only a year away!
  • Oh please. The Palace? I'd rather go to Caesars Palace. At least we can see David Marcer dancing on stage there.
  • The palace which screens the upto date movies... yes 'Starwars IV:a new hope' is coming was only released in 1977
  • We've just got "Titanic" at the Palace!
  • For films go to Blockbuster videos on Lombard St for the latest rental releases
  • The Palace Theatre shows films in School holidays and Half Term. I wouldn't hold your breath for brand new releases though.
  • You are taking the piss aren't you? I think this week is Jurassic park! (in more ways than one!)
  • Want a cinema? The palace is shite go to Lincoln or Mansfield or Nottingham they have just shown Jaws 2
  • They show one film every year at the palace, oh yeah the screen is the size of a portable tv
  • The Palace has films in school holidays, always old, seats are uncomfortable, better to travel to Nottingham.

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Last updated: 2008-05-25

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