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  • Newcastle is full of wine bars, music bars, beer cafés and food pubs but hardly any traditional pubs. You have places like Revolution, Yates, Reflex, Ironmarket etc which are vacuous characterless places that attract the usual selection of pissed up mouthy gobshites, wandering about the town getting tanked up on anything they can throw down their necks. On the other hand you have a bit of a rock/goth culture catered for by pubs like The Full Moon, The Old Brown Jug, The Bulls Head, The Black Friar etc which I suppose are all OK if you're a student and like drinking in some dingy, rustic spit and sawdust dive. There's also one or two real ale bars popping up generally tucked away in little side streets but they tend to be very cold minimalist looking places with no atmosphere where fat bearded Camra members stand around on a cold tiled floor pretending they know everything about brewing and look down their noses at anyone who dares to order a pint of lager. I prefer to call these places "Beer Cafés" as they look more like a coffee shop that sells expensive speciality craft beers than an actual pub and tend to be quite snoby and cliquey. What Newcastle seems to lack is any real traditional locals pubs for older people the likes of which you will find in Burslem. There is one or two dotted about but you have to go looking for them.
  • The George & Dragon opposite Reflex is a top locals boozer. Possibly the last of it's kind in Newcastle. Cheap beer and spirits and the locals are chatty and friendly and the so are the barstaff. One of the very few "real" pubs left in town where you're given a warm personal welcome and the staff remember you by name. It's a bit on the tatty side but I can live with that as it's a real traditional pub which is a dying breed these days. I don't do wine bars or young peoples bars as they get full of knobheads and the places lack any atmosphere or personality. You have got a few real ale pubs in town but they tend to be overpriced and full of your usual snobby Camra members who like to think they're all real ale connoisseurs. The George has plenty of personality, character and atmosphere and that's why whenever I'm up Newcastle I always make it my regular watering hole.
  • Wetherspoons.because its newcastle &they are posher than stoke they have a different class of pisshead. These salt of the earth types actually stand up off the chairs before they wet themselves. And the obvious lack of dentists round newcastle doesnt stop them smiling as they drink away their giro before going home to a spot of playful domestic violence with the mrs
  • Sneyd Arms [Keele].. great food and atmosphere, particularly great for students.
  • Sneyd Arms [Keele].. great food and atmosphere, particularly great for students.
  • Revolution, The Vodka Bar, purely for over 18's enforces a strict ID policy. really good drinks offers on monday, tuesday, thursday making it a really good night out but damn expensive on a wednesday, friday and saturday. its a nice bar the attracts a good crowd.
  • A nice wine bar with a sophisticated 20s-40s crowd is Blakey's which is found off the High Street opposite side to Brassingtons, you have to walk down towards the cinema car park to find it! The Orange Tree on London Road is a nice place to drink.
  • I'm unsure whether it's a pub or a coffee bar, but go to Blues at the bottom end of Newcastle... A cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie for 99p. How can you compare it to anything else?
  • Wide variety of normal pubs and a nice wine bar called Gatesbys.
  • There is a pub next to every club in Newcastle- and there is alot of both
  • loads of hip bars: tube, revolution (revs), guildhall, hogs head, wetherspoons, red, yates, edwards, brassos, to name but a few! lots also have dancefloors. also many old-man pubs. caters 4 every1.
  • the potters lodge in audley is packed on friday nite and the food is amazin cant beat it
  • the potters lodge in audley is rockin on a friday nite
  • revolution - vodka bar, brassingtons - bar, yates wine lodge, plenty of old man pubs aswell!!
  • The Sneyd Arms next to the Indian restaurant. You will find a nice friendly crowd in here who openly oblige to steal your wallet and rearrange your face for free.
  • Pretty much every building is a pub. Unfortunately the law of averages does not apply. There are no good pubs, even with such a large selection.
  • you want a bar crawl in a small area, there is no better place. try 1 of the many pubs available.
  • Brassingtons is now open until 2am at the weekends and 'til 1am on wednesdays. Tuesday night is student night with loads of offers on.
  • Classic Pubs: Uncle Tom's Cabin in Stoke The Swan in Silverdale
  • Limes, The Ironmarket - 'Castles newest and funkiest place to be seen - and the cocktail Happy Hour is worth a visit!!
  • Revolution. The Vodka bar. The particular injustice that this revolution wants to destroy is obviously the age restrictions on drinking alcohol, and the manager is bravely allowing scantily dressed 15 year olds in on a Friday night. Would that more publicans had such radical beliefs.
  • Loads of new ones in 'Castle - Revolution sells flavoured vodka, Edwards is fairly groovey and Brassingtons has a dance floor and a boy that sells me cheaper drinks
  • The Talbot Hotel, Stoke. The new home of the Wheatsheaf, good music, food and real ale. See our Web site at
  • Crossway's: best left to the sixth formers.
  • Farrow & Firkin, packed on the weekend full of current, and ex pupil's from the puplic school up the road.
  • Stone's: Packed 21+ pub que to get in on weekend, leave to the clubbers.
  • Pig & Truffle: Haven't been in since it reopened, but it was 21+ before.
  • Wine Vaults: not too bad, but usually quite full on weekend.
  • Sneyd Arms, Keele: This is always full during term time with students from Keele University.
  • Brown Jug: A bit off the beaten track, so can be quieter than the centre of town.
  • Loads more pubs have opend, the place really buzzez at weekends.
  • some really brill pubs Stones is now Edwards
  • Sneyd arms, hogs head, the rigger

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