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Bicycle Shops, Bike Sales and Repairs
  • Gravitate Cycles, Arch 10 forth street. Opposite the genting casino
  • For the best second hand refurbished bicycles go to Recyke y'Bike in Byker, of course. And if you are wondering where you can donate that old bike in the shed to give it a new life come here too. By the way, Hardisty's closed years ago - now Edinburgh Bike COOP.
  • Cycle centre on sheilds rd, Edinbugh cycles top of byker
  • motech,sheilds rd byker for vespa and lammy plus twisters as well..
  • Lavricks in Cullercoats, just a short Metro ride away
  • cycle world , NSC shop too
  • hardisty's biker
  • Denton Cycles near st James Park is the best for BMX shit by far. I think it's on St James Boulevard.
  • halfords bikes (person powered) at the silverlink
  • Correction: Westgate Road, well known amongst bikers as "The hill" on account of it being about 1 in 5... (Not WestGate Street !) Ken's and M&S (No relation to St Michael) are the classy bike shops on "The hill", and there are lots of spares, repairs and accessories shops. This is the place to just hang out if you are a biker. For the upmarket cruisers, get your Harley at "Just Harleys" over in Warwick Street on the East side of town.
  • M.Steels in South Gosforth is the best bike shop around...for all u motorbike people, try Westgate road for a whole area dedicated to biking.
  • M Steel cycles in gosforth, a good shop and has some nice bikes in it. Also good if u have a lot of money
  • The Bike Place at the metrocetre is top! Helpful staff (most of whom ride in competitions) and everything you need (or could ever want) for your mountain bike at very reasonable prices. They also sell scramblers and the like.
  • Mountain Bike Shops: Hardisty Cycles, possibly the best in the local area. Located Top of the Fossway in Byker - Specialized, Cannondale, BMX and Roadie M Steel Cycles, (10% Student Discount!!!) Located in South Gosforth - Marin, Custom and I think some Specialized Unfortunately Whitley Bay branch now closed The Bike Place Located Metro Centre Gateshead. Marin, Raleigh and some great stickers!
  • WestGate street is entirely dedicated to the aincient and sacred art of motorcycling. There are over ten bike shops keen to sell what are liable to be stolen goods, nicked the previous day from the other side of town. (Although I can't guarantee that.)

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