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Live Music Venues
  • The Cluny
  • Check out Riffs - or Davy's Rock Page - for gig listings of local bands and venues Live bands at The Star, Westgate Road every Fri/Sat 9 pm start and Sun 4 pm start
  • the elephant ashington, bubbles ashington, the End newcastle.
  • The OTHER Rooms next door is DIGITAL in Times square is really good - quite small (300 Capacity) but ace Funktion One soundsystem and some really cool upcoming bands
  • Metro Arena and Carling Academy are good for the huge sell-out bands. Northumbria students union and Newcastle students union are good for signed but not majorly sucessful bands. The Dog and Parrot, The Cooperage and Legends rock club are good for smaller, unsigned bands.
  • jesfest every summer in jesmond dean is sick every time!
  • Blue Flames in Benton have 2 rooms that can be used for gigs. Comfy and good beer. Capacities of 120 and 200. Discos go down well
  • The cloony in Heaton is worth checking out for local bands, and the decor and prices are worth checking out. The NEW carling academy plays host to many good bands and the interior is amazing.
  • The Cooperage on the Quayside, Head of Steam downstairs, The Cumberland Arms in Byker.
  • Soon to open Carling acadamy
  • The Cooperage on the quayside - it's a really old venue, usually has gigs on for about 3, it's definately worth going
  • The Sage Gateshead - not just classical music!! check out for listings
  • northumbria and newcastle unis, city hall, arena
  • Student union northumbria cheap and great.
  • the unions have weekly sessions of great bands, the arena (currently the metro radio arena)
  • The Magpie in Marden estate - some very good local bands play ther if u know wen 2 go!
  • Theres sum venues, but New Monkey n Hangar 13 doon sunderland n that, thats much betta lik 4 younguns as well lik!
  • Trillians - excellent bands!!! The two unions are ace too - Get Yer Skates on tuesdays at Northumbria rules! Other than that you might want to try flipside at the Cooperage on a thursday...
  • just the uni and the poly, who just had Public Enemy recently
  • Newcastle Student Union is good if the band is playing downstairs in the basement, Northumbria Union is good as well but smaller and it feels a bit too much like hall than the more intimate (but yet larger) newcastle union.
  • telewest arena for any big gigs. if ur after local and upcoming bands go 2the tut and shive which is left as u cum outa the train station or the student union.
  • Trillions (rock bar) has quality local rock/metal/ska/whatever bands on most nights.
  • the riverside is now foundation with promise on a friday and Shindig on a saturday
  • Arena
  • The Cluny Warehouse - Lime Street, near Byker Bridge. Good beer, staff and great for alternative music. Monthly jazz from big jazz stars and plenty of gigs from up and coming local bands as well as people like Attica Blues
  • Tele west arena Wallinton Hall's open air concerts
  • Was called the riverside don't know what now. The Mayfair is having a refit.
  • The Riverside (surprisingly enough by the river side) is no longer a membership only club, but you still have to be over 18 to get in.
  • City Hall
  • Cumberland Arms
  • Northumbria University
  • Riverside
  • University

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