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Cheap Food
  • mount wise chippy's good......when its open.
  • prego prego
  • what you would expect from a sea side town, the usual crap
  • the maltesrs arms in chapel amble (half an hour from Newquay) lip smackin grub
  • curry n kebab don't do curries!!!!
  • Buzios is fantastic but a bit pricey. Lewinnick is the same but with a better view. Fistral Blu is a waste of time at night, they charge a fortune to eat in a place with a view you can't see! In the day try Prego Prego Breakfast Rolls or Subway for the Melt!!!
  • Theres so many take aways!
  • The Walkabout Bar. An Aussie pub serving great food till late, not to mention serving alcohol non-stop from 10.00am to 2.00am. They've got Kangaroo Burgers. If you are very fresh-faced, and you left the proof of you actually being 18 at home, get there early (before about 8.00), as the bouncers won't be on the door yet.
  • Senior dicks -Fab name, great mexican-style food, friendly staff, huge portions! what more can i say!
  • chinese next to Clancys!YUM!
  • Not Red Lion as you will find out too late.
  • I work at burger king and i think that it could be improved i recommend the plain royale and sauce of your choice.
  • We stayed in Newquay for 2 weeks last summer (2001) it was real hard to find somewhere decent to eat (the shack opposite fosters was awful!)Then on the last day we discovered the Newquay meadry definatly the best restaurant in Newquay by far, its by the bus station & the food is simply amazing! Great atmosphere and the chief has totally lost the plot! GO THERE!
  • The Bowgie Crantock is ace for food - the view is breathtaking - good surf beach!
  • truscotts again
  • - For a week I lived off the food at Skewers and also Dinos opposite the Central. Horny pizzas and very dirty burgers- the staff are very nice too!
  • Stationcafe Pheonix pub & BeachHut at Watergate Bay 2miles north on the coast road
  • Where can I go for a really groovy sandwich man?
  • Lewinnick Lodge as below
  • Food for thought. You haven`t got a clue until you`ve been there.
  • I had a great pizza in Rossi's on Fore street, very cheap and very filling. The only bad thing is that they close at 11.30.
  • Cheap to eat, nice burger bar at Fistral Beach. That is the place to be during the day, but get there early as it gets really busy.
  • Burger King at two in the morning is an experience.
  • asda!
  • Wimpy is a ace choice of food and a kebab shop in the town is a sorted after club grub place
  • In and Out - The best fish and chip shop in Newquay!!!
  • Burger king and the side road fresh fish prawns that you can just die for
  • Chickenburgers at Chick King (near Towan beach.) Food for Thought, GREAT ROLLS. Try Tuna/Chicken, eggmayo and salad on white bread.

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