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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • PUSH @ BERTIES nightclub, LONDON'S hottest house night hits newquay for the summer, every thursday night from june 15th till end of sept PUSH will be bringing some of the worlds best dj's to newquay already booked, JOHN KELLY, FILTHY RICH, KATE LAWLER, JODY WISTERNOFF, BLEND DJ'S more to be confirmed PUSH@ BERTIES every thursday 9pm-3am
  • right FELLAS this is how it is in newquay! FRIDAY NIGHT; (barracuda!) realy cheep drinks BUT its a fucking meat market! its ok if you like fat girls i guess,or if your looking for a fight,apart from i wouldnt bother. (berties!) well what can i say its not known as dirty berties for nothing! maybe your best night out for a friday, girls and cheep beer in here,but as far as the tunes go CHEESEY AS FOOK! (tall treez) under 18 only SATURDAY NIGHT; YOUR BEST BET FOR THE HOLE WEEKEND IS SALIORS thats were all the hunnys are at trust me!!!!!! tall treez. skool treez jail bate night. you would think it was under 18's good dance and trance so its full off gurn heads! i warn you 3 FLOORS OF FREEKS!!!!! berties; same as friday cheep beer and dirrrty birds! OVER ALL IF YOU MUST GO OUT IN THIS DUMP! THEN I WOULD SAY BERTIES ON FRIDAY AND SALIORS ON SATURDAY (BESTNIGHT AND PLACE) GOOD LUCK!!!! TANGER
  • the sailors night club and the beer tent on the beach in the summer
  • Had an absolutely legendary night in berties at new year, somethin I will remember forever so thankyou for that newquay! We love you!
  • Tall Trees
  • clubs are aload of rubbish, me and my mates went and there full of girls who have no respect for them seLfs and lads to. Ok they were up for a laugh but i think they went a bit to far sometimes. Alot of em need to grow up!
  • Sailors club, the best Club in newquay by a long shot, great laid back people a mixed crowd for people who love to come together for the fab funky house music and gorgeous people! dont go if your a group of silly twats lookin for trouble cos you wont be welcome, safe people only, crackin joint x
  • School trees COUGH i mean tall trees, urghhhhhhh is all i have to say. Sailors on the other hand & The Beach (the club) are the best
  • Berties has been refurbed again!! (2003/4) Still over 2000 capacity so still the biggest club in the area, and this NYE they aren't closing. Drink til you drop!!! Some of the best nites out I have had have been in here the place is wicked especially the 75p drink nights.
  • As said in many other entries sailors is the best place in town, amazing mix of music, went from pop crap, through quality rock, then on to dance. Good atmosphere great to pull. Berties is good, but a bit of a dive. Can be full of loosers in the same un-imaginative t-shirts with their names and places of origin on the back. Fantasic - now p**s off back to Kavos.Walkabout good, but they ID` us lot blatently over 18, u go in and its full of "young patrons" who have come to newquay cos they r`nt alowed abroad yet.
  • Saturday night at Sailors must have been the best night of our trip to Newquay! The music and atmosphere was brilliant and the men were gorgeous! The best club in Newquay!
  • Tall trees is the best ever club in the whole world. iv heard a lot of shit about it-that theres piss all over the toilet floors,dnt bleve it cos it ent true. mayb on the chart floor(top floor) but whoever goes up der and likes that music is jus lame neway. n they are not all pillheads on the second floor.there jus ppol wantin 2 have a gd time like me n u. i happen 2 like it on dat floor. last sat i was dancin for 4 hrs non stop. bangin! sam buca shots r great by the way. n there are NO 13 year olds there. no1 luks younger than 17 at trees so i dunno who keeps makin up dat shit cos it ent tru.go to trees for best night ever. Oh and by the way Berties is a load of shite. u can only choose from the slow dancy music on sat nights. ppol dat wana rave cnt go der...well unless they wanna die of boredom!!!!
  • Beach has good/bad nights- but shit air con- everbody sweats like pigs! but drinks r reasonably priced-- avoid the foam!!
  • I really Liked the Springbok. Check out the Monday night £1 Party: £3 entry, but then all drinks are a quid!
  • Walkabout is recommended for a top night out! Every friday they have a live band for most of the night and play something for everyone. Come here if you want a good dance to music ranging from madness to Justin Timberlake! Also if your looking to pull surfer dudes this is your place! :-)
  • SAILORS-go there 4 a top night out with lots of mates!big club,good music,nice pub. BEACH-small!!!bit crap really! BERTIES-good value good music good night out! KOOLA BAR-got to go there!drum n bass nights are cool TALL TREES-bottom floor hiphop,middle trance(pillheads,mainly under age!)top-chart.good value lots of promotions. FOSTERS-teeny boppers and moshers!
  • Sailors, but NOT Red Lion as the security are spoiling 4it, especially Shane !!!!!!
  • Yo whatsup!Come to the joint (tall tress) for a Bump' and Grind. You'll catch us Americans there. So i'll see you there.Holla
  • WITHOUT A DOUBT SAILORS IS THE BEST CLUB IN NEWQUAY!! fab atmosphere, great blokes and cheap for a bloody good night out!!highly recomended!
  • Hey dont do to fosters this is like a olde foogie place to hang out ok and it can olny hold about 200 people thats not a might club its a mini retirement home. The best club i have been to is tall trees with 3 different floors so you can choose the music you want they have good deals and really good djs!!
  • Got my tooth kicked out in Berties, mind you im 35 and theres nothing moor punchable than an old git on the dance floor. Last time I went to Sailors it was full of rugby players on stag nights. I was moor concerned about my arse than my teeth in there. Im straight but Iv got a great ass. The beach is mad Dusk till Dawn 3, some wierd bird keept harassing us and crouching like she was gona poo on the dance floor, the foam night was so bad it was through crap right out into fantastic I loved it, it was out of season though. tall trees is the best night out, if you want to bump and grind, rave your head off or grunge it like a true surf dude its all there and you got a good chance of keeping all your teeth.
  • Sorry but Tall Trees is definately the best saterday night out, the atmosphere on all 3 floors is great !!! you can dance all night party hard and pick up numbers if ya really want that !! Every week i go that place and i NEVER EVER get bored of it and with out a doubt i am ways have a bangin night especially when i am allways stuck to the hard house and trance is so bangin whatever floor you go on. Drink promotions are also pretty cool down there, i'd say that this beats all those chessy clubs sailors, the beach etc. There is another club u coulf check out which is pretty new its called SPINGBOK !!
  • We went to the Beach Nightclub on new years eve & It was the best night out ever! everyone was in fancy dress and the atmosphere was electric and the dj was really good. The drinks were fairly cheap & we did not move from that cocktail bar until at least 3.30am! PARTY ON DUDES... (or something like that!)
  • sailors and berties definatly, at tall trees the atmosphere is crap as it is full of drugs.also fosters is good on mondays, 70tys nite. warning though; in the summer the whole place is full of holiday makers and many of the locals dont find it much fun. but if ur there definatly do berties and saliors..
  • berties is the best club in newquay cause me and my mates are there every saturday night aye!
  • The Bowgie Club @ Crantock is totally different now - I can't believe it. Contemporary relaxed chilled out venue now! Good for weddings and parties
  • berties or sailors
  • The Beach is always packed and quite small with a remarcably youthful clientele, however unless you look like the backend of a bus you can not fail to pull.
  • Koola bar top night!
  • - Tall Trees is a wicked club and if you go on Tuesdays, vodka shots are only 50p!! Really cool mixture of music in most of the clubs in Newquay, mostly pretty similar styles:chart dance, garage. Go to The Beach or Sailors for a really tacky,cheesy night. And check out the foam parties at The Beach- not to be missed.
  • Sailors is the best club in newquay , berties also pretty cool wet t-shirt comp on sunday
  • Tall Trees is the best club and for the best value. Berties and Sailors are a bit too cheesy and resemble what you can get elsewhere (L2 in Truro, Gossips in St Austell). Tall Trees is the only club out of the big three that you can come out with your ears feeling genuinely knackered.
  • It's pretty amazing just how many v. youthful girls in tight black skirts and blokes in YSL shirts can be spotted in BERTIES when in the day you can only see surfers! Remarkable...However its a good laugh for a cheesy night out with a group of mates OR for anyone desperate to pull! (N.B BERTIES is NOT about showing off your impressive dancefloor moves and grooves!!!!!!!)
  • SAILORS - without a doubt
  • If going to Newquay the Koola Bar is a must. The only club in Newquay that plays quality music (in my opinion) they have a hip hop night, a reggae night and a drum and bass night. Walk down from Central, past Flavour towards the beach. Run by the same folk who run the Chy-an-mor pub (next door) where I worked last summer, this is also one of the nicest pubs to drink in.
  • FOSTERS does a good rock night on Wednesdays, and it is worth the walk. The DJ's a nice bloke with quite a good selection, and he's great for requests, we asked for pearl jam and he played loads of songs.
  • If you go to Newquay visit Saliors. It's THE place to be on fri/sat night. Watch out for us Lincoln lasses hitting it again this summer (2000!!)
  • NEW CLUB!!! There is a new club in Newquay, called "The Beach", its right in the center of town next to the central pub. Its all decked out downstairs like an Egyptian Pyramid. This place is excellent!! Fit birds too!!!!!
  • Steamers (dunno about it)
  • Berties: five dance small dance floors, + restaurant area... very nice. But I still do not know if they have finished that balcony. It was still unfinished some four years ago.
  • Sailors: In the summer, it's the best nightclub in the country. NO JOKE. On a Friday and Saturday, the atmosphere is just unbelievable. You would never find this in any club in LONDON. IT IS A MUST.
    Best club....Sailors....Not too expensive and small enough to have a good atmosphere. Get there before 10 as it is much cheaper.
  • DON'T go to a club called Fosters. It was full of people over forty (I'm 18), so young people don't go there at all.
  • The bit about Fosters is completely wrong. Okay, usually it is pretty sad in there but on a Monday night it is the best club in Cornwall. It's 70's night with the best 70's and disco music around. Its a 70's night where everyone dresses up in 70's gear and just has a really good time. The atmosphere is amazing because everyones just having a really good time and there's no pretentious wankers. However, if you're not going to dress up don't bother going as you'll look really out of place and will have to pay a fortune to get in.
  • Another really good club a few miles out of Newquay is The Bowgie which is a pub/club right on the cliffs overlooking Crantock beach. Friday nights are a variety of things and Saturday's dance night. But the nicest time to go is in the day so you can sit outside with a drink and enjoy the amazing view. I do agree that Sailors is the best club overall in Newquay although Berties is getting better and better but is still full of 16 year olds.
  • Lucifers is a massive nightclub, and the most expensive (about £8 to get in) but it is still a cracking place to go.
  • The Sailors is still probably the best club in Newquay, Thursday night is amazing, but they have a challenger this year [1996]... Berties has had a face lift, the club has improved with the upstairs balcony finished and looking very good, Saturday night there was a great atmosphere. Also the Prince Albert Pub which is attached to Berties has had a name change and a face lift also, the pub is now called Berties also and the layout and bar has been totally changed: a vast improvement.
  • Tall Trees ( woz Lusifers) completely rocks, especially the night they did a charity thing when all the cornish bands, including the late Syrup who rocked but split, played on a 70s night- great laugh!
  • Berties is a definite place to go, top night club and the guys there are top, not to mention the bar men. Theres Pernod nights and Malibu nights and special guest apperances. Tall Trees is ok, when you enter the area it seems like your entering a war zone as theres barbed wire around the top of Tall Trees, etc. Temperature in here is definately HOT so don't wear a jumper.
  • Tall Trees (formerly lucifers) Frizzbees
  • Tall Trees is probably the biggest club in Newquay, with three floors all playing different music. This is a FANTASTIC place to dance all night in, but its quite hard to find, Just go straight past Berties and then follow the signs. The best place to go on a Saturday night. During the week Sailors pulls the biggest crowd plus its a favorite with the locals, so it must be good.
  • Steamers is absolutely crap
  • Sailors resembles a huge picked chicken at the moment as its being rebuilt, like most of Newquay so it seems.
  • steamers have a stripper every sunday night. only 2 quid in, ladeez free!

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