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Skateboarding Spots
  • Esplanade Road by Fistral Beach has a new really nice smooth resin pathway on a gentle slope that would be great for beginners to practice on, should have brought my longboard to the Esplanade Hotel this year (and let my vicar have a go!!!). The hotel do longboarding (and surfing) lessons too.
  • Remember the days of Holywell skate park ???
  • there is the new(ish) skate park, woodern waves. better suited to bmxer's but still good fun overall.
  • The hills are great, especially when traffic is busy haha...........We did this 9/10 set outside some shops on a raised balcony or something, they land into a side road so care must be taken but they had good run up and they werent that huge...apart from that we didnt find much street, there's some 6 set down near the beach with benches near by that ws the town centre somewhere, maybe a bowls club nearby? Waterworld park is damn good. Find the zoo, keep heading up the road and it's right at the top. It's wquite cheap to get in for a 3 hour session, but you gotta wear a lid, you can rent these. Nice wooden park, well laid out and well built, usual stuff, diveways, box, vert wall, 2 kinda hipped minies, loads of quarters and flat banks and a vert.. A real nice park.....
  • there is a skate park at the back of a swimming pool place called water world and its got every thing you need.
  • skate boarding is limited due to cops moving everyone one so poeple have taken to the hill by fort pub near somerfield
  • Mt Hawke
  • Mount hawk goes off!!
  • Marcus Hill - when theres no traffic, ie out of season!
  • newquay is realy shit for skating now because of the cops and some people in shops don't like skaters,the ramp at fistral is only there in the summer,skating at the train station is shit cause you cant do the steps any more, there is some steps at the killacourt with a dodgy handrail and another set of 3 steps up from them with an easy concrete handrail thing that is waxed but there is usualy a car parked in the way in the summer. my favourite skate place is killacourt or morfa hall.have a good time skating
  • Post office benches have been grinded so much that they don't grind anymore, the ramp has moved to Trevelgue, and the youth centre has no ramps in it anymore
  • There is a ramp built 3 foot, but for members only which means you have to fill out a bit of information. The train station has some steps, three big ones, and nice flats to skate on. Leos supermarket is weak but practical with waxed curbs. Behind Argos is the place I liked to skate which is simply two concrete banks facing each other on the side of a pedestrian road. There are some steps by the Beach, not Fistral the other, but sand gets in the way. Other than that you can just skate the big hills and hang out with the other skaters. In Newquay skaters are the majority not the minority.
  • There is now a half pipe ramp on Fistral Beach that is free for all skaters to use (but be prepared to have an audience for most of the day)
  • Im not so sure about this but loads of guys do grinds and stuff on the concerete slab out side the post office
  • post office, nice waxed, long, concrete benches and a couple of steps. also the camping shop which has some real big steps if you're pro and a waxed door step, a slope and a ledge. newquay is pretty shite though as far as skatespots go. i recommend going to mt. hawke park instead.

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