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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Watch out for the golf course behind Fistral Beach, I got hit by a ball!
  • i came to newquay with my mates last month and stayed at ocean breeze, it is in THE best position for everything. would highly recommend to anyone planning a visit - 01637 850187. thank you to everyone in newquay for being so COOL, the nightlife is just the best around and the sufer dudes are HOT!!! well impressed - coming down in august so watch out!!
  • You have to visit Johnny's Tobacconist.......The original smokers haven......Very-very cool little shop......with very cool people behind the counter !!
  • Sunnyside is the best (not that i have any thing to compare it to!)
  • Please can you mention my little shop on your site. I'm Jess, owner of Johnny's Tobacconist - the finest smokers establishment in the S/W. Please call on 879926 or pop in for a chat. Cheers Jess Parkin
  • Foam parties are fun but everyone looks rough after and ends up with pneumonia
  • Run to the sun-the feds cant stop it!
  • I'd just like to say that I went to newquay last summer and had the time of my fucking life!The weather woz ace,the surfers were fit as fuck and night life was banging!I went to see Lisa Lashes at walkabout,which was nice.But seriously,I cant wait to go down again and I am so gonna move down there when I'm older.
  • Don't ever go to Newquay. The place is now just overrun with lager swilling, potbellied morons, (I'm including the girls), and 'surfers' who mysteriously dissapear come winter, and who you never see out back in summer, driving VW's everywehre. (puhleeeese!) Horrendously depressing 50's architecture, and a general atmosphere of sheer desperateness at all these fools trying to recreate the Ibiza they blatantly can't afford to get to. The worst excesses of the British on holiday. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Unless you like that sort of thing, of course. :)
  • I really like Newquay,especially the nightlife.Sadly however every year it's constantly ruined by the invasion of hordes of marauding,uncivilised,knuckle dragging,tracksuit wearing northern scumbags.
  • - I stayed in Matt's Surf Lodge on Mount Wise and it was such a friendly place with very relaxed rules and v.v. cheap rates. I recommend it to all the beach bums out there who don't mind roughing it a bit for the sake of good surf!
  • Elactracy are from Weymouth.....just pointing it out.
  • Shops open until ten in the summer, usually.
  • Don't feed the seaguls, they are deadly.
  • Rootjoose Electracy (look them up!)
  • Do not eat take out food seagulls have been known to swoop down and aquire your lunch
  • Surfer dude galore for the girlies!

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